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Popular youth series “Helen and the boys», which appeared on television screens in the mid 90-ies of the last century, not only in his native France but also other European countries, including Russia, have earned do not have very good reviews from critics, but infinitely loved by the audience. Many are still nostalgic sadness remember the cheerful company of fellow students who together through the difficult moments of life.

Not the last contribution to this success made by the actors. “Helen and the boys" - series that made them famous. However, for many of them the project and captured in the future, the continuation of the story of steel's finest hour. The characters of telenovelas is now over forty, and teenagers, enthusiastically watching their romantic UPS and downs on the screen for a long time have their own family, and still a faithful viewer still returns to the theme. So, in 2011, the screens out the series “love”, in which already adult characters meet again in Paris. The cast has changed, but the basic participants of the project all the same.

Helen Rolles

The Charming French actress was born in the small town of Le Mans December 20, 1966. It is safe to say that she was raised in a creative family along with her older and younger sisters. Ellen's father was a programmer, but in my spare time I prefer to do the restoration of ancient books and her mother was a concert organizer and childhood instilled her love of music and performance on stage. Debut on the screen took place in 12 years in the film “Black sheep" where she got thanks to her grandmother, sent the picture of Helen on casting.


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Helen rolles

The world fame she and her partner Patrick Pudemo received thanks to the show, where she performed the roles of the two lovers. By and large, then, their career has not progressed. There were a few continuations of series, but really interesting projects with their participation has not followed. Now the actress is rather reclusive, enjoys the art of pottery, writes music and has two adopted children from Ethiopia. In 2016, she released her ninth album.

Patrick Pudemo

Patrick pudemo

Beloved Ellen on the series and one of the most striking actors, whose life at present is closely linked with the TV. They Nicolas Vernier is probably the most recognizable. Romantic, peaceful and beautiful dark brown long hair – it was he in the story is the Creator of the student group. The actor took part in all the series sequels. Now he has his own TV show “Morning with Patrick Pudemo”, writing screenplays and theatre pieces, works as an editor and producer. He and his partner on the series, single.

Katie and Etienne

On-Screen couple - charming brunette Katya and very amorous Etienne (actor David Proulx) - did not last long. A beautiful love story ended around the middle of seril. However, life is the result of office romance on the set was the marriage. However, he, too, ended in divorce. They had two children – daughter Alice and son Mattis.

Katie Andrieu after leaving the project, continued her acting career and starred in various television series, she also fond of modeling business, and very successfully.

Joanna and Christian

Bright, unpredictable and emotional American woman from Texas on the screen was played by actress Rochelle Redfield, which is really originally from the US. According to the script of the series «Helen and the boys», Joanna was 20 years old. The actress during the filming was 30, however, the audience that seemed to not notice, as she famously got used to the image of the student. Series Rochelle left almost behind his on-screen lover Sebastian Roche. She now works in television and has four children.

Actors ‘Helen and the boys” basically “stuck” in their images of students, however, R. Redfield in this regard was the most successful of the entire team. In her piggy Bank participated in more than 27 projects, especially memorable for the viewer the series have become the “Hillbilly”, “relic hunter”.

David Proulx

The role of the beloved Joanna's drummer Christian performed French actor and singer Sebastian Roche. By his own admission, the project he left for his music career. Currently, the man successfully combines work in theatre, on television and in the music Studio and gives concerts.

Benedict and josé

A couple of the Colorful troublemaker Jose and humble Benedict was performed by French actors Philippe Vasseur and Laura Guibert. He – amorous and fickle, it & ndash; patient and loyal, for a long time, obediently turned a blind eye to the infidelity of the beloved. Many actors ("Helen and the boys”, as already mentioned, contributed to the fact that involved actors, previously unknown, began to learn on the street) had no professional education and on the screens by and large by accident. Including Laura Gibert. It can justly be called an actress of one role. His vocation she has always considered painting to the series worked as a decorator. Participation in the project brought her a steady financial position, after which she promptly left him. Now Laura has two daughters, has been painting and teaching.

actors Helen and the boys

Philip Vasser (photo above) in the series was also by accident, without having any experience in filmmaking. He stayed in the project for a long time in the future took part in its sequels. However, according to his confession, he realized that the movie and stage – not for him. Currently, he is engaged in repair and design of interiors.

Lali and Sebastian

After Katie Andrieu left the project, and in its place came Lali Megan. French actress of Brazilian origin to participate in the filming of the series worked as a model, a fashion model and dancer. Her character Lali – a big kid, she's sensitive and sometimes reckless. Appearing in the second season, she was starring in all sequels of the series. The actress was married twice and has two sons. Like many other actors "Helen and the boys”, she has become a hostage of the series, after it was followed by only occasional and unobtrusive role. Now Lali Manian - owner of own brand lingerie.

Cathy Andrieu

The role of the beloved Lali on the screen was performed by French actor Sebastien Kurivo. The only team has professional acting training. After the show he continued to work in television, photography and piano.


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