How to draw a watermelon, so it was similar to the present


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How to draw a watermelon, all known melon culture? The characteristics of this huge berries can be divided into several categories: form, pattern, color and size. The origin of watermelon is associated with South Africa, and from there it has spread around the world. The fruit today is grown in Africa, but only in the wild. In Europe, where the watermelon was only in the 15th century, have bred, with the result that the fruits become more juicy and sweet. In Russia, the treat appeared on the dining tables in sufficient quantity only in the early 19th century.

how to draw a watermelon

How to draw a watermelon, to contain all the external signs and were significant? First of all, you need to choose the form in which the fruit will appear on the image. Watermelon is round, oblong or pear-shaped. In Japan, it is grown in the form of a cube, but rather, the course design, which made no sense from a culinary point of view.

How to draw a watermelon pencil

Ways to create the image on paper set. But in any case, first you need to stock up on materials and tools. Drawing on a standard sheet of white paper A4 and pencil "type Constructor TM", which will be denoted by the contours. Sharpening the stylus should be not too sharp to touches turned soft and smooth.

How to draw a watermelon in stages

The figure may consist of several stages. You first need to mark the outer borders of the object, draw a circle with a small offset so that the outline corresponds to the natural shape of watermelon, i.e., in the form of an irregular circle. The next step is to spend a few lines, a kind of "meridians" that connect the top and bottom points of the circle. These lines will be characteristic green stripes which are the main symptom of a watermelon. The edge of each lines are drawn jagged touches, and the band must be narrowed at the top and bottom. Upstairs should draw a "tail", it usually has the form of a curved trunk dark green or brown. Next to the watermelon, you can draw cut a slice.


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how to draw a watermelon pencil

Coloring picture

How to draw a watermelon, so it was similar to the present? It's easy – the figure should paint. This can be done with colored pencils or watercolor. Background the surface of the watermelon should be light yellow-green hue. Strip better paint dark green. It should be remembered that the stripes on a watermelon peel is the main "decoration" of the fetus, and they must be drawn very carefully. Special attention should be paid to the ripple-edged strips.

A Good figure should be varied according to the story content. The most interesting image will appear if the watermelon to draw the cut. In this case, "still life" will consist of watermelon and slices of beautiful red color, with black seeds. In this option, your picture will become a classic image, and the question of how to draw a watermelon, will be resolved in the best possible way.

how to draw a watermelon step by step,

Leaves and stem

For more convincing can draw a stem and some leaves, which are organically complement the picture. A mandatory attribute of all melons, and watermelon in particular, is the image of thin curly tendrils extending from the main stem, which the plant clings to whatever is near him on the field. These can be stones, driftwood, neighboring plants. When the image leaves, stems, and tendrils, you must remember that they are also green like the watermelon, but lighter. Subject to color match you get a beautiful pattern.

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