Strizhenov, Gleb Alexandrovich: biography, personal life, family, and child actor


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“the Mission in Kabul», «On thin ice”, “Garage”, “the Days of Turbin”, “Furious gold”, “the mod squad”, “Red and black" "Tavern on Pyatnitskaya", "Through thorns to the stars", "Forty minutes till dawn" - movies and TV shows through which viewers remembered Gleb Aleksandrovich Strizhenov. Over the years the talented actor has already acted in more than forty film and TV projects. He passed away in 1985, but his name is forever entered the history of cinema. What is the history of the stars?

Actor Gleb Strizhenov: family, childhood

The Actor was born in Voronezh, it happened in July 1925. Strizhenov, Gleb Alexandrovich was born in a military family and a graduate of the Smolny Institute. His father was the participant of two wars-Civil and the great Patriotic war, was awarded several honorary awards. Gleb was four years old, when the family had another child. His younger brother Oleg also managed to achieve fame in the world of cinema. The actor also had an older brother who unfortunately died at a young age.

Strizhenov, Gleb Aleksandrovich

In 1935 Strizhenov moved to the capital. Hleb was a teenager when the Great Patriotic war. The father and the elder brother of the actor had to go to the front. Gleb and Oleg remained in Moscow with his mother. In the midst of war were killed Boris Gusman, it happened in the battle of Stalingrad. His death was a heavy blow for the whole family.

Part in the war

After the death of his brother Strizhenov, Gleb Aleksandrovich has decided that we should go to the front. To do this he had to cheat to hide their real age. The guy was found fit for service, he soon hit the front.


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Gleb Strizhenov biography

In the first battle the young volunteer was seriously wounded. Some time Strizhenov was in hospital, after which he was retired. War actor never had a chance, but he survived. Younger brother Gleb, Oleg to take part in the great Patriotic war did not, as he was still a child when it started.

Education theatre

From the biography of Gleb Strizhenova, it follows that dreams of the acting profession, he appeared in early childhood. After returning from the front he was determined to devote his life to the stage. An aspiring actor has collaborated with many theatres, for example, the Moscow Central theater of transport, the Moscow Comedy theatre, the Kirov regional drama and Theatre of the Baltic fleet.

actor Gleb Strizhenov

Gradually Gleb came to the conclusion that it is necessary to obtain an acting education. A talented young man gladly accepted in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, he went to the workshop of Vasily Toporkova. The diploma of this institution Strizhenov received in 1953. Nine years later he joined the creative staff of the Theatre-Studio of film actor.

The Beginning of a film career

On the set Strizhenov, Gleb Aleksandrovich first appeared in 1956. The young man made his debut in the drama “Extraordinary summer» Vladimir Basov. The film tells about the events that took place in the Volga city of Russia in 1919. Gleb in this picture embodied the image of a former corporal of the Ipat Ipatiev.

Gleb Strizhenov wife

In 1957 came the second film with the novice actor. It was a romance «Duel» Vladimir Petrov, the plot of which is borrowed from the works Kuprin. Strizhenova this film got the role of Lieutenant Mikhin.

“Optimistic tragedy”

Oleg and Gleb Strizhenov often found on the set. Their first joint work was the drama «Optimistic tragedy”, presented to the court audience in 1963. The actors in this film got the role of white guard officers. Sample Oleg and Gleb did not have to go, the filmmakers have conquered their noble appearance and military bearing.

Oleg and Gleb Strizhenov

Revolutionary tape Samson Samsonov has gained incredible success, not only in our country. “Optimistic tragedy” made a splash at the Cannes film festival. The picture was awarded “Best picture of the revolution”. Of course, all this had a positive impact on the popularity of Gleb.

Movies of the 60's

In the first half of the sixties the actor Gleb Strizhenov was filmed mostly in dramas. For example, he brilliantly embodied the image of the writer Konstantin Meteleva in tape “Forty minutes till dawn" Boris rytsareva, this tale “the Short summer in the mountains” played the role of engineer Ivan letyagina.

Gleb Strizhenov biography personal life children

In the second half of the sixties a change came dramas and adventure films. In 1966, to the court audience was presented a painting “On thin ice” of Damir Vyatich-Berezhnykh, in which he portrayed a therapist Carl Frankenberg. The movie tells the story of the struggle of the security forces with enemy agents.

Also in 1966 came the film, which is considered the first domestic Western. In “the Elusive Avengers” Striganova got even a small but brilliant role. He played the priest mokias. Not to mention adventure film “Seller of air” Vladimir Ryabtsev, the plot of which is borrowed from the eponymous sci-Fi novel by Alexander Belkin. In this film, the actor has convincingly portrayed the villain, his character was Williams, head of the security service of the island.

Pictures of the 70s

From the biography of Gleb Strizhenova, it follows that he continued to act in films in the seventies. In 1970, the public was presented the extremely topical tape “the Mission in Kabul» Leonid Kvinikhidze. Military-adventure film about the events of the early twentieth century, but rather on the development of Soviet diplomacy in Afghanistan. In this picture brothers Strizhenov received the striking role. Interestingly, they had to play enemies, hating each other. Gedeonov in the performance of Hleb is brilliant.

children Gleb Strizhenova

Deserves a mention ribbon “Kingfisher” Vyacheslav Nikiforov, released in 1972. The film focuses on the young audience, but of interest to adults. Strizhenov in this picture, played a former military pilot ETS. His character shares with the pioneers the story of the heroism of courageous partisan demolition.

In 1976 came the mini-series “Red and black", the plot of which is borrowed from the same name by Stendhal. In this project Hleb played if not the main, but interesting role. His hero is the Marquis de La Mole. Also in 1976 Strizhenov starred in the film “the days of the Turbins" Vladimir Basov, in which he played German General von Tratta. Then came adventure film “Furious gold” Samson Samson, in which he embodied the image of a treasure hunter Joe Parsons. Deserves a mention “Tavern on Pyatnitskaya” Alexander Fajncimmer, this detective, his character was a former captain of the Grameen whom circumstances have forced to become musicians.


In the late seventies was already a celebrity Gleb Strizhenov. Biography, personal life – fans wanted to know everything about their idol. Once again to attract public attention to the actor helped the Comedy-drama “Garage”, the iconic brainchild of Eldar Ryazanov. At a meeting of garage co-operative are currently looking for a “extreme”, which finished “voluntarily” to give up the future of their own garage.

In the Comedy drama “Garage” actor Strizhenov has created a vivid image of Alexander G. Yakubova. His character – a veteran of the great Patriotic, sincere and fair man. During the filming of “Garage” the actors were ready to fight to defend their right to funny phrase. Gleb Aleksandrovich did not participate in this contest, so ... the character has so few lines. However, every word of it is permanently etched in my memory.

Latest movies

In the early eighties, Gleb Strizhenov, personal life and biography which are discussed in the article, starred in two big movies. In a fantastic picture of the “Through the thorns to the stars” Richard Viktorova he brilliantly embodied the image of the Glan. The detective tape «Tehran-43” Vladimir Naumov character actor has become an advocate Gerard Simon.

The Last film with the participation of the talented artist was presented to the court audience in 1984. We are talking about adventure tape “the cancan in the English Park”, which tells the story of a young Soviet spy, which traces its subversive activities in Munich. Strizhenov in this film was played by Edward Sopelana.


Over the years, Gleb managed to appear in over forty films and television series. The list of films and television with his participation is proposed below.

  • “Extraordinary summer”.
  • “Fight”.
  • “Life has passed by”.
  • “In the beginning of the century”.
  • “Victims”.
  • “the Third time”.
  • “Optimistic tragedy”.
  • &la...

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