The theme of love in the works of Bunin: the tragedy and romanticism fused together


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The Theme of love in the works of Bunin for the first time in the history of Russian literature opens not only Platonic, but also the bodily side of relationships. The writer tries in his work to relate what is happening in the human heart, with those requirements, which makes it a society whose life is built on relationships of sale and which often come to the fore dark wild instincts. However, intimate relationships between people, the author relates with extraordinary tact.

The Theme of love in the works of Bunin – this is the first bold statement that is not always a bodily passion comes after the impulse of the soul that in life sometimes it happens and Vice versa. For example, it happens with the characters in his story «sunstroke». Ivan in his works describes love in all it has to offer you – she appears in the guise of great joy, it turns bitter disappointment, at the same time is in spring and autumn in the life of a person.

Early work

love theme in the works of BuninCan Not leave indifferent the theme of love in Bunin's works of the early period of his work. Stories «dawn all night”, “In August”, “Autumn” and several others – very short, simple, but significant. Feel the heroes feelings are often ambivalent. Rarely Bunin's characters come into a harmonious relationship – their impulses more often vanish without really occur. However, their hearts continued to burn with the thirst of love. A sad farewell to the beloved ends with the dreams (“In August”), the date leaves a strong imprint in the memory, because the evidence of touch to this feeling (“Fall”). And, for example, the heroine of the story “dawn all night” imbued with a strong feeling of love, which young girl is ready to pour out on his coming of the chosen one. However, the disappointment comes to young heroes as fast as the hobby. Bunin extremely skillfully reveals the difference between reality and dreams. After full of singing nightingales and spring-like gentle awe of the night in the garden to Tata in a dream heard the sound of gunfire. Her fiancé shoots in daws, and the girl suddenly comes to the realization that she was not able to love this ordinary, mundane person.


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“Mitya's love” (1924) - one of the best works of Bunin about love

In the 20-ies, in the period of exile of the writer, the theme of love in the works of Bunin enriched with new shades. In his novel "Mitya's love” (1924), the author consistently talks about how the spiritual is gradually becoming the main character as life lead him from love to crash. The lofty sentiments in this story is closely intertwined with reality. Love MiCHi to Kate and his light of hope seems to be covered with a vague feeling of anxiety. Dreaming about the career of the great actress the girl is in the midst of false of city life and changes to your beloved. Even a relationship with another woman – down to earth, although prominent Alenka – failed to relieve the spiritual anguish of MITI. In the end, the hero, unprotected, unprepared to face the harsh reality, decides to kill herself.

love theme in the stories of Bunin

The Theme of love triangles in the works of I. Bunin

Sometimes the theme of love in the works of Bunin reveals on the other hand, they displayed the perennial problem of love triangles (husband–wife-lover). Prime examples of such stories can serve as “Caucasus”, “IDA», «lover of the sun”. Marriage in these creations becomes an insurmountable obstacle on the way to desired happiness. It is in these stories for the first time there is an image of love as a «sunstroke», which finds its further development in the cycle of "Dark alley”.

“Dark alley” - the most famous series of stories writer

The Theme of love in the stories of Bunin this cycle ("Dark alley”, “the Tanya”, “Late”, “first put”, “Business cards", etc.) – a momentary flash of bodily enjoyment to which heroes pushing true hot passion. But it doesn't stop there. «sunstroke» gradually leading characters selflessly to the inexpressible tenderness, and then – to the true love. The author refers to images of lonely people and everyday life. And because of recollection about fanned by romantic impressions of the past seem to his characters so wonderful. But here, after people closer together both spiritually and in bodily relation, as if nature itself leads to the inevitable breakup, and sometimes to death.

love theme in the understanding of Bunin

“the Gentleman from San Francisco» - a bold interpretation of a love relationship

The Skill of describing the details of everyday life, as well as cuts to the quick description of love inherent in all the stories of the cycle, reaches its climax in 1944 when Bunin finishes work on the story “Clean Monday”, telling about the fate of women, departed from life and love to the monastery.

And vividly the theme of love in the understanding Bunin was disclosed with the story “the Gentleman from San Francisco”. It – the story of the most low and ugly manifestations warped great feelings. Falsehood, deceit, and lifeless automatism, which caused the inability to love, is especially strongly emphasized in the images of “the Gentleman from San Francisco”.

The Bunin thought love was a feeling that rescues from the clutches all superficial, making it extremely natural and close relationship to nature.


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