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The series is Intriguing domestic "Prosecutor's check” (the actors, the creators, the plot will be described in this article) is notable for the fact that the audience has a chance to see, albeit somewhat embellished, "working life” prosecutors-lawyers. As it turned out, in their daily routine there is a place across a wide range of feelings and emotions, and nothing human is alien to them.Prosecutor's check the actors


In its structure the narrative of the show “the public Prosecutor's check” is a real procedural COP show, an intriguing crime drama, professionally done, with interesting and unpredictable plot. Each new episode-a separate story, or rather, “business”, during the investigation, which simultaneously demonstrates the complexity of the investigative work and all the incidents, funny situations, humor. A team of creators and actors playing the main roles well and the reliability nature of the relationship between prosecutors and citizens who turn to them daily danger and risk, the whole set of vital and legal conflicts. show the Prosecutor's check


The Prosecutor Ilyin (Ilyin Paul): the most important in the Prosecutor's office. Smart, shrewd, a man of principle, character and a great sense of humor. He collects thematic magazines, is able to unravel the intricacies and evil intent of the offender, to reveal the atrocity of any complexity. Almost - ideal attorney.

The Prosecutor Belonogov (Dmitry Belonogov): moderately well-fed man in the Prime of life, with a healthy sense of humor. This is an excellent specialist and a real foodie. Persistent, not accustomed to give up and always manages to come out the winner. At the same time strict and very principled. In the soul of a little kid and a clown.


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The Series “Prosecutor's check” introduces the viewer to the beautiful characters - Asa – max and Olga. A wonderful pair of lovers. Faithful assistant prosecutors Belonogov and Ilyin. Olga (Anna Serdyukov) – real "war bride" max (Mikhail Kondratyev), beautiful, smart, has a strong-willed character. Max inferior to his sweetheart of many mental qualities.

Not major, but not minor

In the TV show “the public Prosecutor's check”, the actors who have so managed to appeal to the viewer, there are three unusual and original character:

  • The Prosecutor Podkolodny (Ivan Grishanov). Contradictory character. Smart and responsible, but at the same time, and bureaucrat, selfish and boring. Sometimes he persistently demonstrates how not to behave. Always ready for a little mischief: to expose colleagues to curry favor at the expense of others, but always gets a decent response and calms down for a certain period.

Prosecutor's check directed

  • Alexander (Nikolai Khramov, and 324 series - Alexander Kasatkin (II)): computer whiz, an unusually gifted person. Very smart and simple. Always competent in any matter concerning information technology. You will find any information easily get the access to the classified. But the guy desperately unlucky with girls.
  • Aunt Paula: wrecker, easier - cleaner. The heart and soul of the Prosecutor's office. Grey cardinal. "Local authority". The object of adoration of all the fans of the movie. Her character does not leave anyone indifferent. It is a pity that it is no more. Actress Natalia Litvinova died 05.11.2012.

movies of a prosecutorial check-up of the new series


The television Series “Prosecutor's check”, the actors of which were listed above, began its triumphal March around the blue screens of the country and neighboring countries with 28 Mar 2011 and goes on to this day. In the scenario of most of the individual episodes, which had been worked Cyril in the South, Yuriy Ryabchenko, Dmitry Pichur and others, were taken really the case under investigation. At the moment, the project employs more than 300 series, and apparently the end is not yet. The film is really entertaining and informative, all curious to know what this daily deal «winter people" in blue, Bravo carrying the sword of justice. The series "the Prosecutor's check”, directed by Igor Romashchenko, working closely with Vladimir Morozov, Andrei Morozov, Konstantin Smirnov, is one of the new Russian detective series, which is managed to convey a unique image of the Russian Prosecutor and the specificity of his work in our country.movies of a prosecutorial check-new series [1]

A Purely domestic flavor

A Wide audience aware that the Russian version-adaptation of the internationally popular TV series “Law & order”, which, to be honest, and breathes amerikanschinoy. The series "the Prosecutor's check”, the actors who are already known to the audience is the Russian criminal history, which highlights all the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution service and the legal system as a whole. Many critics have compared this creation and is even called the “heir” movie of the Soviet era, “the Investigation leading experts”, which definitely had a unique purely domestic flavor. Not going to parse what is so similar these movies. “the public Prosecutor's check”, new series, new story will be the best confirmation of this statement.


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