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In 2011, the premiere of the new film by Martin Scorsese, called “time Keeper". It should be noted that for cult Director it was the first full-length family tale, which he shot in 3D.

The Scenario is fantasy engaged John Logan, based on the work of Brian Selznick “the Invention of Hugo Cabret.”. The book was in stores in 2007, almost immediately after that Scorsese acquired her rights. A few years later he started filming the project “time Keeper" of the actors who subsequently wonderful coped with their task. So, what is this story?


The Capital of France, the thirties of the last century. Twelve-year-old Hugo is forced to live on the station with his uncle. The teenager is an orphan, so it is often left to himself. “time Keeper" of actors From early childhood the boy was fascinated by the mechanics, and once he has the chance to repair the mechanism, which he inherited from his father. Eliminating the problem, the young man hopes to open a secret his dad, who died in a fire at the Museum. Since then it's been a few years. My mother is not the main character knew (she died during childbirth).

Meanwhile, it turns out that the machinery he had inherited, created one of the founders of cinematography Georges Méliès. Grasp it, boy gets into an exciting world full of adventures, and his faithful companion in the maze of dangers and mysteries becomes friend Isabella.


Many of the leading critics noted how brilliant was picked up by the cast of the film. One of the leading roles went to young actor named ACE Butterfield. Thirteen-year-old actor was already well known to the audience. He starred in the film “the genius” before he was invited in a fantasy “Hugo”. “Hugo” Chloe MoretzChloe Moretz, his partner in the shootings, was not less popular, because by 2011, have already played in dozens of films of various genres.


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At the same time performers who have taken on the role of the second plan, in no way inferior to the main stars.Sacha Baron CohenWe are Talking about such celebrities as Christopher Lee, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jude law. I want to highlight is Ben Kingsley, a representation of a person, suffering their losses and suffering from the difficult memories. However, this, of course, does not end the names of the participants tapes “Hugo”. Actors who also contributed to the work of Scorsese: Frances De La Tour, Helen McCrory, Richard Griffiths, Emily Mortimer and many others.

Errors in the film adaptation

In this film, like many others, was seen the mistakes and historical inaccuracies which do not spoil the overall impression of the family detective story, shot by the famous Director. For example, in the story of the project “Hugo” the actors played the scene, according to which Méliès, not buying the camera-projector of the lumière brothers, created its counterpart in our own workshop. In fact he was not a skilful mechanic, and acquired the required camera in the UK.

ACE ButterfieldThe Hero, played by ACE Butterfield, had a dream whereby he saw the key in the shape of a heart on the tracks. It is noteworthy that when Hugo looks at his discovery, she lies about sleeper, but when he bends over to pick it up, the key is already in the sleeper.

When the boy wound up the automaton, the robot was not the paper sheet, however, when he gained the paper appeared.


Undoubtedly, many viewers remember the moment of the train crash shown in the picture “Hugo”. The actors are very believable played in the scene, and in fact this tragedy is not a fiction writer or a writer. In October 1895 at the station in Paris really was a similar case. A dramatic incident, five people were injured, and the saleswoman booth was killed from falling on it shatter the wall.

The automaton shown in the movie, are prototypes: a robot created by the family of Jaquet Droz and the automaton, which once worked watchmaker Henri Mierde.

“time Keeper" of actors In conclusion, it is worth noting that the project became a hit, receiving positive praise from leading critics, as well as eleven nominations for the award «Oscar». In the end, the masterpiece managed to win five of the coveted statuettes, and was also awarded the prestigious "Golden globe».

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