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Today, communication on the Internet is an integral part of life of any person. However, in 2001 it was still exotic to many. In the same year the famous Polish novelist Janusz Leon wiśniewski published his work on virtual communication between a man and a woman “loneliness in the network”.

A Little about the author

Unlike many other writers, the author of the first 40 years of his life were engaged in the exact Sciences quite successfully. He is a master's degree in physics and Economics, doctor of computer science and Professor of chemistry. Janusz Wisniewski

His career as a writer Janusz Wisniewski started with books about chemistry in English: Recent Advances In Chemical Information II. 5 years later he published another treatise, The Beilstein System: Strategies for Effective Searching.

In fiction, his debut novel “loneliness in the network”. The book glorified Vishnevsky almost the whole of the CIS.

Art became Famous thanks to the novel, its Creator moved on to writing. Since 2001 he publishes novels and short stories. For this author there are no forbidden topics or subjects. His characters are men and women facing various hardships of life and finding their way to happiness.

This disappointed in love Mar Goebbels; and the woman before the menopause; and the girl Matilda who invented himself an imaginary friend to come to terms with their illness; and many others.

As for his personal life, the writer has two daughters: John and Ada. With their mother Vishnevskiy for many years is to divorce. At the moment he lives in Germany but often comes home to Poland.


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In his hometown of Torun, the writer has a star on the local Alley of Fame.

Prehistory of writing and novel structure

The Idea to write such a book arose from Vishnevsky in the late eighties, however, he lacked time and inspiration.

In the late nineties, the writer had separated from his wife and this event really affected him. To cope with the challenges that the author began writing works "loneliness in the network”. The novel helped the writer to throw out the accumulated emotions and restore peace of mind, and in addition, opened to the world the amazing talent Vishnevsky.

2 years after publication in Poland, the book was translated into Russian, Czech, Croatian and Vietnamese, and in 2006 – Ukrainian and Lithuanian.

Consists of 10 chapters and an epilogue called "loneliness in the network”. The author in each Chapter alternately tells about the events in the life of each of the two main characters, also provided is the contents of their letters to each other. As a rule, the writer calls the characters: He and She. Although in the plot it turns out that His name was Jakub, and the heroine remains nameless.

Roman "loneliness in the network”: content

It All starts with the fact that the main character messed up the timetables and, pausing at the station in Berlin, accidentally saved the life of a stranger who wanted to throw myself under a train. The next day he received a letter by e-mail from the unknown. In it the woman tells the most intimate details about their unrequited love to one L. J., with whom she had an affair a few years ago. It turns out, the stranger picked at random on the Internet, a person with similar initials (J. L.) and decided to talk to him without fear that he will be able to harm. The Yakuba this openness and the pain struck, and he entered into conversation.

First they talked on General topics, but later their relationship became closer and they began to open each other their deepest secrets and mail gifts. Time passed, and the stranger with Jakub realized that they just need to meet. Because of the accident aircraft, which, fortunately, missed the main character, his lover assumed he was dead. These experiences and the "resurrection" of Jakub closer to the man and the woman, and they spent a magical night together.

Some time later the heroine found that she was pregnant, but he did not know from whom. After all, the father of her child can be a spouse, and Jakub. When it became clear that this son of her husband, the woman broke up with her pen PAL, but very hard going through a breakup. When her baby was born, she, against the wishes of her husband and family named him Jacob.

The very same character for several months sweetheart wrote letters, but received no response. Realizing that she will not return, the man visited the graves of his relatives and went to the station in Berlin, to commit suicide.

“loneliness in the network. Triptych" (S@motnosc w sieci. Tryptyk)

Most readers to have found such a sad ending romantic and quite natural. Wisniewski himself in several interviews admitted that it was initially planned to end the novel differently. So after 2 years he published S@motnosc w sieci. Tryptyk. loneliness in the network book

This edition includes additional chapters, more comments and feedback. “loneliness in the network. Triptych” supplemented with postapproval, in which the author differently presents the final novel.

So, Jakub, ordering a taxi to the train station, meets in a taxi, the man who accidentally saved from suicide a year ago. Saved tells how he changed his fate: he found the woman and now happy. After listening to him, Jakub abandons his plan and returns to the hotel.

It Should be noted that this end gives completeness to the novel “loneliness in the network”. The end where the hero saves the stranger, whom he once helped-looks like karma which rewards Jacob for his noble act and hope for happiness in the future.

Film Adaptation

On the wave of popularity in 2006, based on the novel was shot the same film.
the filmmakers corrected the story and gave the lovers a happy ending in which the heroine herself came to Yakub. By the way, in the movie she was given the name Eva.

Main characters

The Main protagonist of the piece is the pole-programmer middle-aged named Jakub. loneliness in the network novel He's a smart, well educated and well earned. But despite all these advantages , this man is terribly lonely. Most of the people he loved died. Resigned to his loneliness, Jakub encounters network a kindred spirit. The stranger fascinates him, but he was insanely afraid to give their feelings and lose her. For this reason, writing in a rush much, as it seems, the programmer breaks the server, so his message did not reach the beloved.

In Spite of love for penfriend, does not understand many of her motives the protagonist of the book “loneliness in the network”. The plot of the novel makes clear that Jakub is very self-centered, and she plays for him the role of a sympathetic listener, able to understand his suffering. For this reason, the character simply does not understand the motives that prompted her to break up with him. For months he tries to return it, and then decides to commit suicide. Many readers called Jacob too weak because of his decision to die rather than to begin to actively fight for the woman he loves. Others call this behavior nobility. book Janusz Vishnevsky loneliness in the net

Even more controversy is the unnamed heroine of the book “loneliness in the network”. Description of the character and appearance of this woman is given literally at the very beginning of the book. She is not young, but still handsome, and like many men. The heroine is quite smart and observant, but does not seek to make a career, but I could. At the beginning of the novel, abide to the presentation, she notices that the new product will bring to the Polish market-will have success. However, the boss of the heroine is under the spell of a young Belgian, doing a presentation, and sign disadvantageous to the shareholders agreement.

The unnamed woman has a husband whom she tries to love, but over the years, their tumultuous passion is gone. In addition, the heroine dreams of becoming a mother, but the husband is against it. Feeling that in a few years may even become unable to bear children, a woman and a cheating spouse throws the pill drugs. Soon she became pregnant, but miscarried. The saddest thing is that her husband did not even notice it, and unhappy have to endure the misery alone.

Writing to the first stranger on the Internet, the heroine wants to talk to him, but gradually the listener becomes someone else's pain. Over time, the woman falls passionately in love with Jacob, but does not dare to admit it even to herself. Once in position, she deep down longs that the child was from a loved one, but when fate makes the choice for her, reconciles and transfers all his feelings to his son.

Else read the novel the heroine seems to be languishing from boredom adventurer. So, on the one hand, she laments the indifference of the wife, but when he, in a fit of passion, have sex with her, the woman complains to her friend that her husband raped her. Out of boredom she fall in love with poor Jacob, but later throws her like a tired toy. Guided by these views, some readers will leave the main heroine is not flattering.

“loneliness in the network” contains mentions about other characters...

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