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Sancho Panza, whose characteristic is the subject of this review, – one of the main characters of the famous novel of M. Cervantes “don Quixote". He is a simple farmer with a wife and children, however, persuaded the knight and tempted by the idea of becoming the Governor of the island, the hero leaves home and becomes a squire of his master.


This hero is considered to be the antagonist of the main character, as he seems to be completely devoid of attitude, which is peculiar to its owner. Sancho primarily interested in material gain, the opportunity to get rich. He has his own philosophy of life, based on a simple worldly wisdom. No wonder his speech is replete with popular quotations, sayings and Proverbs. An ordinary villager, he sees everything that happens through the prism of his special, peasant consciousness. He tries everything to find a practical explanation, he is not inclined to go into abstract reasoning as his companion. Thus, at first glance it may seem that the main character confronts Sancho Panza. The characteristics of this character, however, shows that this is not true.

Sancho Panza characteristics

Comparison with don Quixote

Squire protagonist is in some sense his double, despite the obvious difference in the characters. No wonder both immediately found a common language and for all travel friends. The fact that both of you can find a lot of similarities. First of all it concerns their boundless credulity. It is exactly the same as don Quixote, the simple-minded and unsophisticated Sancho Panza.

Characteristics of the hero proves that in this respect it is very similar to master. For example, he once believed in the possibility of his governorship, and during their journey nor never questioned. Despite the fact that he often questioned the words of a companion and not even the times he lied to himself, Sancho, however, easily allowed for the possibility that someday he was destined to become ruler. However, more important to him than just his own comfort, as evidenced by his next statement: “now feed me or take away government”.


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image Sancho Panza

The Amazing thing is that his wish really came true: once the Duke is in fact appointed a squire of the leader of the island. Panza many borrowed from don Quixote and implemented these skills in its management. So, he was honest, fair, trying to imitate his master. Especially the residents were impressed by his refined way of speaking, which largely can be explained not only his innate eloquence, but the influence of the owner.

famous quotes Sancho Panza

Folk features

Of Great importance for understanding the meaning of the novel has his way. Sancho Panza – one of the most compelling characters not only in the novel writer, but also in the world literature in General. He became close to many readers and became very popular largely due to the fact that in his person the author has embodied the traditional character. Such characters, as a rule, always enjoyed the love of readers because of its simplicity, gullibility, humor. During the journey the hero takes all the adventure for granted, and it is a nice reader. It deals with specific concepts, in his speech, almost no abstract metaphors ("On a good Foundation and the building is no good”).

His lines and phrases – is a real treasure of people's experience of life. And if don Quixote explains what is happening from the point of view of the knight, and nobleman, his true and undisputed squire prefers to accurate vivid phraseology which add a touch of warm humour in the narrative.


Famous quotes Sancho Panza attest to his sharp mind, observation and cunning. One can see that the hero says from a practical point of view, worrying primarily about physical health, about relationships with people, about the comfort - both physical and mental. For example, he owns the phrase: “Where the music is playing, there may not be anything wrong”.

So, the image of the squire of don Quixote is an integral part of the novel, without it the character of a knight would not be so expressive. Yes, and the character – a figure self-sufficient and independent, because it is rooted in people's life. So, a kind of double knight made Sancho Panza. The characteristics of this character are impossible without comparing it to the master.

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