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“sin City” Robert Rodriguez has become an iconic new film in 2005, presented with a combination of live acting on the black-and-white background and panels of colored elements. Criminal action, consisting of four short stories, was warmly received by the audience. After more than eight years Rodriguez has released a sequel, Mature at a given pace – “a Woman worth killing”. The success and unreasonable expectations can judge audience feedback.

About the film

“sin City” was not an easy film, embodied on the screen in the style of a crime Thriller. New, previously unknown narrative in the form of graphic novels created in black-and-white context, has caused a storm of positive emotions. Still, after all this, even Hollywood cinema did not know before. Based on the novels by American writer Frank Miller, working in the genre of fantastic thrillers, the film adaptation appeared in the Noir style with the inherent atmosphere of pessimism, cynicism and cold, rejects and attracting at the same time.

Following these rules, the plot consists of four novellas and is based on the life of the modern city, steeped in the routine of regular crimes. Not shown as one of the possible human in the near future, and the very real world that exists now, which emphasizes the special piquancy of perception.

The Streets are full of violence and anarchy, and through the dark alleys safely moves a corrupt police force. The narrative given to the several main characters, holding his burden in the General plot-someone is looking for the culprit in the death of his beloved girlfriend, someone is forced to hide the information received, saving his life. All as unknown paths will cross is not a one off, involving the fate of many other characters.


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No sooner had the picture out, as fell the reviews. “sin City" proved that the use of brand new technical innovations can successfully dilute the concept of the film.


Director Robert Rodriguez was interested in the project, but wanted to put something completely different, which could at once to surprise and shock viewers. The creation of “sin City" was similar to an experiment that requires demonstration on a large screen visual images through stylistic tools are animated, and the game of cinema. A distinctive feature was the inclusion of black-and-white background of color elements associated with the characters – this could be the dress color, lipstick or eye, and various things characters with plot significance, which could not log in numerous reviews. “sin City”, thus, became the trend of the new trends in connecting individual color scheme with dark obsuzhdeny style of narration.

reviews of the movie sin city

Frank Miller that demonstrated such innovation and on the pages of his novel, were invited to participate in the creation of the painting. Robert Rodriguez shared the Director's chair, and called my best friend, Director Quentin Tarantino.

The Entire tape, took just over two hours of screen time, divided into four parts: “the Hard goodbye” – the main character leads a long search for the killer of his girlfriend; the “Most savory massacre” – is based on the confrontation between the assassins and the girls working street prostitutes; reviews sin city“This yellow scum” – tells the story of the protagonist-a COP trying to save a young girl from a maniac pursuing her, and “the Customer is always right” – the story shown in the graphic style, divided into the introductory and concluding scenes that are inserted respectively as the prologue and epilogue of the tape.


Basin city, founded in the previous centuries, becoming a place where you can stay for the night. The fictional location offers all that is needed prospectors and common criminals – to sell goods to make a deal, to participate in the shootout, to pass the time with call girls, waiting in the dark streets. Not the best publicity for a small town. Politicians and police are connected by invisible threads of corruption that allows local mafia boldly to fill separate spheres of life in basin city. The old town, bursting public houses, belongs to prostitutes – this is truly their possession, and allow no one to they just do not let.

reviews sin city

Success and recognition

“sin City” was warmly received by critics and audiences, as evidenced by the reviews. “sin City” received 78% of votes, according to independent kinoportal Rotten Tomatoes. One of the reasons that served as a successful exit was the color presentation. The film was first shown in Cannes International film festival, and then swept through several countries, gathering a total of more than 158 million dollars. The film received several prestigious awards, including awards on MTV and "Saturn".

reviews sin city

“sin City 1”. Reviews

As soon As the shooting ended in the summer of 2004, Robert Rodriguez under the impression that relieves different than the set standards movie, was looking forward to the audience. The film received mixed reviews. “sin City" is concerned primarily with a comparison of genre and animated films. In both cases the viewer is the demonstration part of our world. The difference is in the detailed embodiment and the spending. Unlike many other paintings with the inherent criminal themes, “sin City” does not set clear boundaries of reality. It simultaneously drives the animation, which created a different world, living according to their order, but it includes wholeness and freedom from the constraints of everyday life (with his usual charming cruelty, less visible in everyday life), and gaming features associated, in particular, with the use of modern technology. The lack of fully-drawn characters, lively acting, no doubt, added to reviews of the movie “sin City” a few drops of spectator interest, not allowing to forget that all the feelings and emotions transmitted by these actors, whatever the color or was the background.

The long Awaited sequel

After the release of the first part, anticipating success, Robert Rodriguez described the future plans about the inevitable creation of continue. In the second part, in which the basis of the novel “a Woman worth killing”, it was planned to use almost all characters involved in the original. In addition, Frank Miller reported that the story will add stories that happened long before the main storyline of the first part, and after its release. The second graphic novel of Miller's is dedicated to the femme fatale ava, with which the photographer Dwight have to face again.

The Second part was published in the summer of 2014, including on wider screens, which allows even deeper dive into entertaining atmosphere of the city thanks to the 3D format.

Plot “sin City 2"

  • Not deviating from the tempo, Robert Rodriguez uses four novellas gathered in a common story: sin city 2 reviews
  • “Another Saturday night” is a prologue. Thug Marv is involved in a car chase which kills several street thugs.
  • “a Long horrible night.” – a card-player johnny confronts Senator Roark, one of the influential people in basin city.
  • “the Last dance by Nancy” – the girl also tries to settle scores with Roark after the death of detective of Hartigan.
  • “a Woman worth killing” – gave the name to the whole film. Seductress Ava Lord attracted Dwight to commit a crime. Hung up on her, he can't help but think about ava…

“sin City 2". Ratings and reviews

After the release of the first part, the audience languished in anticipation of the continuation for more than eight years. Expected reaction of critics and the creators of the sequel, because now the responsibility for the second part was much bigger. "A woman worth killing", should be not worse than the predecessor. As soon as the sequel was launched in cinemas in the US on 19 August 2014, the first viewers were quick to share their impressions after watching the film “sin City 2", according to the site Rotten Tomatoes, include a significant predominance of negative assessments of the film.

sin city 2 3D reviewsOf the total votes, only 45% of the audience appreciated the sequel. Despite the fact that the film absorbs completely and still contains all the visual “chips”, he properly changed. And became much worse than the predecessor.

Another popular kinoportal Metacritic contains a similar perception of the film. The reviews talk about it as a bad sequel to the first part of such a spectacular vystrelivshey in 2005. More than 50% of respondents expressed a neutral attitude, not being able to tell definitely in favour of or against the pattern.

Does Not save and released “sin City 2" 3D – the opinions of viewers of the SWI...

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