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The Series “Yesterday ended the war" (2011). – the brainchild of Russian Director Vladimir Balkashinov. On account of his up to this point for more than a dozen works. And although they shot decent, one might even say, talented actors, critics not really liking the end result of the effort. In respect of the film “Yesterday ended the war,” comments of the audience is also ambiguous.

What is this series? Is it worth it to take the time to view it? Who performed the main role? What the viewer will see the positive aspects in relation to what is most indignant to those to whom he was not to their liking? All of these questions you will find answers in this article.

About the war the movie?

It is Worth noting that in the case of the series “Yesterday ended the war,” feedback, both positive and negative, clearly divided between two groups of spectators. Those who liked the movie, celebrate a good game of actors and the development of the relationship of the main characters. But those that claim that the series is not even worth the film that was spent on it, point out the historical inconsistencies and a lot of bloopers.

Honestly, both are right. That is, in fact, the rating will depend on what the audience need from the picture. For lovers of melodramas “Yesterday ended the war”, the plot of which focuses on another love triangle will be a pleasant evening rest. But if you are interested in the details of the war and the realities of postwar life, then this picture is clearly not for you.


The story revolves around a few Central characters and a couple-three minor characters. The vast majority of actors belong to the same family, which includes: acting Chairman of the collective farm, Fedor Mikhailovich, his wife Maria, son Gregory, daughter Galina, and her fiancé, nick. The main character – Catherine, who came from the city to occupy the chair.


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Another real colorful character – grandfather Nickle, the acting caretaker. Even in the story sometimes appear just a few rural ones.

Start of history

So the spring of 1945. In the distant village send the graduate Institute Catherine Ovsyannikov. On behalf of the district she should take the post of head of the farm, replacing the murdered Chairman Ivan Mikhaylovich Konyukhov.

From the outset, the Director sets the story in the film, showing the grotesqueness of the current situation. A young lady in an elegant coat with clumsy suitcase riding in an open truck along a country road.

In the next shot her companion a slight wave of his hand indicates the way in which the newly-minted Chairwoman should move into a bright future, in order to take her assigned place, and then hiding in the car over the horizon.

A Word about the scenery

As already mentioned, the degree of transmission reliability of the post-war period – the Achilles heel of the series “Yesterday ended the war”. Reviews from critics mercilessly point out many flaws in the frame. And really, what the viewer sees on the screen, more organically would look on the stage during the performance.

Admiring the existing examples of brilliant performances, not to forget, what amount of money is invested in something that is worthy to display in shooting the film, which serves as the background for each action and dialogue. But in the series, to the class of which is “Yesterday ended the war”, the budget is very modest, even meager.

Therefore, as evidence that the County recently passed the fighting, we see only a lone howitzer on smooth plains, and a crooked sign with the inscription "Mined".

Fresh development of a banal situation

As for the plot of the series “Yesterday ended the war”. The Director raised him up on the usual love triangle. Rather, even on a trapeze of interconnected people. Kohl – the first guy in the village. Beautiful, arrogant, spoiled female attention, and therefore moderately audacious. Gregory – quiet, loyal and somewhat tedious, but nevertheless – persistent and focused. Kate – a proud and principled, with overflowing enthusiasm to build a prosperous communism and education “dark” villagers. And Galya – sister Grisha and mistress If.

Men, of course, at first sight fall in love with the main character and begin to gain her favor, competing with each other. Galya is trying to keep the escaping groom and get rid of the opponent. And Kate basks in the attention, diligently pretending that it is a bit do not care. However, the end of the story written by the screenwriter rather unexpected.

The female lead roles

In terms of script and performances to pick on you to much, but in the TV series “Yesterday ended the war,” the actors played very skillfully. In fact, it is their excellent work and not given to sink this project, despite all its flaws.

The role of the implacable rival Catherine went to Elena Dudina, which decided to change the theater stage to the cinematic light of Jupiter. It was after this role, the actress noticed. And it's well deserved. Her bright and expressive play is often overshadowed as a professional performer of the main character.

Not to say that Yulia Mayboroda – performer of the role of Katerina Ovsyannikova - played badly or not enough now. Here the main claim is rather to the script than the actress. But I would like to unconditional passion of the male population to her person something logically motivated, and not presented simply as a fact.


The Strategy of choosing competing of young people was chosen to win. On the same principle, the producers select the composition of the youth bands. There must be guys of different types – serious, cheerful, modest, mysterious, etc. So won by a wider audience of fans.

What we are witnessing in the TV series “Yesterday ended the war”. Reviews show that the army of the spectators are divided into two camps-those who prefer cheeky nick, and those who prefer serious and loyal in his pocket.

The Role of Nicholas sang Anatoly Rudenko – actor, behind which by the time of the filming of the series was already more than three dozen major works. Tall, athletic, blond with blue eyes, a handsome face and disarming smile – just a standard modern Apollo. As expected, the vast majority of young (and older) fans with a sinking heart, empathized with his character.show

Grisha Konyukhov has played Nikolai Ivanov. His character – a few pensive and romantic – liked the more Mature the tele-viewers. Those who understand that passion and first love relatively quickly pass, and the man on whom you can rely on, is really valuable is its reliability.

Minor characters

Speaking about the actors, it would be a mistake not to mention the masters of the film industry – Bogdan Stupka and Love Rudenko. Despite the role of the second plan, their contribution to the series is very significant. A colorful character of his grandfather Penny by Alexei Shevchenko and does deserve separate awards.

So if you just want to while away the evening watching the light show – feel free to include “Yesterday ended the war,” and dive into the atmosphere is not particularly deep, but in its own sweet film.


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