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This actress many considered one of the most beautiful women in the Soviet cinema. Its good to remember the audience of the older generation. Photo of Natalia Lapina often graced the cover of the Soviet magazine "Screen".

Getting creative

Natalia LapinaNatalya Lapina was born in Gorky in 1963. He graduated from shipbuilding College and got the profession of engineer. Then the aspiring actress enrolled at the drama school of his native city. She always wanted to escape from the province and see the world, so when she after graduation, he received an invitation from the Theater. Lensoveta, she happily agreed.

In the late eighties Natalia Lapina was well known after working in the film “don césar de Bazaar”.


After the filming of the movie “the maid of Rouen nicknamed Doughnut,” Lapina Natalia Otarievna went to work in Germany. There she starred in several films and serious vocal training. The song for the film “Night train to Venice’ has proved very successful. After that, she began to write songs herself to fulfill them. In addition to solo recitals, she worked with rock groups "Rendezvous” and “Lawyer”.

Biography of Natalia Lapina: personal life

biography of Natalia Lapina

In the mid-eighties a film crew from Moscow, filmed in the homeland actress feature film “the Life of Klim Samgin”. Filmmakers noticed a beautiful first-year student at the theatre school Natalia and offered her a role in the film.

On the set of “the virgin of Rouen nicknamed Doughnut”, where she played the main role, aspiring actress happened a short romance with Alexander Abdulov.

His First love Natalia Lapina, photos which you see in this article, calls anyone at that time an unknown member of the Institute of Novgorod Boris Nemtsov. Their affair was bright and full of passion, but unfortunately, he does not have a future – both were too young, nothing had a soul and didn't know how tomorrow will be their life. Their relationship lasted many years, and today they are friendly – quite often we call each other, interested in each other's lives.


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In Germany Natalia Lapina – actress and singer - was short-lived. Soon she moved to the United States. Here she met a Swede, whom she married. After a year in their family a daughter. After several years, this Alliance fell apart. After the divorce, Natalia Lapina met quite wealthy at that time, the Soviet athlete Sergei Fedorov. It is beautifully cared for actress, drove in expensive restaurants, was invited for the crucial matches of his team. But, according to most of Natalia, she was bored with him.

Natalia Lapina, actressThen Natalia Lapina closer to the star Mickey Rourke. Their relationship disintegrated after the man demanded fifty thousand dollars for the shooting in the clip of his passions.

Seven months later the actress got married for the second time. This time her choice was American Craig, who was younger than his bride for twenty years. Life with a young husband turned out to be unsweetened. As it turned out, he was a drug addict who repeatedly beat his wife, raped her and locked for a few days in the room.

Sex symbol

After the movie “the maid of Rouen nicknamed Doughnut," many Russian Directors began to consider her an actress that has talent and outstanding appearance. She could be the sex symbol of the country. But Natalia these expectations are not met – she sought to use her sex appeal.

Natalya Lapina today

In the movie, the actress long removed. Now she writes songs herself and performs them. And it is no longer just chanson and American jazz. She mostly acts in night clubs together with John. Goldblum – actor, best known to our audience for the films "Jurassic Park”, “Fly”. He accompanies the singer on piano. To all my ex-lovers, Natalie was friendly relations. Lives in Las Vegas, USA.

Filmography Actresses

photo of Natalia Lapina

Despite the apparent success of Natalia in the musical field, it is more known in our country as a film actress. For those who haven't seen her in a movie, we will present the most vivid of her work.

“Island of lost ships" (1987), a musical film

Once again after a Quarrel with his wife, the hero of the film “moved to the past”. There he captures the flow of the most incredible events – the prosecution in an imperfect murder, meet adorable Vivian, and finally a shipwreck. The chief character along with a beautiful girl lands on a distant island in the ocean where pirates, merchants, travelers. According to local law, Vivian by lot should get to wife one of them. At the end of the film the hero is in his apartment. What will be his surprise when he finds out his wife Vivian.

“the State border" (1988), a war film, main role

The Tape of the service of the Soviet border guards on the vast territory from the far East to Western borders. The series consists of the eight independent films that unite the main characters.

“the Trip to Wiesbaden" (1989), romance

In this beautiful movie Natalia Lapina played a major role. In the centre of Vienna in front of city hall slowly walks a young gentleman dressed in a fancy brown suit and top hat. For him in this city everything is new. Now he enters in the Italian bakery, and his life changed dramatically. He will meet love…

“Simulator” (1991), Comedy, the main role

Natalia Lapina otarievnaUsing its remarkable ability, enterprising young man begins to work in the business. Tape, started as a Comedy, the last frame is transformed into the apotheosis of the absurdity of our reality.

“Lethal force-2" (2001), detective

The Characters of the series Rogova, Shishkin and Plakhov transferred to the Central Board. Here they meet their former colleagues George and Maxim Lyubimov Virigina. In its division returns Ducalis. Under the stern but fair San Sanych his staff solve the most complex criminal cases. The Secretary bogolepova Mary went abroad and there married. Plakhov meets unremarkable girl from the diner…

Today we introduced you to the life and work of Soviet and Russian actress, singer Natalia Lapina. Perhaps her filmography is not as big as many other of her colleagues, but she definitely deserves attention.


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