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Decorative Folk art in our country is an organic part of popular culture. Poetic images, emotions, inherent, roads, and understandable to all people. It instills a sense of beauty, helps to form harmonious developed personality. Being based on long-standing artistic traditions, decorative art has a positive effect on the education of the person of the future. Works that are created by the masters of the people, are a reflection of love for his native land, ability to see and understand the beauty of the world.

Basic types of decorative arts

works of decorative folk art

The Long ages of household production in peasant families, and from the XVIII-XIX centuries and crafts, supplied the towns and villages of various utensils of clay, wood and metal, printed fabrics, ceramic and wooden toys, carpets etc. the Most popular was famous for its brightness and cheerfulness Gorodets painting on wood, Dymkovo figurines and whistles from clay, lyutenskiye painted lacquer boxes. Each of these items, the work of folk decorative art. Wooden gold – Khokhloma painting-is of great interest in Russia and abroad.

Distinctive crafts were available in the far East, the Russian North, Siberia and the Caucasus. Popularity was gained by the metal in Kubachi Dagestan, ceramic painting in Balkhar, notching wood silver Untsukul. Decorative folk art, which is very diverse, presented in different parts of our vast country.


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Vologda lace - decorative folk art

work folk art wooden gold

Vologda lace has gained popularity in European capitals in the late XVIII century. In our time, many foreigners mistakenly believe that the lace on the territory of Russia only weave in Vologda. In fact, Dace, Kirishi, Vyatka, too, have reason to be proud of their products. Almost all of them have their own unique features. So, a very interesting and Michael's colored lace. In our country, they have gained no less popularity than Vologda. However, like hundreds of years ago in the Vologda go for a white miracle.


Openwork carving decorates the bone objects of small size: boxes, caskets, pendants, brooches. Artwork folk art – bone lace-so poetically called openwork carving.

The Most widely three varieties of ornament in the case of cutting bone:

  • Geometrical interlacement of straight and curved lines.
  • Vegetable.
  • Rocaille Curling - styling shape of a sea shell.

Openwork carving Technique used to create compositions on the basis of the ornament and the story. Ordinary raw material is cow bone.

Fine work on the openwork carving requires special tools: needle file, graver, Klepikov, jigsaws.


a work of folk art, any

Beading can be proud of a long history, as does the beading. The Ancient Egyptians first mastered the difficult skill of weaving necklaces on the basis of small coloured balls of glass, and adorned their clothing. But truly blossomed bead manufacture in the tenth century. For many years the people of Venice kept the secrets. Luxury bead decorated purses and handbags, shoes, clothes, and other nifty stuff.

When beads came in America, he has replaced the traditional materials, used by indigenous people. Here they trimmed cradle, baskets, earrings, snuff.

The Peoples of the far North were decorated with bead embroidery, fur boots, fur coats, reindeer harnesses, hats.


Batik - painting cloth with his own hands with the use of fixing compositions. The technique is based on the observation that rubber cement, paraffin wax applied to the fabric is not passed through a paint.

There are several varieties of batik — nodular, hot, Shibori silk, cold.

The Name "batik" Indonesian, meaning "to draw", "stroking", "cover drops".

This painting has been used since ancient times by the people of India and Indonesia. In Europe, batik has come in the twentieth century.


product decorative folk art 6

Painting is one of the most ancient kinds of decorative art. She centuries was an organic part of the culture and life of the people. In the folk art of Russia, this type of decorative art widely available.

Here are some of the varieties of painting:

  • Zhostovo painting – the most famous Russian craft originated in the XIX century in the village of Zhostovo near Moscow. Belongs to the most popular trades, where a Russian folk painting. Famous Zhostovo painted trays by hand. This files most often depicted flowers on a black background.
  • Gorodets painting – the craft originated in the mid-nineteenth century in the city of Gorodets. Painting different brightness and brevity. The topics of her – figurines of horses, genre scenes, floral patterns. Decorated doors, shutters, furniture, spinning wheels.
  • Khokhloma painting — one of the oldest folk crafts. Appeared in the XVII century in the Khokhloma, close to Nizhny Novgorod. Khokhloma painting - decorative painting wood items made on a gold background black or red, rarely green. After patterning is the coating of the product with a special compound, and three-fold processing in the furnace, which allows to achieve the unique honey-Golden color. Traditional Khokhloma are Rowan berries and strawberries red, branches and flowers. Often in the compositions featured animals, fish and birds, turning the genuine work of folk decorative art. Wooden gold – so often called Khokhloma painting.

Take a Look at the various Handicrafts that are used in kindergarten for children's development.

Dymkovo toy

decorative folk art in kindergarten

Production of Kirov masters of the striking vivid patterns, non-standard proportions and form. All delight elegant, wonderfully designed and painted ladies-frantike, ponies, roosters, goats. First Dymkovo toys appeared in 1811. On Vyatka the festival sold clay dolls painted. Clay toys were made by craftsmen of the village of smoke grey. They did it with their families.

Now the factory, producing Dymkovo toy, Kirov is running in.

Filimonovskaya Igrushka

Not less is well-known center of folk crafts in the village near Tula Filimonovo, where great clay toys. People and animals, made by craftsmen, distinguished by its bizarre shape and great expression. This is a peasant woman, ladies, soldiers, cows, equestrians, horses, sheep. Filimonovskaya toy cannot be confused with others, since they carry their own unique traits in the form of modeling and painting. They play with all the colors of rainbow.

The child, who saw filimonovskaya toy, with unusual color and form, awakens creativity.

Kargopol toy

decorative folk art in the project activity of younger schoolboys

Kargopol is an ancient city, whose inhabitants have long been engaged in pottery. Mostly they produced dishes, however, some craftsmen were engaged in a clay toy. However, in 1930, the fishery went into decline. Recovery Kargopol workshops occurred in 1967.

Kargopol toys look more strictly against the bright dymkovskaya and filimonovskaya. Colors are brown, black and dark green. There are many funny images, simple but at the same time breathable warmth and humor. It's the women, peasant women, bearded men dolls with a spinning wheel.

Gzhel dishes

Not far from Moscow is the village of Gzhel. From the 14th century, it was engaged in pottery. Among the dishes that were released Kvasnikov, dishes and toys, which are painted brown and yellowish-green paints for ceramics. Now porcelain, released in Sochi, are world famous. The reason for this is the uniqueness of its shape and pattern. Gzhel porcelain is blue painting made on a white background. However, blue is not homogeneous. If you look closely, you can detect the subtlest shades and tones, reminiscent of the blue of the sky, river and lake water. Apart from tableware Gzhel produce toys and small sculpture. Everything that master does, affects the harmony of content and form. It is a work of decorative art. Gzhel is the dream of every purchase.

folk art of Russia and Tatarstan

Decorative art kindergarten

The Art of folk artists is the heritage not only for adults. It is important and children who can enjoy playing with dolls made of wood and clay toys Kirov...

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