The Moscow theatre of the young spectator: history, repertory, regional theater for young spectators


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Moscow state theatre of young spectators is one of the oldest in the country. His repertoire includes performances not only for children, many productions created for an adult audience. Here you can see works of various genres.

About the theater

Moscow theatre of the young spectator

The Moscow theatre of young spectators (mtyuz) was opened in 1920. He was the first intended to show performances for children. At that time the repertoire was limited, the theatre had to play performances for children. For this reason, gifted actors and Directors for a long time do not stay here. In 1987 Moscow theatre of the young spectator for the first time presented to the public play is not for children. It was “heart of a Dog" by Mikhail Bulgakov. From that moment began a new era in the life of the Spectators. The Moscow theatre of the young spectator began to go on tour to other cities and even abroad. The troupe regularly takes part in various festivals and consistently receives awards.


Moscow regional youth theatre

Moscow theatre of the young spectator offers his audience the following performances:

  • "cat house".
  • “Tin rings”.
  • “With favourite do not leave”.
  • “Two maple”.
  • “the Golden Cockerel”.
  • “ordinary”.
  • “Nose”.
  • “the lady with the dog”.
  • «Ivanov and others”.
  • “Collector”.
  • “good-bye, you, you, you".
  • “Gentle”.
  • “Peter pan».
  • «Pingwiny».
  • «Elinor».
  • «Romantica».
  • «Ridiculous poem”.
  • “diary of a madman”.
  • “the Lieutenant of Inishmore island”.
  • ‘Medea’.
  • “Witness”.
  • “Roberto Zucco”.
  • “On the road…”.
  • “friends”.
  • "Nocturne".
  • “Killer”.
  • “a Taste of honey”.
  • «Green bird".
  • ‘Clowns Sekspirova”.
  • “Thunderstorm”.


The Moscow theatre of young spectators gathered on the stage wonderful actors, many of which are familiar to the public for his numerous works in film and in the famous plays.


Dance theatre

Dance theatre "Temptation" show in the rain. Feedback from the audience

Northern capital of Russia glorified theatre “Temptation”, he has in his repertoire a great show in the rain. The reviews indicate that it consists of wonderful dance performances, causing a variety of sensations, special enthusiasm and i...

"Chef Adam Jones": the movie reviews, rating

The story of the brilliant chef with a demeanor as Dr. house, could cause confusion and rejection, if not for the charisma of the actor who played the main character. Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller made a good Duo in tragicomedy “Chief Adams ...

The sports drama, the movie Thriller

The sports drama, the movie Thriller "Never give up". Actors, roles, plot

And at the same time Sports drama movie directed by Jeff Wadlow “Never give up” (actors: charismatic Sean Faris, charismatic Cam Gigandet and gorgeous amber heard) managed in short time to gain an impressive popularity to this day is cons...

The Troupe youth theater:

  • Igor Yasulovich.
  • Elizabeth boyar.
  • Valery Barinov.
  • Igor Balalaev.
  • Oksana Mysina.
  • M. Gusinskaya.
  • I. Gordin.
  • E. Lyamina.
  • M. Vorozhishcheva.
  • Oleg Rebrov.
  • Yevgeny Volotsky.
  • I. Shaikhutdinov.
  • A. Yezhov.
  • Vladimir Platonov.
  • E. Aleksandrouskaya.
  • I. Smirnov.
  • S. Brakina.
  • P. Odintsova.
  • O. Demidova.
  • N. Motive.
  • A. Kolobaeva.
  • M. Slesarev.
  • K. Elchaninov.
  • I. slaga.
  • N. Zlatova.
  • M. Parygin.
  • E. Kalimulin.
  • A. Taragin.
  • T * L.
  • A. Nesterov.
  • P. Poymalov.
  • M. Vinogradov.
  • Yuri Tarasenko.
  • M. Zubanova.
  • E. Levchenko.
  • A. Korshunov.
  • A. Salimonenko.
  • I. Sazykin.
  • V. Weerberg.
  • A. Stebunova.
  • Nicholas Kachura.
  • Arkady Levin.
  • Mr. Kudryashov.
  • Ilona Borisova.
  • Dmitry Suponin.
  • Natalia Korchagina.
  • Alexey Alexeev.
  • Mariya Lugovaya.
  • Dmitry Suponin.
  • Oksana Lagutina.
  • Ekaterina KARPUSHINA.
  • Sofia Slivina.
  • Catherine Kerchak.

The Moscow regional youth theatre

Moscow theatre of the young spectator mtyuz

Moscow theatre of the young spectator (Tsaritsyno) has existed since 1930. He was previously a branch of the Metropolitan youth theatre, today became an independent theater and is in the top five in the country. In Soviet times, it was the only mobile Theatre and served on selhoznaloga Moscow region. Over the years of its existence the theatre has staged more than 300 performances. Moscow regional youth theatre offers the viewer a variety of repertoire. Here, musical performances, and performances by classical and modern plays. Now the artistic Director of the regional youth theatre is a famous actress Nona Grishaeva.

Performances of regional youth theatre

Moscow theatre of the young spectator Tsaritsyno

The Moscow regional youth theatre offers the audience a varied and interesting repertoire. Staging youth theatre:

  • “frosty”.
  • "Pechorin".
  • ‘the Star of Victory”.
  • “Snail UHL”.
  • “Pieces for zablocka”.
  • “Pushkin. The tales of Belkin’.
  • “Save yourself! Cat!”.
  • “across green hills of ocean”.
  • “the Three little pigs”.
  • “do not joke With love”.
  • «Masha and bear”.
  • ‘Princess Speckles".
  • “Cinderella”.
  • «Tales from different pockets”.
  • “Jokes in the middle of nowhere”.
  • “Golden chicken”.
  • “the Nutcracker”.
  • “Mozart and Salieri”.
  • “Lemon dawn. Confessions of a poet’.
  • “About my mother and about me”.
  • “the story of A. Chekhov’.
  • “the Frog Princess”.
  • “And Choi-that you in a Tux?”.
  • “tower”.
  • “the Pig of Chok”.
  • “the Devil of contradictions”.
  • “Little Blizzard”.
  • “grasshopper".
  • “Journey to happiness”.
  • “the Little fairy".
  • “the Prince”.
  • “the Nightingale the night”.
  • “Thumbelina".

Main premiere of the season in the regional youth Theatre

Moscow state theatre of the young spectator

The Moscow regional youth theatre in the season of 2015 gave girls and boys the musical play "the perfect Lady”. This is a wonderful magic story, which grew several generations. The play used songs M. Dunaevsky from the film “Mary Poppins”. But many do not know that the picture included is not the entire musical material, which was created for her by the composer. Censorship of the Soviet Union didn't miss all the songs. In a theatrical performance includes all the regional youth theatre written by Maxim Dunaevsky songs. The Director of the play - Mikhail Borisov – head of the Department of directing at the famous Shchukin school and pop in GITIS. The role of Mary Poppins takes the Nonna Grishaeva. This story guide Spectators decided to introduce the repertoire for the reason that it is a good story, it has a lot of sincerity and warmth that is lacking in our life and in art.

The Musical Director of the show “the perfect Lady” is Hellcat Sagalova – Professor of the University of composer. Her songs are in the repertoire of Larisa Dolina, Lev Leshenko. She worked on the music for the ice show Ilya Averbukh, has written many songs for children. And also collaborated with famous composer Ennio Morricone. As a choreographer was made by Pavel Ivlev. He was engaged in the Russian versions of musicals “Notre Dame de Paris" Cabaret, "Romeo and Juliet». The scenery was created by artist S. Zohrabyan (winner of the “Golden mask”). The performance is impressive. It has everything: music, dancing, tricks, bubbles, flying, puppets of enormous size, live singing.


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