How to draw a robot on your own?


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Each of us at least once in my life tried to draw a robot. Some of it is better, someone worse. But still many have a question about how to draw a robot is the most realistic. In this article we will tell you how to make a pattern, so it is the most plausible.

how to draw robot

First steps

Before you proceed to the drawing process, it is necessary to prepare for it. To read the object and its location. Then do a little workout, and it – try separately to draw some details and basic fragments. Having done this job, you can proceed to the main pattern. So let's talk in more detail about how to draw a robot.

how to draw robot transformer

Step-by-Step work

The First thing you need to do – is to create a sketch. For this you need to draw the basic contours of the future robot. Such lines do not need to do “thick”. It is best to choose a pencil with a soft rod to line it turned out almost invisible. Next, go to the big parts, namely – the largest components of the robot. Why to largest? This will help you to “fill” and a little bit to get used to the image of the artist, especially if you are a beginner. For more convenient drawing should start with the torso, gradually painting something other parts. So you not only do not go astray, but also quickly shut down. When all the big parts painted – move on to the smaller details. Here you need to be very careful, because there may be a lot, and the location sometimes is not very comfortable for drawing. Therefore, if you are just learning the art of drawing, our advice to you – for a start, choose something not too detailed, eventually moving on to more complex things. And now, when everything has been done according to the rules on how to draw the robot, we can add the final touches. Move the outline with a sharp pencil or pen, making it more distinct. Possibly you can create a shadow effect or sketches, but only if you already know how to do it, because something extra can spoil all the work.


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how to draw robot valley

Special Drawing robots

It's a Bit difficult painting a special robot, that is, the transformer or the valley, for example. Although, if you look in the course of work, there is nothing particularly difficult here. Let's face it, what is the essence of the problem. Let's start with a complex. Before you panic, wondering how to draw a robot transformer, it is necessary to remember that nothing is impossible, and having only the desire and patience you can achieve anything. A feature of this type is a lot of small parts located throughout the body. That is what should be the focus. Step-by-step work is performed in the above order given the large number of small parts. Drawing of the transformer is significantly different from how to draw a robot valley, as it is considerably smaller and not so many complex parts.

To Summarize

After Reading this article, you already know how to draw a robot. If a responsible approach to this issue, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Once again, what steps need to be taken during the whole work: first, you need to select the object, make a sketch, drawing the initial line, then add the remaining parts, and then bring the outline and the main line. You see – there is nothing extremely complicated. If you are serious will take the job, already for an hour and a half will have the finished result. The main thing - to believe in yourself and not to give up in case of failure. You will succeed!

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