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Nikolai Demidov is a young talented Russian actor, singer and composer, successfully walking on the road to glory. He is slightly over 20, but he has managed to achieve great heights in their creative endeavors. A young man writes music and lyrics, performs with them at renowned international competitions and wins prizes. In addition, Nikolai Demidov is the owner of his own recording Studio where he works with artists, helps to find himself other artists. Nicholas in films, wrote the soundtracks to the series and never ceases to cultivate. Young person has several degrees in various professional fields and still does not stop there, today he gives strength to the diploma of the actor.Nikolay Demidov

How it all began

His career Nikolay Demidov began as a member of the "Dream". In 2003-2004 he played in the band as the lead singer and keyboardist, and then, feeling a powerful force, decided to pursue a solo career. The talent of the young man allows him to compose such songs that playfully bring him success and recognition. In 2005, the First channel is declared open acceptance of applications for participation in "Eurovision". Nikolay Demidov sends its data and a song written in the English language - Differences. The results of the vote deduce it in leaders and open the way to participate in the prestigious and popular international competition.Nikolay Demidov singer

Famous works

After a speech at the "Eurovision" Nikolay Demidov gets an invitation to the contest "New wave". In Jurmala it deservedly gets a special award called "Decent" for performing the songs of well-known local artists, as well as their Differences. A pleasant tone of voice, charisma, an inner glow radiating from Nicholas leads him further on the road to success and recognition.


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Projects with the participation of Nikolay

Fans also know that Nikolai Demidov is an actor. This new life path also brings to the youth a lot of positive emotions and interesting events. "Suicide", "step by Step" "You and I" - the films of Nicholas. He starred in the TV series and feature films, tries himself in the role of the author of the soundtracks to the series. "Return of Mukhtar", "Love and other nonsense" - a film in which sound track, written by Nicholas specifically for them. Music for medal in Sochi in 2014 was created by Nikolai and recorded in his Studio.Nikolay Demidov actor

Learning is paramount

Nikolai Demidov - singer, songwriter, actor, poet - in the frantic pace of life between filming, concerts, performances and travel time to higher education. Not one. To date, Nicholas has a few degrees. He economic, linguistic, and production education. Moscow state construction University, state University of management are registered in the biography of Nikolai among them over Universities. Diploma of translator also has a young man, and at the moment he mastered the acting profession to be in a movie already professionally. A few years of his life Nicholas had spent in the East, gaining wisdom and inner strength. Today, he draws from a lot from the experience and endeavor continue in their endeavours.

Personal life

Nikolai Demidov not married. The age of a young person is nearing a point where a man needs to start a family. In his interview with Nicholas admits that he left a bit before the decisive step, when he will be able to turn my life to pay attention to family and career. But today, among the bachelors and Nikolai Demidov. His biography includes a long-term relationship with a young singer Mary Devyatova. The couple lived together for several years, but their relationship is exhausted, without ending anything. The young men parted and each continued on his creative path separately. In women Nicholas appreciates modesty, a virtue. Such qualities he will put in the forefront when choosing a future girlfriend's life. In accordance with the meaning of the Russian word "married" woman should behave modestly, being "for" her man.Nikolay Demidov biography

Self-development and spiritual improvement

A Young and talented composer, singer and actor is engaged not only in the development of their intellectual and professional abilities, but also spends a lot of time to spiritual development. Yoga classes are also included in the compulsory program, which was developed for your perfection Nicholas. Daily workouts help him feel better spiritually and physically. Nicholas is practicing a vegetarian lifestyle, cleanse your body of toxins. All methods of self-development he had brought from the East. From the same Nicholas there are many internal settings which give different answers to difficult life questions and help a young person to properly understand the situations that arise in his way, and to make the right decisions.

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