Melodrama "Oasis of love": actors, roles, and a brief plot of the film


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In the film “Oasis of love" the actors play out a typical melodramatic situation: the main character, never knew his father, throws himself on his quest upon reaching adulthood. And of course, her father is suddenly a rich businessman. The outcome of this story? And one of the actors took part in its realization on the screen?

Short story and the film-makers

The Director of the project “Oasis of love" was made by Artem Nasybulin – a graduate of the Shchukin school. To remove it began in 2006: his first picture was a serial drama "love is as Love”. Then there were the films “provincial”, “champion” and “Love on demand”. In 2011 Artem began the shooting of the film “Oasis of love”.

oasis of love actorsActors who took part in the project, mostly little known. But the main parts are played by prominent Actresses – Alena Khmelnytsky and Daria Bondarenko.

This Script was written by Aleksei Timm, who worked on the films “Next”, “Children on Monday”, “snap Games” and “angel Days”. Behind the camera stood Valery Lerner, who removed the tape, "Chronicle the infamous times”, “heaven on earth” and «White city».

As already mentioned, in the center of the plot – a young girl who dreams of finding his real father. For the sake of her plan she has to fly to far and hot Kazakhstan. This trip changed her life.

“Oasis of love": actors and roles. Alena Khmelnitskaya in the role of Svetlana

Alena Khmelnitskaya, who graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theater, started acting in movies in 1983, the Start of her career gave the film “Karambolina-karamboletta”. The popularity of the actress brought the role of Leonsii in the adventure film Vladimir Popkov “hearts of three”. Then in the filmography Khmelnytskyi there are many famous paintings: “Lily of the valley silver”, “Turkish March», «Russian Amazon” and “strange”. Alena starred in many dramas, which include “Oasis of love”.


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the film oasis of love actorsActors Khmelnytsky and Janat Baizhanbaev in the project played old lovers who had not seen for nearly 20 years. The heroine Khmelnytskyi became pregnant, but never told her lover about it. Had to raise a daughter alone.

It was a long time: she grew up and went to College, and she was finally able to breathe easily and engage in his personal life. However, her daughter does the idea Fiks - to reduce their real parents that they were together again. She disappears for a few days out of town, and returns to unexpected company.

Film “Oasis of love": actors. Daria Bondarenko in the role of Lera

Darya Bondarenko, who played in the movie the daughter, Svetlana, was first lit on the screens in 2006 in the very racy role she played “Tomboy” nick, the daughter of the main character from the TV series “Who's the boss?”

oasis of love actors and rolesThe Girl displayed well, so it opened the road to the best theater schools in the country, as well as in the well-known television projects. Bondarenko was lit in such projects as “father's daughter”, “Barvikha” and “One day there will be love”. Soon she was invited for the lead role on the drama “Oasis of love”.

The Actors in the film had a great experience, so join them in the ensemble for a young girl it was not easy. But Daria did a good job with his role. Her character Valerie is energetic and purposeful. It overcomes quite a long way from St. Petersburg to Alma-ATA, breaks through security to see his father-the businessman. And all would be fine if not for the sudden pregnancy of a girl who has confused all the cards. She flees the city, and the new dad has to go get her in Saint Petersburg – the city of his first love.

Other performers

Actors picture “Oasis of love” is and Oleg Diamonds, and Zhan Baizhanbaev, and Alex Krasnotsvetov.

Oleg Almazova got the role of a colleague Svetlana also her fiancé. But the hero of the center in the final picture to quarrel with the heroine Khmelnytskyi, and they parted.

actors pictures oasis of loveKazakh actor, people Baizhanbaev acted as a successful businessman and father of Valeria. For many years he remembered her mother, but did not dare to find her again. Zhanat can also be seen in the films “Code of silence-2”, “a Bride for my brother” and “Armavir”.

Alex Krasnotsvetov appeared on the screen in the form of a young man Lera, from which she became pregnant. A young man yet rarely gets into the movies main roles, the only exception is the Thriller "the Spaniard". Also the actor can be seen in the projects «Rozysknik”, “Chronicle of the infamous times” and “time limit”.

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