"Chronicles of Narnia": the actors. "The Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the dawn": the story and the film


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It was an unusual ship. His nose was decorated with a gilded dragon with an open mouth. Behind him could be seen by one mast and one square sail of crimson. Despite the fact that the ship was depicted in the painting, giving the impression that it is now. Because the blue wave that gave rise to the movement of the ship, as if approaching. While there, she was really moving. And soon the small room was completely filled with water.

So begins the movie “the Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the dawn", loosely based on the famous novel. But to go to the plot and the actors who played in it, you should first back up a bit.

“the lion, the witch and the wardrobe”

The Beginning of the video stories about a fantasy world – of Narnia, created by Clive Stapleton Lewis, was initiated in 2005. This has contributed to the new Zealand Director Andrew Adamson, who gave the once world three part “Shrek”. The film's budget was $180 million, and cash collections increased this amount about 4 times.

The plot revolves around four children whose parents are sent to live with a friend of the family – Professor kirk. There is the younger and curious girl, Lucy, playing hide and seek, finds in the Professor's office wardrobe and hides in it. Only it turns out not inside the wardrobe and the snow-covered forest.

actors the Chronicles of Narnia the voyage of the dawnShe Soon meets a strange creature named Mr. Tumnus, who gives the girl to tea and tells a terrible story about how fabulous land of Narnia, based once mighty lion, captured by the White witch and that is why there reigns constantly cold. And all the people who fall into her hands, she makes their slaves. Lucy the same way going home, but after a time returned in the company of three relatives who are willing to deal with the witch and return peace to Narnia.


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Places of shooting of the first part

To repeat the landscapes described in the book, Adamson had thoroughly try. He found a suitable place in New Zealand and the Czech Republic. And the scene on the train was filmed in two countries: England and New Zealand.

There was another interesting story associated with deer. The film stars animals, modeled on the computer, as local authorities have forbidden to bring a live deer from other countries.

“Prince Caspian”

The Second part appeared in 2008, its budget was $220 million However, fees at this time disappoint, exceeding the costs only twice. The Central characters are again the same four children, and since the last event was just one year. In Narnia, given its fast time flew 1,300 years. And there again, it's bad.

 the Chronicles of Narnia the voyage of the dawn Now the magic of the country seized telmarine led by the evil usurper Mirasol. Prince Caspian, without thinking, blows the Magic horn, and calls on the help of brave Pevensie children. Again they have to save Narnia and return to power of the legitimate ruler.

Places of filming of the second part

The Second the film was shot in New Zealand and the Czech Republic. Some scenes were filmed in the soča river, near Bovec, located in Slovenia. And some scenes, in General, of Polish origin.

The Total area of all the scenery was about 2000 square meters. Interestingly, one of the most ambitious sets for the film – Miraz castle - was built about 15 weeks. He looks a bit like the castle of Pierrefonds, located in France. In order to enhance the greatness of the design, its size was increased three times. And over the costumes of the characters employed 70 people.

“voyage of the dawn”

And finally, the third film – “the Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the dawn”, appeared in 2010. But unlike the previous two paintings by this Director was Michael Apted, known for the films “the world is not enough”, “enough” and “Extreme measures". The shooting had spent $155 million and raised almost three times more. This film lost a few characters, but at the same time has been added and new actors. “the Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the dawn" by the way, the only one of the three parts, released in 3D format. Although special stereoscopic effects there noted.

Nathaniel ParkerSaga is back with a new story that begins with the departure of Lucy and Edmund Pevensie and their cousin Eustace and king Caspian on the ship “voyage of the dawn”. In General, it was so.

One day, Lucy's attention is attracted by the picture with the image of her ship. And she only has time to notice that the ship as if out of Narnia, you guys washing off the water flow, and they reach the open sea. Long they flounder had not, after all, just arrived, “voyage of the dawn’ and Teens raised on Board.

Of Course, meeting with old friends doesn't just happen. There is a reason. They probably again be a difficult test. Only these children will be able to determine the fate of Narnia, perform another dangerous mission. And this time they will have to find the seven lords, friends of his father Prince Caspian, which once drove Miraz.

Places of filming of the third part

This time the shooting of the film was to be held in Australia in Queensland. Went back and the film crew and actors. “the Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the dawn” has been ready for 3 months, i.e. it took less time than the creation of the first two paintings. In parallel, some scenes were shot on a Studio in the gold coast. And the same “voyage of the dawn" was established at Cape Cleveland point. Part of filming took place outdoors, and then the structure was disassembled and sent to the Studio to continue work on the film.

Create a movie

Over the script for the film Michael was working in Petroni (“Dangerous game", 2002) and a Duo of American writers-Christopher Markus and Stephen so glad you're here (“Thor 2: the dark world”, 2013, etc.). The operator worked Dante Oh, I, known for such films as “the Secrets of Los Angeles”, “family Man” and “johnny D”. And the soundtrack did David Arnold. His creation can be heard in several episodes of “bond”, and also in the film “independence Day”.

Actors “the Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the dawn”

The cast of the last film has undergone little change. For example, the ship has not got William Moseley who played Peter Pevensie – elder brother of four children, and Anna Popplewell, who performed the honorary role of older sister. Thus remained the youngest children-Lucy and Edmund Pevensie – the king and Queen of the Golden age of Narnia.

Also in the new part was Simon Pegg. He played the role, or rather, sounded brave Reepicheep, who distinguished themselves in the great battle at the end of the second film. Only there was voice acting done by a different actor. But this time the leadership of the paintings refused from his services, and voice of Reepicheep was Simon Pegg.

Simon PeggBy the Way, and Benjamin Barnes (the current king of Narnia Caspian X) is not done. Let alone, he's decided to go on the search for the missing lords that his uncle once drove.

And Nathaniel Parker played in the movie father of the Caspian. Little role. If you do not look carefully, its there and not notice. But the actor got a major role in such projects as, for example, “Stardust” and “the courageous heart of Irena Sendler". And Nathaniel Parker was the uncle of king Arthur in the TV series “Merlin”.

Gary sweetWill Poulter in the film got the role of unpleasant cousin Pevensie – Eustace Harm. On the ship he got along with Lucy and Edmund, but only one of them was extremely not happy about it. In addition to this pattern, Poulter starred in the films “the maze Runner”, “Son of Rambo”, “Survivor” etc.

Bruce SpenceGary Sweet became Lord Darian, who was captain of the “the voyage of the dawn”. But his film career is not so limited. The actor can also be seen in films and television series: “Secret desire”, “I quit”, “blue Healers”, “Pacific” etc.

Finally it is worth to mention the role of the Lord of Rupa, which was performed by Bruce Spence. He is the only one missing of the father's friends Caspian, who was conscious, though not in full. He had to participate in the filming of such films as “the Lord of the rings 3”, “ACE Ventura 2” and “Star wars 3". Was the TV series ‘Legends of the Seeker” and “All the saints”.

Actually, the rumor is that soon to appear in the fourth film in the series “Chronicles of Narnia”. It seems even the script is finished and selected actors. “the Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the dawn”, apparently, expects the continuation of the story. But the opening date is currently not indicated.


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