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Mikhail Trukhin – a famous actor, a lovely man and family-oriented. Want to know where he went and how horrible in a big movie? Are you interested in his personal life? The article contains comprehensive information about the actor. Enjoy reading!Mikhail Trukhin


Mikhail Trukhin was born 28 October 1971 in Petrozavodsk. Our hero was premature. His mother at that time, he studied at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. All summer she spent with her son. And with the onset of autumn was forced to leave him with grandma.

Until the 4th class Mike lived in the town of Monchegorsk, in the Murmansk region. It was brought up by a beloved grandmother. She doted on their grandson, tried to spoil the boy's various Goodies and gifts.

Later, Michael's mother took him to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). The boy refused to go so far away from my grandmother. But in the end gave up.


In the Northern capital Trukhin graduated from high school. By the way, his classmates were Yegor Druzhinin Dmitry Barkov. These guys became famous throughout the country after the release of the film about Petrov and Vasechkin. And what about our hero? He was a real bully. Along with Barkov they often disrupted lessons, talking with teachers and hurt “nerds”. Such antics could not go unpunished. Friends even wanted to exclude from the pioneers. But they managed to avoid it.


Only Mike Who in his childhood dreamed of becoming: a hockey player, a judoka, a train driver and so on. Mom only moved, listening to his next story. But one day, Truhin Jr. seriously interested in theatre. He first joined the club House of pioneers, then became an advocate on a scene of Theatre of youth creativity. Mother strongly supported his drive to be an actor.


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After school, Mikhail Trukhin and his friend Dima Barkov decided to enter the Institute of culture. Their choice fell on the directing faculty. But friends failed the entrance exams. But Michael was lucky. He joined the auxiliary structure of the Alexandria theater. For a young guy without a College education it was considered a great honor and good fortune. In the play “Leaders” Mike was part of the extras. Soon followed by small roles in plays.

Trukhin understood: he needs to learn the basics of the profession. Otherwise, the main roles will not see. This guy joined the Studio of Igor Gorbachev, open at Alexandrinsky theatre. Acquired in this school of experience has allowed Trukhino to enroll in LGITMIK. He enrolled in a course of Veniamin Filshtinsky. It was a real success.Actor Michael Truhin


As a student, Michael worked in the theater by your Professor V. Filshtinsky “Perekriostok”. He participated in such plays as “waiting for Godot”, “Expensive” and others.

In 1996, our hero received a diploma of graduation. Problems with employment at the newly created actor does not arise. He was employed in the Theater. Of the Leningrad city Council. This institution Mike has dedicated 4 years. The actor then went to the theater "Foundry". Almost immediately he was involved in the play “Caretaker”. He got the role of Aston.

Since 2006, Mikhail Trukhin has partnered with the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov. On the stage of this theater he participated in the following performances: “hamlet” (the main role), “Diva" (Florence Snyder), "Duck hunt" (Sayapin), “Pickwick papers” (Sam Weller).Mikhail Trukhin filmography

Mikhail Trukhin: the filmography

The Actor began acting in films in 1991. He got the role of Gogi in the film ‘Cynical". In the same year on the screens out another picture with his participation – “Afghan breakdown”.

For a Long time Trukhino got a small role that is not remembered by the audience. His fees were modest. So they had to seek additional sources of earnings.

In 1999, the audience was presented a series called "Street of broken lamps". It was this picture made Trukhina famous and popular actor.

Today, Michael filmography includes more than 25 roles in TV series and feature films. List of his most striking works:

  • “death of the Empire" (2005) – Malecki;
  • “Letters to Elsa” (2008) – Oleg;
  • “Disappeared” (2009) – Berkovich;
  • “Dr. Tyrsa" (2010) – geneticist;
  • “In a sport only girls” (2013) – guard;
  • “Department” (2014) – businessman;
  • “Infidelity” (2015) - Vadim.Mikhail Trukhin private life

Michael Truhin: personal life

With his first wife, our hero met in the walls of LGITMIK. His choice was Love eltcova. The couple of one year graduated from University and worked in the theater "Foundry". Soon Misha and Luba first child was born-son Egor. After a few years the wife gave the actor a charming daughter Daria. Marriage Trukhina and Eltsova was fragile. He could not save even the children actors. Michael and Love divorced.

Second wife of our hero was a young beauty Anna Nesterova. She is also an actress. Michael fell in love with her at first sight. He was not embarrassed by the large difference in age. Truhin beautifully cared for the girl. In the end, she agreed to associate with him his fate. In 2008, Anna gave birth to a daughter. The baby was named Sofia. Actor Michael Truhin considers himself a happy man. Because he has a loving family, a good job and a comfortable home outside the city.


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