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In the modern Russian show business is not so much the artists, remaining popular over the years and consistently surprising and captivating the audience with their creativity. This is the law of the genre, which regularly appear new bands, singers, and six months later 2-3 bright hit them barely remember. However, an exception to this rule - Darius, Stavrovich, soloist of the famous group “Slot”.

Darius stavrovich

Vital events

Darius was born in Arkhangelsk region (city of Cherepovets) 1 February 1986. The family was full and happy: father-doctor mother-teacher. After graduating from secondary school future star entered Nizhny Novgorod musical College. Through personal relations of Darius Stavrovich got into the group “Slot” and, according to many fans, it is her voice brought the team such a high popularity. Remarkably, his musical career Darius successfully combined with obtaining a higher education. She graduated from the Institute of contemporary arts, catching up with Ekaterina Belobrova – one of the best vocal teachers in the country.


Darius Stavrovich came in and formed a fairly successful music band Fluke. Igor Lobanov was familiar with Maxim Samosvat, the former lead singer of rock band “Epidemic”. Owing to this fact, Darius was accepted into the group “Slot” in 2006. The team was founded in 2002 and at the time of the arrival of new vocalist already had one album and a few clips. Unique voice and performance style Daria is literally breathed into the creativity of the team new life. In the group she gets a new nickname – Nookie, invented for her musician-colleague ID.


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Darius stavrovich Nuka

During the work of the Darius group in the “Slot” was released 7 albums, and also a huge number of singles. His fans star impresses not only with outstanding vocal talent and crazy performance, but also extravagant appearance. “Slot” is an alternative rock band performing songs in different genres. Darius Stavrovich tries to conform to the image and appears regularly in music videos and in public in casual clothes, with dreadlocks or long black hair, a new piercing and a tattoo.

Solo project

In Addition to the work in the group “Slot”, Darius is involved in recording songs with other musicians. The singer works on a solo project which is not difficult to guess, is called Nookie. Under this brand today released two of the album and songs they removed several clips. Not all fans know what the alias chosen by Darius Stavrovich, – Nuka. According to one version, it presents a brief definition of intimate relationships without commitment, however, the star claims that it's just her name in Japanese.

Darius stavrovich personal life

In his interview with Darius says that active work as a solo artist is by no means a hint of the imminent collapse of the main group. “Slot” is still interesting Nuka, and the team will continue their existence, touring and releasing new songs and albums. Darius – not only a singer but also a lyricist and co-author of the music. Personal confessions, the chosen genre for her – the only possibility of expression in full, and without creativity it life simply is not.

Interesting facts about the person

Stavrovich S. Darius – the girl is not superstitious. In one of the videos (for the song “Mirror”), she plays the victim of a mysterious murder that happened in 1952 in Jacksonville. The composition of the project “Slot” and Nookie diverse and provocative. They address the themes of love, life and death, politics and topical problems of modern youth.

Stavrovich Dariya Sergeevna

But his personal star to tell me she loves me not. Of course, she, like other celebrities, from time to time credited vivid novels, but they did not comment on itself of Darius Stavrovich. Nucky's personal life is a mystery, and for quite understandable reasons. In the spring of 2014 for the singer of the group “Slot” was assaulted right before the scheduled autograph session. The offender paid the singer stabbed in the neck, and then Darius had surgery on the trachea and vessels of the neck. However, after a couple of weeks Nuka was safely discharged from the hospital, and in the summer, the group “Slot” according to tradition, has performed at all major festivals.

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