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Georgi Millyar – the great and humble genius. Such a fun, positive, mysterious, fantastic screen and simple, quite modest in everyday life. How did the life of this remarkable man? Biography of Georgy Frantsevich Millyar will tell the reader in the article.

Short children's happiness

Georgi Millyar was the only child in marriage, their loving parents. Arrived on a business trip from France engineer Franz de milieu captivated by a beautiful Russian Elizaveta Zhuravleva. Beautiful love story can last a lifetime if not for the tragic death of the head of the family, as soon as their son was three years old. Throughout the life of the mother tried a lot to give to the beloved child.

The Financial condition of the family allowed to maintain a staff of servants to help in the upbringing of the boy. It is from European governesses for the younger boy learned the subtleties of proficiency in French and English. While serving in the Moscow theater aunt nephew instilled a love of art, which a red thread passed through all life Millyar.

Georgi Millyar in childhood

Emergency trip to Noumea

Against the background of the rise of the pre-revolutionary sentiments, considered the mother sent George to their house in Gelendzhik. At that time no one knew that the changes in the life of the country will not pass their house. Several apartments and a cottage, owned by the family, was expropriated in favor of the state. To return the child to the capital, involved in military uprisings and skirmishes, Elizabeth felt wrong.

So for five years her son lived far from the capital, while studying at the school of Gelendzhik. While his mother eked out a miserable existence in one room of their once luxurious apartment. The rest of the square was occupied by settlers, defined by the new government of the Bolsheviks. Fearing once again to demonstrate their aristocratic roots, Zhuravleva has done everything possible for the sake of the transformation of the French surname of the spouse in a simple and unpretentious - Millyar.


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First feats of labor

Immediately after leaving school George went to work with props in a local theater. Love all performances and raised on the speeches of the great geniuses of the last century, he knew all the repertoire of monologues. Watching from behind the scenes in game of professional actors, he yearned to someday be in their place.

And only due to an accident the Millyar was able to do it. Replacing the ailing actress in the production of the fairy tale "Cinderella", a young man so very ill with the theatre that he decided to go to learn the skill. Arriving in Moscow for the first time after the forced departure, the young man easily entered the Theatre named after Mayakovsky.

But school was not an easy one strange student, who until the end could not understand the teachers. A true master of his craft saw talent in ambitious young man, but the atypical appearance and strange diction would put a dot on his possible acting career.

actor George Millyar

Creative ways

Biography of the actor Georgy Millyar began in 1927. It was then that he became a permanent member of the troupe of the Moscow theater of the revolution. For eleven years, the filmmakers trusted Millyar execution of the ambiguous characters of the second plan, which he skillfully did iconic. The Treasury works of this time the eminent actor has joined the part in the productions "Romeo and Juliet", "dog in the manger", "Calvary" and many others. But for a multi-faceted personality was not enough to service exclusively in the theater, because the dream of cinema has long been attracted Georgy Frantsevich.

Roman cinema

As evidenced by the biography of the actor Georgy Millyar, for the first time in the film, he appeared in the debut work of Alexander Rowe "By magic". No one knew how successful overall project, but it got good reviews and was the beginning of many years of collaboration between actor and Director. The next film was "Vasilisa the Beautiful", where Millyar was given unusual at that time, the role of Baba Yaga.

For a Long time row were carefully searched for a suitable artist image of the witch. It did not work even a candidate Faina Ranevskaya, and the offer is atypical of the actor to become a woman in a mortar, he initially considered foolish. But once samples Millyar, Alexander was forced to admit - the best actor he can't find anywhere else.

He himself came up with the image of Baba-Yaga, focusing on memories of his old neighbor in the communal apartment and met once in Yalta shepherdess of sheep. Sensible man knew that no actress will agree to voluntarily become a terrible old woman, while he himself is not frightened.

Georgy Millyar

Confident way on the fabulous trails

In the next film, "bag of bones" Rowe has himself invited his favorite actor. The work was started in 1941 and had become a kind of support for people. Image of the invincible Russian soldier, who manages to break the forces of evil, gave birth to hope in a happy ending of a real confrontation of Soviet citizens. Candidate for the role of the main villain was immediately approved by the Director and screenwriter of the film.

But the George F. long refused to participate in the work. He explained the lack of required talent, though all perfectly understood: find the best Koshchey will not work at all desire. So the creators of tales decided to act cunning: they are constantly invited Millyar on the role of expert and adviser, make him love performance.

Then there was the cult of the Wizard in "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka", "Fire, water and....copper pipe", "Finist - bright Falcon" and many other. The unsurpassed Creator played multiple roles, making each of them unique. At this stage images and the path to the fairy-tale characters George searched himself, often surprising others with their own originality.

biography of actor George Millyar

Not quite magic heroes

Over the long creative life of the actor has worked with other Directors, though in their films he was given only a cameo role. But even talented people have managed to make a memorable and loved by audience for the past several decades. Old chess player from "the Caucasian captive", the silent executioner in "Ordinary miracle", a good uncle Yasha in "Silver Revue" are just some of the work Millyar.

But each of them, he was able to bring such character and charisma that they become a worthy demonstration of the uniqueness of the unsurpassed master of disguise. Permanent employment does not interfere hardworking artist to work on dubbing the cartoon. His voice talking to the characters in "humpbacked Horse", "Frog-Princess", "Rejuvenating apples" and "dunno in the Sunny city".

actor George Millyar

Private history

Biography of Georgi Millyar, personal life, a long time remained the subject of speculation and gossip. For many years he lived in the Dorm with his elderly mother, slowly to start their own family. Sickly and weight of the inner light did not make it attractive in the eyes of women. About short marriage in his youth he Millyar was very private.

A Young family is dissolved after the message of the spouse of the actor about the upcoming replenishment, while he could not have children after the disease. The whispers regarding homosexual artist never responded, went on his way.

The Woman of destiny, he was able to meet only at the age of 65 years. It was a neighbor in the communal apartment Mariya. Adult children and grandchildren of the 60-year-old woman lived alone, and her personal story she thought was over. So it took some attempts of courtship from a frail and lonely man with sad eyes.

But in the end, the actor managed to convince her to go with him down the aisle. George immediately took all the relatives of the couple, and they fell madly in love caring and careful of the elect mother, who made her life happy. It tells the biography of Georgi Millyar, the family has become a mystery, because the existence of love in this old age first, nobody was willing to believe. And when doubt is left to admit the error of judgement was not easy.

private life of the actor

Relations with the authorities and care

Despite numerous works in film and theater, solid state Georgiy Millyar (biography, photos discussed in the article) never made. The Soviet authorities for some reason did not hurry to swear at the benefits of the popular favorite. His first private apartment, he received only at the age of 80 years. Mariya did not once tried to persuade a spouse to seek help or support the government, but natural modesty...

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