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A Famous action movie called "Kickboxer", which appeared in 1989, has gained immense popularity among those fond of martial arts. The youth of the 90s just admired the actors starring in this picture: Jean-Claude van Damme, Michelle Kissy and others. The audience watched the tense plot, exciting adventures of the main characters, and vivid battle scenes that were filled with action. It is not surprising that there is finally a remake of this popular film. The plot will remain the same, and the cast is, of course, will change. In the new film the role of a fighter named Tong Po the actor will play another, and the other characters in the blockbuster 2016 will play new actors. But Jean-Claude van Damme, the audience will again be able to see in this picture.

"Kickboxer". Film, actors. Tong Po

But now he plays the main character Kurt Sloan and his mentor, master Durand.


The Plot of the new action is fully consistent with the plot of the movie "Kickboxer", so every fan knows the story of two brothers Kurt and Eric Sloan. These two since childhood, worked hard in sports, literally grew up in the hall. Older brother, Eric, managed to make a brilliant career, he even received a championship belt. Once Eric Sloan decides to go to Hong Kong to fight there with the most powerful fighter - Thai fighter named Tong Po (the actor in the new film - Dave Bautista). On the eve of this battle, Kurt, the younger brother of the champion, happened to witness the incredible forces of the enemy. Kurt was shocked by how powerful and strong was Tong Po (actor Michelle Kissy - Thriller 1889), and he persuades Eric to withdraw. But the brother sure can win. However, he was severely beaten by the mighty Tong Po, he didn't even stop the fight on demand. He made Eric a cripple for life. Kurt Sloan after this misfortune decides to punish Thai boxer and take revenge for his older brother. He managed to find himself a mentor, the old master in Thai Boxing (the old movie that was a master Xian Chow in the remake of master Durand). After such serious training Kurt was ready for a difficult fight with Tong Po. But the enemy saw that Sloane is a strong opponent, and so decided to force him to lose. Despite all the difficulties, obstacles and tricks Kurt out of the fight victorious.


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The cast of action movie "Kickboxer" (1989)

Tong Po. Actor. "Kickboxer"

The Main role of a fighter Kurt Sloane in the 1989 Thriller played by a famous actor and martial arts master Jean-Claude van Damme. Opponent Sloan and his main enemy was played by the other van Damme, the actor and stuntman Michelle Kissy. The actor who played Tong Po, was familiar with Muay Thai, so all the fights looked very professional. Also in the film starred such actors as Dennis Alexio (Eric Sloane), Dennis Chan (Xian Chow), Steve Lee (Freddie), Richard Foo (Tao Lin), Rochelle Ashana and others.

The New "Kickboxer". Film actors

Tong Po, let's start with this character in the new action will appear before the audience all the same murderer and enemy of the Sloan brothers. His role is now performed by the American bodybuilder, wrestler, fighter and actor Dave Bautista.

the Actor who played Tong Po

Kurt Sloan played in the blockbuster Alain Moussy, and the role of his mentor, master Durand, as mentioned above, got Jean-Claude van Damme. In the role of Eric Sloane, viewers will see Darren Shahlavi. In the cast of the second "Kickboxer" were: Matthew Ziff, Sarah Malakul lane, T. J. storm, and others. It should be noted that there is an impressive number of former world Champions of the UFC. This is Gina Carrano, Cain Velasquez, Fabricio Werdum and great Georges St-Pierre. So the composition of the sports, professional, inspires great respect and is of great interest to the shown battles in the ring. It looks very natural.

About the actor Kissy Michel (Tong Po)

American actor, screenwriter, film Director and stuntman Moroccan origin Michel Kissy accidentally lucky to be in a role of Tong Po (Kickboxer - 1989). His real name is Mohammed, Kissy, and the nickname he has got the Thong On as his character in the film. Kissy since childhood, enthusiastically engaged in Boxing. Being older, he met the same young van Damme, who was involved in karate. The children became friends, they even had one dream - they wanted to act in action films and become real movie stars. In the early 80-ies of Michelle Kissy with Jean Claude set out to conquer Hollywood. Their first joint successful film, which starred friends, was "bloodsport".

Tong Po. Actor

As for the second Thriller, where viewers again saw these two actors, the role of the actor Tong Po-kickboxer Michelle Kissy was due to the fact that fit the criteria of film-makers. They searched high with the Eastern appearance of the guy who would be engaged in Thai Boxing. But in the credits, Kissy still not appeared by some chance there is indicated that Tong Po played himself. Hence, perhaps, the name of Michel Kissy.

Dave Batista - another Tong Po

Dave Batista was known that were in Federation wrestling WWE. He is a professional bodybuilder, wrestler and mixed martial arts fighter. He has many titles, one of which is the title of the world champion in heavy weight. Since 2006, Dave begins to appear in films, where he plays mostly wrestlers, big men. Such a type was needed for the role of Tong Po, actor Dave Batista coped with the task.


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