Children's theatre of shadows on the Izmailovo: history, repertoire, reviews


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The shadow Theater originated in Ancient China. The performers are not actors or puppets and their shadows. It is very important that on a white screen illuminated by a powerful searchlight, silhouette looked clear and expressive. This art form is gaining more and more fans. In Moscow for its unusual productions happy kids and their parents the Theatre of shadows at the Izmailovo.

Theatre History

The Moscow children's shadow theater was founded in 1944 by artist Catherine Sonnenstrahl and Director Sophia Svobodnoy. Until the late 50-ies in the work of the theatre was used only a projection of the doll, which give the screen a clear, black silhouette. For the repertoire were the works of Russian and foreign classics.

For the first two decades of existence the creative team of the theater was staged almost 50 productions. Being mobile, the theatre performed in schools, houses of pioneers, pioneer camps, but also in various organizations, delighting their views of both children and adults.

In 1957, the theater became the winner of the first all-Union festival of puppet theater, where he presented a production of "Ashik-Kerib" on Lermontov, and in 1958 was awarded a Silver medal at the world exhibition in Brussels.

In the late 50-ies the theatre begins to apply in their work methods of traditional Chinese Tetra shadows – theatre "dolls on clearance”. Since that time, technology and Chinese theater, and the projection became the basis of the stage practice of the Moscow theater of shadows. The first performance with the use of techniques specific to the Chinese theater, was the play “Come, fairy tale”.


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An Important event in the history of the theatre was the receipt in 1988 of his own room at the Izmailovo Boulevard. In 1989, the Theatre of shadows at the Izmailovo left the Mosconcert. Since that time he has become an independent creative unit.

shadow theatre in Izmailovo

The Moscow children's shadow theater on-site. Repertoire

In the repertory of many great performances. This is mainly performances for children. You can mark some of the most colorful,

  • “Alice for children” - directed by Y. Friedman. Based on the Carroll's book “Alice in Wonderland”.
  • “Cinderella” - directed by S. Jelieskin. Put on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault.
  • «Black hen” - directed by N. Boroskov. Put on the story Pogorelsky.

The Creative team pleases the young audience and such stories as “Thumbelina”, “Nutcracker”, “Dwarf Nose”, and many others.

Don't forget theatre and adult viewers. To them were delivered the performances of «Last day Casanova” the piece “Phoenix” by Marina Tsvetaeva, as well as “Wii” based on the novel of Nikolai Gogol to the 200th anniversary of the writer.

shadow theatre at the Izmailovo Boulevard

Children's Studio

The shadow Theatre in Izmailovo not only stages plays for children and familiarizes them with their professional secrets. For them, the theater operates children's theatre Studio “Tenwick”. The kids here are not only taught the ability to make shadow puppets, but also give to try their hand as actors. For young fans of the shadow theatre developed a special training program, which includes:

  • Acting technique;
  • Trigonometry;
  • The art of driving various types of dolls (kuklovody);
  • Technology doll-making;
  • Familiarization with various theatre professions, with behind-the-scenes life of the theatre;
  • Excursions to other theatres in the city.

Children's theater Studio divided into two groups:

  • Older children 10-14 years (15 people) - sessions conducted by Victor Skryabin;
  • Younger children of 7-9 years (15 people) - taught by Irina Nokhrina.

The Managers are the artists of the Moscow theater of shadows. Both professional teachers.

shadow theatre at the Izmailovo reviews

Performances of Sherlock Holmes

Shadow on Izmailovsky Boulevard, staged several performances at the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend doctor Watson. Shadow theatre first turned to this author, even though there are unique opportunities for the transmission of the mystical atmosphere of the English detective story.

  • “the hound of the Baskervilles" - directed by Svetlana Dorozhko. The main character is a dog. Here she is not evil, but very friendly. She does not like to live in swamps. Images of the detective and his friend are more parodic, they are shown in two techniques – in the form of a glove puppet and living plan.
  • Little-known Novella “the Vampire of Sussex" - statement by Kirill Levshin. Here are exposed the mystical superstition, Sherlock Holmes explains to Watson that all the mysteries is the usual calculation. The performance combines the techniques of shadow theater – used Russian and Spanish shadow puppet – and tablet glove puppets, and dramatic – live acting.

Moscow children's shadow theater at the Izmailovo

Shadow at the Izmailovo: feedback

A Unique shadow Theatre in Moscow receives many great feedback from their fans. Positive that in the theater many plays for preschoolers. The stage is small, very nicely decorated, room is cozy, the stage is clearly visible.

Parents are pleased that the organizers have taken care of the comfort of the young spectator: comfortable chairs, for children there is a transformation of the chair in which it becomes higher, there is a footrest. How to deal with his design, always prompt the employees of the theater.

For many, the positive aspect is the presence in the theatre canteen, where children can buy a sandwich or a muffin at an affordable price.

True, there are comments. For example, in the play "Thumbelina" more live performers, shadow little. And the kids love it when more of the shadows.

One of the things we adults don't like: before parents expected children with the play in the theatre's lobby, and now have to go out.

Fans suggest in the Theatre of shadows at the Izmailovo to buy tickets in advance, otherwise you can not get to your favorite performance. Although this again demonstrates the popularity of the theatre.


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