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What is the styles of speech? This is a system that has evolved in the process of language development. Such systems are few, they serve different purposes. Each has their purpose, their means of expression, its place in society.

For example, a conversational style is used for communication between people in everyday life, in a relaxed atmosphere. Characterized by an expressive vocabulary, the presence of incomplete sentences, incorrect grammatical forms, emotion. (Say that the shampoo “Creative” the hair does not grow and just fall out).

To communicate between institutions there is an official style. Perhaps its main feature - the presence of voice stamps. “Is Authorized to declare”, “we, the undersigned”, “Representative of the customer in the face…”, - such expressions unambiguous, they lack emotions, but there is a statement of fact. Business language facilitates business communication.

The Publicistic style of the need for propaganda and dissemination of ideas among the masses. He rallying, emotional, because his task is to convince the reader. (Sensation! Shampoo leads to hair loss! Millions of victims!)

Research can be described only by means of the scientific style. There are many terms, completely lacking emotion or ambiguity of expressions. (In the process of research established that use shampoo “Creative” leads to alopecia).

Very often it happens that a conversation between two scholars completely incomprehensible to others. (ATS has the properties of direct and indirect antioxidant).

To Acquaint the masses with the scientific achievements called popular science style. Tutorials, articles about research, achievements, etc. it applies to him. Unlike science, it has an additional function - that of communication. This means that scientific popular style aims to promote a knowledge of how to translate scientific language into the public.


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To date, the opinions of linguists are divided. Some of them believe that the scientific and popular style of speech is an independent phenomenon. Others believe that it's just a subgenre of scientific language.

But they both agree that this style characterized by very specific characteristics that distinguish it from others. What are those signs?

The Scientific and popular style relevant. Science is a constantly developing area of human activity, so the popularization of scientific achievements or knowledge is extremely important. Today there are three types of promotion: education, internautow, internautow.

Like a work of art, a popular science text has its own story. This search for the truth. In order to find the answer or come to the conclusion, the reader is obliged to go all the way thinking, to understand the logical moves. However, part of evidence or searches is omitted.

The Scientific and popular style uses a lot of terms that make text more or less deep. The more specific the words, the deeper is the presentation.

The Term can be entered directly or the inverse. In the latter case is accented not the concept, and related phenomena.

In order to make the text interesting, it needs to be entertaining and imaginative. That's why popular science style permits the use of metaphors, anafor, epithets, exclamations and rhetorical questions.

The Scientific and popular style of speech allows for the presence of expressive syntax (“To hunt for bosons specially modified accelerator). Style present the evaluation of the facts, the social dimension - everything that helps to make scientific knowledge available, forming with public opinion.

Naturally, it is not all the features inherent in popular science style. However, on the grounds that it is realistic to define the stylistic affiliation of any narrative.

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