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In 1889, ignited the star of one of the most prominent and progressive artists of the nineteenth century. This year was born Annenkov Yuri Pavlovich-Russian artist, portraitist, writer.


Famous artist born into a family of Russian people. Our earliest childhood Yuri Annenkov was spent with his parents in the Kamchatka region. Was there and worked for his father, who was exiled for participation in the organization “people's will”. В1893 year, the family finally managed to return to the accommodation in Saint Petersburg. At this time they were placed in a small village next to the estate of Ilya Repin.

Yuri Annenkov

This environment had a great influence on the subsequent work and Outlook Annenkov. He was constantly surrounded by a community of people of all possible creative professions, which could not affect his choice of profession.


To Draw Annenkov Yuri began from childhood. Moreover, in adolescence, he became very interested in politics. At this time, the artist tried himself in the genre cartoonist. His ironic sketches for the underground magazine caused a big scandal. Freethinking Annenkov was expelled from school. However, this has not shaken the faith of the artist in their hand. He entered the law profession in the University of St. Petersburg.

Creative careers

Despite the early passion for drawing, the master did not have a full-time art education. Even while studying in high school the artist attended classes at the Saint Petersburg art and industry Academy named after Alexander Ludvigovich Stieglitz. In his student years Annenkov Yuri studying in the Studio of a renowned artist Saveliy Moiseyevich Seidenberg. It is noteworthy that along with studying another famous artist-Marc Chagall.Annenkov, Yuri Pavlovich


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Unfortunately, despite the diligence and desire to learn, Annenkov could not pass the selection at the Moscow Academy of arts. After his fiasco Yuri continued his studies in the Studio of Jan Frantsevich Tsionglinskogo.

Life abroad

Fate Annenkov was already outside the country. Thanks to the advice of his mentor John F. young artist left the country where he was born, and moved to Paris. There Annenkov, Yuri continued his studies. At this time, he went to study to such foreign artists as Maurice Denis and Felix Valloton. These symbolists belonged to the popular group "Nabi". It is under the patronage of their mentors in 1913, Yuri took part in an art exhibition with his paintings. The exhibition was called “independents”. The debut artist was successful.

Symbols of creativity

At the beginning of his artistic way the author was engaged mainly in painting. To this period belong his famous work “Adam and eve’, ‘Yellow mourning”, “Self”, written in the early 1910s. After returning Home in 1913, Yuri Annenkov, whose works can be seen in our review, starts to get involved in this form of art as graphics. Increasingly, his works began to be printed in the pages of publications such as “Bay”, “Argus», «Fatherland», «the Satyricon", and many others.

Yuri Annenkov artist

In Addition, during the period of fascination with the graphics master has maintained a close creative relationship with popular at the time with the publishers “Red.”, “world literature”, “rainbow” and others. The artist was invited as an Illustrator for the works of Korney Chukovsky, Jack London, Nikolai Evreinov. The author also continues the long tradition of published in the satirical publications as a cartoonist. Fortunately, now his work was appreciated.

Political views

During both the revolution is indifferent to social changes in society, the artist was passionately interested in politics. We can say that the turmoil in the public system had a great influence on the further work of the master. This is evidenced by the flowering of his artistic activities after the accomplishment of the coup. It was at this time in the artistic environment there are new trends and companies. Annenkov Yuri becomes an active participant. For example, the artist was elected one of the Board members of the House of arts in Petrograd.

Yuri Annenkov paintings

Even in his works, the master is constantly touched upon the subject of the revolution. It is in the particular manner of image related items have to Annenkov against the revolution, as the new order. Artist hot experienced and contributed to the cancellation of previous installations in public life and in work.

The success of the young master did not go unnoticed and, in 1920, George was appointed Professor at the Moscow Academy of Arts.

Prose and journalism

In Addition to his artistic activities Annenkov was engaged in writing. Since 1917 he has tried himself as a journalist. As they say, talented person is good at everything. This path could Yuri not worse than the painting. Soon, he published his articles in publications like “Life is art”.

Yuri Annenkov biography

Moreover, while living abroad Yuri Annenkov, a painter and a graphic, opened with all parties: he first tried his hand as a writer. From the pen of the author has published such works as “Diary of my meetings". They Annenkov describes the portraits of many Russian artists. Among them we can find Russian writers, artists, musicians. In addition to essays about famous people, Annenkov wrote a lot of works of art. So, Yuri was the author of “a Novel about nothing”, “Torn era”. When writing the artist took the pseudonym – Bogdan Temiryazev.


Yuri Annenkov, whose paintings in his early career, was completed predominantly in painting, after the success at the Paris exposition began to create its own gallery of portraits. The main field of activity of the master were known personalities of the time. For a short period Annenkov managed to capture the writer Maxim Gorky, the famous poets Vladislav Khodasevich and Anna Akhmatova, as well as Viktor Shklovsky, Mikhail Kuzmin, Velimir Khlebnikov and many others.

But a single value in the artist has taken paintings with political parties. So, Yuri Annenkov, portraits which enjoyed extraordinary success, have released from-under its brushes canvases with such prominent people like Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Grigory Zinoviev, Lev Kamenev, Karl Radek, Isaac Babel, Ilya Ehrenburg, Jean Cocteau, Maurice Ravel, Russian ballerina Olga Spesivtseva and many others.

Going abroad

In mid-1924 Annenkov went to the Mediterranean coast to participate in the international exhibition. In Venice, the artist had the honor to present the pavilion of the Soviet art. After this event life path Annenkov has never given it back to Russia.

Annenkov, Yuri Pavlovich picture

After participating in the exhibition Yuri on a regular basis settled in Paris. There is the curve of recognition of the artist went up drastically. At this time he primarily works as a decorator in the theater and cooperates with such prominent figures as Nikita Fedorovich Baliev, choreographer Borislav Fominichna Nijinska, the actor Chekhov, Mikhail, Sergey Lifar.

Theatre and cinema

In Addition to her artistic activities, the master has gained recognition and in other fields. Great success and fame Yuri Annenkov, whose biography is replete with mostly success in the field of painting and portraits, achieved in the theatrical field. In addition, he has published his articles in publications devoted to this art form, the artist has made an enormous contribution to the role of decorator of almost all performances in the theatre named after the famous Russian actress Vera Fyodorovna Komisarjevsky. Annenkov also painted the set for Tetra and his old friend Nikolai Evreinov.

However, its influence on art did not end. The artist was one of the first reformers of the old order in the theater. So, early in 1920, began to appear current, in which he took an active part and the young Annenkov. For example, in 1921, he published his article about the necessity of the proclamation of the new theatre. It was a breakthrough, caught the same enthusiastic.
Moreover, the artist soon had the opportunity to realize their bold ideas to life. During the preparation for the staging of Georg Kaiser at the Bolshoi drama theater named after Maxim Gorky in Moscow first proposed an unprecedented innovation, namely, to use instead of the usual decorations new, with moving elements. Thus, the scene like had interacted with the actors. At the moment this approach in the design of the show had an unexpected success.

Yury Annenkov's portraits

During his long...

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