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In 2011, British writer E. L. James has presented on court of readers the novel “50 shades of grey”. The work caused a stir among fans of the genre, is it any wonder that the question arose about the adaptation. To tell the story of a complex relationship between a wealthy businessman and a College graduate, came from Sam Taylor-wood. So, how to make “50 shades of grey”?

Geography shooting

The creators of the blockbuster special attention was paid to the atmosphere, which directly depended on the geography of shooting. It is therefore important not only that they had “50 shades of grey”, but where. The choice of the crew fell on Vancouver, Canada, this decision was made primarily due to suitable weather conditions. Cool, typical of a canadian winter, allowed us to add the element of sadness.

how to make 50 shades of grey

Initially, the film-makers didn't plan to shoot it in the winter. However, the deadline was postponed for technical reasons, what had eventually to regret. Cloudy sky over the heads of the characters brought a sad note to the atmosphere. We cannot say that this decision had in mind the performers, key roles, as Jamie and Dakota are constantly suffering from the cold.

Crew Also managed to work in two American towns that have become Vancouver and Portland.


It took “50 shades of grey”? Many fans of the works of James were unhappy with the shooting locations. In the novel the action takes place not in Vancouver and in Seattle. Moreover, the famous hotel "the Hitman" was replaced by "Fairmont". Hardware store in which she worked student Anastasia Steele, also found not far from Vancouver.


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how to make movies 50 shades of grey

The Role Washington state University played another school. The appearance of University of British Columbia was slightly modified, this was done by draping. In the stage of graduation, of course, played not real graduates, and extras. Interestingly, the episodes at my parents ' house warming was filmed in separate houses, which are on decent distance from each other.

Design group

It took “50 shades of grey”? Not to mention the brilliant work of the design team. The film's budget was only $ 40 million, was not enough to create an atmosphere of dazzling luxury, which is grey. Penthouse of a wealthy businessman was more like a Museum than a dwelling.

50 shades of grey movie filmed

In the end, the interior of the monastery businessman made a lasting impression on the audience. Natural stone designers combined with simple metal structures. Preferred furniture with minimalist forms, which coexisted with products from solid wood. Decoration for walls of steel of avant-garde paintings. Designers managed to create a simple yet sophisticated interior, which emphasized the multifaceted nature of a key character. Christian grey – the successful man with impeccable taste, however, there are hints of brutality.

Director, cinematographer

Not to mention the person by whom the audience was able to enjoy the picture “50 shades of grey”. The film is Sam Taylor Johnson, which owes its fame this tape. Colleagues speak about the woman as collected and energetic lady, emphasize its ability to avoid nervousness on the job site.

50 shades of grey as they shot scenes for

The Popularity of the novel led to the fact that the performers are the key roles were constantly under pressure. First Jamie and Dakota was very nervous, as he feared not to meet the expectations of fans of the work. The Director helped the actors focus on their characters.

The film “50 shades of grey”? The role of the operator is also important, so one should not forget about it. This mission was entrusted to Seamus Macgarvey, which previously had to work the Director. Seamus and Sam perfectly understood each other, from time to time even communicated in sign language.

How to make “50 shades of grey”: scenes

As is often the case, work on the episodes is not conducted in the order in which they were seen by the audience. The Director was aware that the emotions that actors Express correspond with the information in the moment, have heroes. Interestingly, the sex scenes, which became the subject of heated debate audience, was filmed last. This work was pending for the last two weeks.

What is the question most often takes fans of the blockbuster “50 shades of grey”? As filmed scenes of an erotic nature - a moment that is of interest to many. The actors said that the work looked more like choreography. The actor Christian had to learn the science of tying knots. Dakota often had to remain naked and bound, she is grateful to Jamie because he first brought her a blanket.

Above explains how the film was shot “50 shades of grey”. The film received mixed reviews from audience and critics, but its commercial success does not causedoubt. In world hire the tape earned over $ 500 million.

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