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Michael Fassbender, movies with which are probably familiar to many viewers, is a popular Hollywood actor. Today we offer you to get acquainted with a celebrity, find out some details of his career and personal life.

Michael Fassbender


Future Hollywood star was born in 1977, on 2 April. It happened in Germany. However, two years later, Michael's family moved to Ireland, where was born his mother. Here passed the childhood of the boy. The head of the family bought the restaurant and worked there as a chef. Michael's mom was also busy in the family business, performing the function of a Maitre d'. Parents all the time spent on the job. When Michael grew older, he also began to help as much as possible. The boy had never petted, and he from an early age knew how hard to earn money.

Michael Fassbender attended regular school. But at the same time he took lessons in guitar, piano and accordion. He also could speak German. A little growing up, the young man also began to attend the London school of Drama theatre. After calling to the profession of actor he's felt since childhood.

Michael Fassbender movies

First steps in your career

The Debut of young Fassbender in the movie took place in 1989. His first works were small roles in television series. For full-length films Michael Fassbender was able to switch only a few years later. However, despite the fact that he continued to act in films, the popularity to achieve failed. Since 2001, he has performed roles in such films as “Holby city”, “Witch”, “Murphy's Law”, “Karl’, and several others. Special attention deserves the work of an actor in the popular television series “Brothers”, who shot himself-Tom Hanks. Michael Fassbender performed in this project the role of Sergeant Burton Christenson.


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In 2007, the actor starred in a movie called “angel”. This painting was shown at the British film festival.

300 Spartans Michael Fassbender

Early success

This famous actor came to 29 years of age due to the filming of the movie “300”. Michael Fassbender played in the film not main, but very important role. In order to look good on screen, actor for two and a half months every day for four hours doing in the gym. After the release of the film, which had great success, Fassbender drew the attention of the audience. However, critics bypassed his person party.

But that all changed in 2008, when the screens released film “Hunger” with the actor. In this project, the Fassbender got the role of a soldier of the Irish army in detention. At the same time, to create on the screen a believable way, Michael again had to work on my appearance. However, this time he literally exhausted himself for several weeks, sitting on a strict diet. In the end, the weight with 80 kilograms fell to 58! Such an act by the critics and the audience was referred to as the sacrifice in the name of art. The film “Hunger” has been very successful, and the actor for a role has received a number of awards.


After successful roles in the films “300” and “Hunger” Fassbender, Michael began to get an interesting offer for others. So, he has starred in such films as ‘inglorious bastards’ Quentin Tarantino, “X-Men” and “Jane Eyre”.

While the actor himself admits that he is interested in a diverse role. So, he gladly takes part in sci-Fi thrillers and art-house projects and blockbusters. And transformation manage him just fine, and his growing popularity among viewers and producers.

The most notable recent works Fassbender is possible to allocate such films as “a Shame”, “Advisor”, “a Dangerous method” and “Prometheus”. In 2013, the screens out the film “12 years a slave”. In this picture the actor played Edwin Epps – a slave owner who does not know mercy and pity. Michael Fassbender, the films with the participation of which in recent years enjoyed great success, for her role in “12 years of slavery" was for the first time in his career nominated for the prestigious prize «Oscar». In addition, the actor was awarded several other awards.

Michael Fassbender personal life

Michael Fassbender: personal life

The Path of the actor to succeed in Hollywood was very difficult. So, in the beginning of 2000-ies he even had to earn a loader, because the proposals in that period were very few. He even considered to quit acting and open up a small but stable business. From doing so he kept the offer to participate in the filming of the series Neh.

Michael Fassbender never married. For one year he lived with Zoe Kravitz, the daughter of a famous American singer lenny Kravitz. The encounter took place during the shooting of the picture “X-Men”. Despite the fact that Zoe was 11 years younger than her lover, they looked very harmonious. After the affair with the young Kravitz Michael was in a relationship with actress Nicole Behari, model Madalina of Genea. The last mistress Fassbender became a colleague at the filming of the movie “the Light in the ocean” -Alicia Vikander. However, the couple broke up in early autumn 2015.

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