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Love the hypocrisy inherent in man from time immemorial. That is why all over the world and in all cultures, theatres – an indispensable part of human life.

The youth Theatre (Vladivostok) today has a rich past. This is one of the oldest theaters of the city, which is located in the middle of it. Theatre of youth (Vladivostok), whose repertoire is designed for all age groups of viewers, since children have always been popular, and there are many reasons. First of all, of course, due to the mix of talented actors, who can spend hours to keep the whole audience in suspense. But let's look at the order.

A Bit of history, or How it all began

The youth Theatre (Vladivostok) is the first children's theater, which opened before the great Patriotic war – in 1930. The idea is that everything here was supposed to make children from a variety of interesting scenery to sewing costumes and, of course, directly participate in the performances.

theatre of youth Vladivostok

However, the war and various circumstances forced to postpone all. And only in 1946, organized the Theatre of the young spectator. And the first performance - 'How the steel was tempered' is played right before the New year, December 31.

Seventy years of its history the theater several times changed the name. The older generation remembers it as the Theatre of the young spectator, middle-aged people he knew as a Chamber drama theatre. And since 1999 and until today it is called the Theatre of youth (Vladivostok).

Over the years, it has delivered more than five hundred performances. Theatre of youth (Vladivostok) appreciates and the state. There are honored artists and honored cultural workers twenty employees of the theater was awarded the title of «people's artist". Also the company is constantly involved in various competitions, Federal and global scale, where it constantly hones his skills.


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Theatre of youth (Vladivostok)

The Poster is really impressive. Studying repertoire, you can get lost in the variety presented. After all, there is a possibility to spend leisure time, to see performances of classic and contemporary playwrights. The repertoire includes Russian and foreign masterpieces. The youth Theatre (Vladivostok) aimed at different target groups. So you can easily take on the performance of the child to begin to instill in him a love of art since childhood.

theatre of youth, Vladivostok Billboard

The Poster for the near future:

  • “Tomorrow was the war”.
  • “Vasilisa the Beautiful”.
  • “Ghost Ship”.
  • “Vasily Terkin”.
  • “the adventures of Chuck”.
  • “the Scarlet flower”.
  • “All roads”.
  • “the woman's rebellion”.
  • “Gentile”.
  • ‘Everything will be fine».
  • “Steel”.
  • “good luck!”.

From the past to the future

The youth Theatre (Vladivostok) initially had a fixed place. But it was a temporary problem, and soon, in 1954, the theatre got its permanent residence on the street Svetlanskaya, 15.

The theater Building, which was built in 1876, is considered a historical monument. The facade, of course, was reconstructed, the work lasted 7 years. They were so massive that they were involved not only workers but also actors, students and young people who wanted to have a theater in the city center.

theatre of youth, Vladivostok repertoire

The First view was put by the graduates of the Studio named after M. Gorky. It was a special and exciting time for young actors who were in love with the theater and his profession. Of course, time passed, and he was filled with actors who come from different regions of the country. Life here is seething. Only in the first decade of the youth Theatre (Vladivostok), or rather his company, has supplied more than 80 submissions.

Actors and Directors of theater

Since then, much water has flowed, and now, in the XXI century requires a new approach. That is why the theatre has renewed its Director's part, and today you can already see many young and talented Directors who brought with them a diversity and novelty. The people received it with enthusiasm, so everyone can find here something to their liking, regardless of age. So we can safely say that the youth Theatre (Vladivostok), Billboard which is constantly updated, new and modern.

a hero of our time theatre of youth Vladivostok

This is confirmed by the fact that in 2016, the theatre opened a new (small) stage.

The most Interesting that over the years working here, not only domestic Directors, actors and artists, but also professionals from other countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Poland, USA.

The Tour was conducted almost around the world, which made the popularity of the theater even wider and spread his fame far beyond the Far East.

A Little about the performances

Everyone knows that the quality of theater is largely dependent on the Directors. After all, they decide what plays to put on, what questions and issues raised in these submissions. As well as in the theater are young and brave filmmakers, can be seen in the repertoire of performances, which raise acute problems such as the adaptation of a teenager in the current brutal environment, the difficulty of relationships among children and adults and many other psychological and important issues.

theatre of youth, Vladivostok g

That description is very suitable psychological novel «Hero of our time”. May 20 – this is the date when the play «Hero of our time” the youth Theatre (Vladivostok) will show you around the city and many fans of Melpomene, which will definitely come into the city to see the classics with my own eyes.

«Hero of our time” in the theatre

The main hero of the Lermontov tried to open and show all the vices that prevailed among the noble youth of the nineteenth century. So the performance will be more than interesting and topical, because today there are a lot of 'Pechorin' burn your life without a purpose.

The Director has set a great goal: to show the dangers of cynicism, contradictions, and other vices.

Besides, the novel is philosophical, it reveals important issues such as the meaning of life and tragic love.

Thus, we can see that despite the fact that the novel was written two centuries ago, it is as relevant to the present day. After all, every generation has their "Pechorin" - their extra, unnecessary people.

Director A. Lobykin promises that the show will be more than an exciting and intriguing.


Many guests visiting the theatre for the first time, a point highlighted perfectly matched the troupe, repertoire, consisting of masterpieces of Russian and world classical drama and modern works. Especially like the theater kids, finding where their favorite characters.


Despite its rich and very long history, the theater is still alive and gaining new fans of the genre.


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