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New project from the Director of the anime loop “Pokemon” Kunihiko Yama was created on the American-Japanese studios Sprite Animation Studios, founded by authors well-known, but not shot in the film “final fantasy: the Spirits within”. Animated feature “there was a cat” reviews the film is described as preachy, but dreary entertainment product, built on the narrative about why the street cats should know the letter to be able to read and make friends. Despite the criticism, the tape has a IMDb rating of 6.80.

Exclusively national cartoon

In the narrow circles of animators recently argued that a meaningful creation of three-dimensional strips is justified when the authors, following trends, trying to conquer the foreign market. At the same time, created with the help of this technology the project “there was a cat" (2017), critical reviews positioned as a purely national cinema, which, for example, in Russia, the animated film looks with some perplexity, if not of the beholder ponders on what is happening and ignorant of the peculiarities of the Japanese mentality and culture. By Russian standards, the country may seem, and the main moral of the picture: suddenly sad and optimistic. Therefore, “there was a cat" - cartoon, recension which find echoes of the Buddhist attitude towards reality and life in General.

there once was a cat reviews


Touching realized the author's intent Kunihiko Yama has the ever-present story. The story centers on a black little kitten Rudolf, who has lived in the metropolis, in which he will learn the basics of survival without the help of caring owners. Mentor a lost kid becomes a seasoned, adult cat, who is respected all over the County. The plot of the animated film “there was a cat” feedback received supportive of the individual authors are new contributors called the Japanese picture is a beautiful alternative to the familiar audience of the Hollywood cartoon franchises that can appeal to the whole family.


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there once was a cat cartoon reviews

The Discrepancy claimed genre

However, “there was a cat" (cartoon 2017) reviews skeptical commentators blame them for the inconsistency of genre politics. The fact that the cartoon is stated as an adventure, but while watching it turns out that adventure as such there is almost no. Except for ties in which the kitten is alone in a big city. Survival in the company of mentor it is quite simple:

  • In Japan, many citizens are fed stray animals;
  • Rival gang characters are not bugged;
  • Most of the time the kitten teaches literacy and is developing a plan to return home.

Only closer to the final key characters get into serious trouble, which is quickly resolved, without any heroics on the part of Rudolph.

there once was a cat 2017 reviews


“there was a cat” specialists and ordinary viewers is not called adventure, and preachy animated picture for primary school age and preschoolers, showing the importance of literacy and demonstrates loyalty, friendship and manifestations of sincere concern. Indeed, the kindness and warmth in mult rife, as alluring cuteness and poignancy. But in an entertainment product aimed at a wide audience needs to be fascination. It's in the band “there was a cat” the reviews noted insufficient number of problems, threats and the almost complete lack of drama. While humor in the brainchild of Kunihiko Yami enough, and the visual beauty presented by stone landscapes of Tokyo's suburbs.

there once was a cat cartoon 2017 reviews

Pros and cons

An Adult audience, is a little confusing and very hard Japanese voice actors who never miss a single breath exhalation of the main character, and that, in turn, you will not make a step without the next “Aha”. Gives the impression that the creators of afraid of the lack of replicas. Causes confusion and deliberately exaggerated motion animation, because of which all the movements of the cats look clumsy and unnatural like a doll. It is as though a part of the binder of the movements were simply ignored or flawed. This fact deprived the movement of characters is vital to the flexibility and smoothness. The background statistical objects created with the inherent Japanese animators style and thoroughness, which creates a detailed, deep space.

An advantage of paintings are the cats: animals tangibly fluffy and extremely cute, especially the key character, causing the desire to stroke the ruffled fur.

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