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Cyril Lascaris – this name is well known in the art world. Multifaceted creative personality, a man of great talent and aesthetic taste, ballet dancer, an outstanding Soviet and Russian theatrical figure, Director, playwright, writer - all about him. Let's get acquainted.

laskari, Kirill Aleksandrovich

About the childhood and family

Cyril Lascaris 17.07.1936 was born in Leningrad in a family of artists. His father, Aleksandr Semenovich Menaker, was a famous stage actor, mother of Kirill, Irina laskari, dancer of the Opera and ballet Theatre of Tbilisi. Maternal grandmother IDA Nexperia was an actress and starred in the movie. His brother is Andrey Mironov, an outstanding actor of theatre and cinema.

When the boy was three years old, his father left the family. Since 1952, upon reaching her 16th birthday, the guy began to wear his mother's surname. When it came time to pick a career, Cyril Lascaris decided to follow in her mother's footsteps and enrolled at the Leningrad choreographic school, graduating from it in 1957.

Lascaris-the soloist of ballet


After graduating school. A. Vaganova beginner ballet dancer joined the troupe theater. Kirov. He had worked for two years. In 1959 Cyril Lascaris enters the Small theatre and on the stage makes a spectacular career. Two decades ballet became a leading soloist of this temple of Melpomene. He danced almost all leading parts in performances which took place in a Small theatre.

The Artist was a Fad–Humpbacked "the little Humpbacked Horse”, Rochefort in the “Three Musketeers" Nomenclature unit in “the decision-making bow" Tenant "Story of a girl”. Among his other parties: Barmaley ‘Dr. Dolittle" the fool "Seven beauties" Conductor "Willow" punch in "the Ballad of love" Milkman "Blue Danube" German in the “Before”, Caretaker "Petrushka" of the brilliant performance of the Venetian dance in “Swan lake”.


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Activities as a Director and choreographer

In Parallel with the ballet, Cyril Lascaris tried his hand as a Director. His work can be seen at the Maly theater. The most famous of them - the wonderful ballet “old Man Hottabych”. Lascaris also staged performances in the Theater of miniatures Raikin.

Cyril Lascaris
The Director of the work of Kirill Alexandrovich could be seen on television. He was a Director of a number of films-ballets: “the Tale of serf nikishka the" (here took place the movie is the debut of M. Baryshnikov), and “Return” (music by G. Firtich), acted as the choreographer in the television movie "Marina".

As choreographer invited the Leningrad theatre of musical Comedy. Here he worked in the performances: “don Juan in Seville”, “movies” (music: A. Eshpai) , “alive” (and even wrote in this production the libretto), "Mr. X", "the Caliph-a Stork”, “Oh, Bayader”, “Ball in Savoy», «Roma Prime Minister”, “Doña Juanita”, “Mistakes of youth" of the Vienna meeting”. Among his productions – ballet "the Age of the butterfly”. He was also the choreographer for the ballet "adventure chess soldier Pescina”.

Lascari Kirill left a bright trace in the history of cinema. Talented choreographer was invited to the set, where he did dance to all your favorite movies: in 1961 - "Aquaman" in 1971 – “Shadow”, in 1974, in the famous movie “Straw hat" 1979 – “Three men in a boat, not counting the dogs”, a year later “Only in the music hall”, in 1982 - "Pokrovsky gates”.

Among the founders of the now world-famous Leningrad ballet on ice was K. laskari.


Cyril Lascaris, whose biography is filled with creative searches, left its mark in the world of literature. He begins to write the libretto first, and then scripts and books. Peru Lascaris owns such plays as “the Oath of the Marquis de Carabas”, “the Corpse out of the Hudson”, “Mistakes of youth”, “do Not want to be king”, “scrambled Eggs with eggplant”. According to his scenario in 1989 filmed the movie “Bullshit”.

As a writer Kirill debuted in 1983 His work was “Twenty-third pirouette” embodied in cinematography. Based on the play at the Studio "thumbnail" in 1986 a film was made “a Myth”.

Avid readers can explore the books. In 2000, he released his book “Asteniceski syndrome” in 2003-m - “fake”, in 2005 was published that "the Mistakes of youth”.

In 2002 the artist was awarded the honorary title of Honored worker of arts of Russia.

September 30, 2009, shortly before his death, Lascaris was awarded the Order of Friendship, and on 19 October 2009 he passed away. K. A. Lascaris was buried at the Volkov cemetery in St. Petersburg.

Personal life

Kirill laskari biography

Cyril Lascaris was married twice. His first wife was Nina Urgant. The second time he married Mahuta Irina (Irina laskari), the actress of the puppet theatre “At the gates of Moscow». She starred in the movie "Straw hat" (played the role of Virginie) in the episodethe movie “person”. Son - Cyril Lascaris was born 11 Aug 1977 in Leningrad. By profession a writer and also a poet and writer. Kirill laskari was friendly with brother, the great Andrei Mironov, and no less brilliant artist Vladimir Vysotsky.

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