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A Short essay by Vladimir Galaktionovich Korolenko came to Russian literature from the memories of his native Ukraine.synopsis paradox He gives portraits of the characters in a certain light. This is achieved sharpness and contrast. The essay gives the collision of two worlds – prosperous and well-fed and miserable, wretched – this is its summary. The paradox works is that a rejected character carries through his bitter life faith in happiness.


Somewhere in a provincial town in Western Ukraine, summer day play two young brothers-young gentleman. Eight to ten years. The backyard, where they spend hours of time, littered with junk. But most of all they are attracted by the ruins of the old carriages with the remains of the coat of arms on a broken door and a barrel filled with water in which floats a sort of tadpoles. A coach full of charm – it is possible, dreaming, meet brigands, fight them furiously to shoot with wooden guns at them from Windows, save misty the female figure, never revealing their faces to stop and go to the pub. Or to sit for hours with a makeshift fishing rod near the barrel and hope to catch silver a real live fish. Both classes were very tempting, but they had to leave when called for lunch or evening tea. “Gentleman! To edit Bo to rest!” suddenly interrupt their games are the call of the servants of Paul. After the call of the servants of the serenity of their comfortable little world, their children's games will suddenly explode/ this Is the beginning of the piece summary. “Paradox”, the little essay, shows how children first encounter with real life, and how she will make you think.

What happened in the yard?

In the yard, a crowd of people, there sat the father, was and beautiful mother, and the porch stood a little cart, in which was placed a strange sick man – the head is large, trunk small, narrow, legs long and thin as spider legs. This creature was accompanied by a high subject with a mustache. He was presented to the audience sitting in the cart as nobleman kryštof Jan załuski - person from birth. But this man's eyes were extremely sharp and clever. Załuski at the direction of his companion shook hands with the gentlemen, taking off one foot with the other boot and lifted it in mock gallantry head over his cap, combed hair combed, blew a kiss to the ladies sitting in the Windows, they put the thread in the needle. Finally Zaluski said his Matthew so he could give me pen and paper. Easy and beautifully written his name on it. «And now, - he asked mockingly, who is up for an aphorism?”. All confused, and Zaluski, penetrating boys smart cynical black eyes, called them about him. Then he quickly wrote something, and the boys read aloud an unexpected phrase: aphoristic and paradoxical together. “Man is created for happiness like a bird for flight». And his eyes were veiled inner pain. Helped injury załuski, combined with a deep intelligence to Express their inner thoughts (a brief summary) – paradox, aphorism about happiness.


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Korolenko's story paradox

What then?

Collecting money, załuski with Matthew left the yard. The boys from behind the fence watched them and heard a snatch of conversation. “you, Matthew, only empty head, which is nothing, so empty pumpkin. But I forgot to attach the hands, but man is created for happiness, only happiness is not always created for him», - quietly and bitterly makes the result is a warped creature. The phrase written by the children of a man without any illusions, do not close your eyes to reality, opens the eyes of well-fed people who never knew what is happiness. He załuski, in a cruel twist of fate, deprived of the opportunity to exist on its own and is forced to lead a dependent state. This is evidenced by a brief summary. "Paradox" shows readers that aphorism about happiness written by children, sounds in the presentation załuski how hard-won his own idea.

It's Hard to be happy when around the struggle, persecution, loss of loved ones, so many hungry and poor without shelter. But the laws of the paradoxical nature of act and where there is the worst, most unsuitable conditions for its manifestation. V. G. Korolenko, the story “Paradox” wrote, argues that every person has a right to happiness. “But happiness is everywhere” - saw after Korolenko and the great Ivan Bunin.

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