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The Word “chanson” translated from the French as "song". Today this term is called vocal genre. But in the Renaissance, in France the so-called secular polyphonic song. This lasted until the end of the 19th century. In the 80-ies pop songs performed in a cabaret, was also called "chanson". They were a small life stories that were told to the music. The heyday of this musical genre occurred in the 50-ies of the last century. It was then that in France and other Francophone musical scene came many talented singers of chanson. A list of these performers inscribed in Golden letters in the history of French music.

Early chanson

In the middle ages before the rise of the chanson polyphonic secular songs – there was truvery - monophonic vocal music. The founder of this genre was the composer of the 14th century, guy de Machaut. Behind him his colleagues from Burgundy Dufay G. and J. Bensa created a three-part songs. From the 16th century there was a "school of Paris chanson" headed by K. de Sermisy, P. Certona and others. Later the style spread all over Europe.

Modern chanson

the list of singers chanson

The period of the modern chanson begins with the end of the 19th century. The first singers of this genre was Astrid He, Mistinguett etc. They acted in a cabaret. Later, in the early years of the 20th century, modified chanson – “real song" (chanson réaliste) - have risen to the professional stage. The names of the artists songs in this genre are included in the first list of singers chanson: Edith Piaf, Feral, Damia and others. later, in the middle of the same century, formed of 2 main directions of modern French songs classic chansons and pop song.


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The Genre of classical chanson

A prerequisite of the songs of this genre is the poetic component. As a rule, the author and performer of these vocal works is one and the same person. The list of singers of the chanson of this period, also headed by the inimitable Edith Piaf. Other authors-performers in this genre was M. Chevalier, Charles Trenet, Georges Brassens and others. Famous French singers S. Adamo and Aznavour, despite the fact that their work is closer to pop music also included in the list of singers of chanson.

 popular singers of chanson. The list

The perpetrators of this poetic-musical genre of that time came to be called "singer". Most important to them was the lyrics, their content and meaning. Singers of the new chanson used in his performances elements from different genres: from rock to jazz.

France has always been a lot of pop singers who perform songs of his own composition. However, their work because of the ease of content is not considered chanson, so celebrities such as M. Mathieu, John. Dassin, Dalida, Lara Fabian and Patricia Kaas, not included in the list of chanson singers of the 20th century. Perhaps outside of France think of the singer, but in France there is the conventional boundary laid between these two genres: pop and chanson.

Chanson in the 21st century

With the advent of the new Millennium, public interest in this musical direction is not extinguished. Appeared popular singers of chanson. The list, which was conducted for nearly 100 years, has been enriched with new names: O. Ruiz, K. Kleman, K. Anne, etc.


singers of chanson. The list

The French song is very different from other European music styles. It is more melodic, romantic, gentle. It is eternal. Songs of Charles Aznavour listens to a generation of music lovers worldwide. His song "Belle", "Bohemians", "Eternal love" and others have become immortal masterpieces of world art. Despite the fact that modern French music in recent years lowered the bar, hope is not quenched, which lists singers chanson replenished with new names that will elevate the genre to a new level.

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