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Since childhood many of us remember the movies-the tale of Alexander Rowe. They were not just good, but warm and bright. Among them is the movie in 1963 called “Kingdom”. In addition to interesting and an exciting plot, this movie was loved by the audience because of the performers of the main roles. It was Ucini sisters, Olga and Tatiana. Although the majority of they will remember as a naughty girl Olya and her reflection of Yalo. The part in the movie Doc instantly made two Moscow Schoolgirls famous throughout the Soviet Union.

Who are Olga and Tanya Ucini

Bold, mischievous twins with blond hair and big blue eyes – such will be remembered by all sisters Ucini. sisters ukiniAfter the release of the film with their participation it was difficult to find in Moscow a child who didn't know them. Many expected that after such a successful debut sister Ukina will become Actresses and will star in many movies, but the girls chose a different path.

Family Ucinich

Ucinich Family consisted of four people: father Gennady, mother Mary and two cheerful daughters, Olga and Tanya. In the early sixties Ucini got an apartment in Moscow. Although it was situated in Kuzminki, after communal apartment in basement separate living space seemed almost a Paradise.

The girls ' Father worked in a factory for the production of pillows, and my mother-a seamstress in the Atelier. Despite the difficult times and passion of head of the family to alcohol, Ucini lived together. And although sometimes the father and mother of scandals, pretty soon they reconciled, and the family was again hear the laughter and cheerful songs.


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Childhood Oli and Tanya

Future actress Ucini sisters were born in October 1953. From childhood, they were very talented and bright girl. Sister knew by heart many poems, danced well and sang folk songs. In the yard and at school Oli and Tanya had a lot of friends. In addition, the twins tried to study well.ukini sisters Olga and Tatiana

One day in the local House of culture organized a competition on the best pair of twins. From all around gathered the children to participate. Also came for this event and sisters Ukini, which by that time was nine years old. Seeing how the girls smartly dancing and singing, harsh judge had not the slightest doubt, and the victory was awarded to Ola and Tanya. Pageant girls brought home a bunch of prizes and award certificates.

Participation in the film “Kingdom” 1963

The Great Soviet storyteller Alexander Rowe was preparing for the film adaptation of the famous story by Vitaly Gubarev “Kingdom”. In the story, the main character similar to each other like two drops of water. So Rowe was desperately looking for across the capital matching pair of twins. At that, he wished with absolute external identity girls had very different personalities. In the process of searching, he reviewed about three hundred pairs of twins, but none like demanding Director.sisters ucini name

Once in the hands of Rowe got photos of the Gemini croquette contest, which was attended by Ukini sisters, Olga and Tatiana. Intrigued by the blond sisters with the photos, he invited them to audition. Shortly thereafter, naughty girls have been approved on the main role in the film “Kingdom”.

Since the movie was filmed in Yalta, from the beginning of summer all the crew and the twins mom went to the sea.

When on the set only appeared actress sisters Ukini the name of the girls, not all was known. After learning that one of the young Actresses has the same name as one of the heroines, to avoid confusion, she was assigned the role of Olya, and Tanya – its mirror reflection of Yalo. It is noteworthy that the character of Tanya was more like the character named Olga and twin Olga – Yalo.

As Tanya and Ola got the main role in the movie, they had to learn whole pages of text. In addition, they rented very much, so the girl sometimes was so tired that did not have the strength to go in the evening to swim to the sea. However, a young actress Ucini sisters, Tatiana and Olga, did not complain and endured all the difficulties as adults. In addition, was acting a huge plus for them right here, on the beach, girls first tasted the delicacies which are at home even imagine could not. They lived in comfortable hotels, traveled in wagons soft and felt like princesses. Sometimes girls thought they were in a real fairy tale. The whole summer we worked on the painting, and with the beginning of the new academic year Olga and Tanya returned home.

Early glory twins

Nearly three months of work in the movie, the girls received a total of 80 rubles (at that time had earned so much cleaner for one month), but the memories of the time spent at sea was for the sisters Ucinich much more expensive. The more that soon the film “Kingdom” their participation was released and the girls have become incredibly popular.ukini sisters Olga and Tatiana biography

All Over the USSR to the talented twins letters came, so that girls simply did not have time to write the answers. In school the sisters Uchenym generally been considered as two Queens – they were the center of attention, they fell in love, admired and envied them. In addition, Olga and Tanya once even invited to the Kremlin, where he congratulated and handed over a luxury gifts.

Soon the girls are tired of such annoying attention, but next year, with the beginning of summer, they again wanted to get into shooting. Therefore, Olya Yukina wrote a letter asking Alexander Rowe to the Studio. Soon the sisters Ukini was invited to the new film-a fairy tale “frosty”.

Role in the film “frost”, 1964

When prompted again to star in a movie, girls initially was very happy. actress sisters ukiniBut arriving at the shooting of the movie “frost”, was slightly disappointed. To gentle summer sea, soft train them no luck. In addition, they were given only small roles of girls in headscarves with baskets collecting mushrooms in the forest. And although the sisters played their roles perfectly, that all is not what it was.

Fate sisters Ucinich after school

After the film “frost” sister Ukina where it was filmed? Alas, more on the screen they do not appear. However, this was not such a tragedy for the girls. Even those two roles in the films, which they fulfilled, glorified them all over the country, and after a few years the girls still had stars in his school and neighborhood.sisters ucini where they filmed

The mother of the twins was against an acting career daughters. Therefore, all invitations to participate in the local drama club twins Ucini rejected.

A Little later, Olga and Tanya have proven themselves as athletes, they offered to engage in professional tennis, but it again prevented the girls mother.

After leaving school was to choose some profession Ucini sisters, Olga and Tatiana. The biography of these girls could have turned out differently, they decide to link their fate with film. Childhood friends of the twins say that Tanya even tried to enter a theatre Institute, and Olga – technical. But it did not happen, and the girls my mother's advice and enrolled in the local College of engineering.

Sister Ukina: personal life

However, to work girls and never had a chance. The girls barely had time to come to pass twenty years as they both jumped married.sisters ucini personal life

Olga married a guy from my school named Victor Limonov. However, the husband was not a Prince, pretty soon all the hardships in providing for the family fell on the shoulders of his young wife. Having suffered for several years, Olga Yukina divorced from her husband.

Lover-Thani became Alexander Zamolodchikov. He worked as a driver and proved to be a more caring husband to Taani than Limonov for Oli. They lived together for a lifetime.

Children Olga and Tatiana Ucinich

Shortly after their marriage the Oli was born the son of max and Tanya – daughter Julia. After the divorce Olga Yukina returned to her parents and they helped her take care of her son. And after their death, Olga and her son Maxim began to live in the apartment alone. To raise his son on his feet had the most, but Olga was lucky – they, along with Tatyana went to work in the “Colorado river”.

“the tourist”

Hard to say what contributed to the fact that the sisters Ucinich without special education and skills took to work in this prestigious institution. Whether girls are able to establish themselves as workers, whether their former glory as an actress (after all, movie stars, working in the most famous hotel of the country – it is good advertising) helped Tanya and OLE.

In the seventies - eighties of the hotel chain “beautiful” was a special world, where spinning the cream of society. Here were actors, foreigners, politicians, fashion designers and musicians. Working in this structure, sisters Ucini lived almost like Christ in his bosom. Their duties included preparation...

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