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Fedor Dobronravov filmographyThe Films with the participation of Fyodor Dobronravov – it is always a feast for admirers of his talent. Actor love not only adults, for his serious role, for strength of character and ability to always find a way out of any difficult situation in many subjects, but children, they especially like good-natured and always cheerful Ivan Budko from the TV series “Matchmakers”. Comedy with Fedor Dobronravov make laugh to tears, to live every minute of the film with the actor, to experience the same emotions so well he plays. This also applies to all other genres. It would not be correct to consider this article only a filmography of this talented man. Let's start with biography and find out more about life and the difficult path of the actor who gives us so many positive emotions.

Childhood and youth of our hero

Born Fyodor Viktorovich Dobronravov in Taganrog in the autumn of 1961. The boy had a very high soprano, he often participated in various concerts, so since the childhood is familiar with the scene. We now know that there is a magnificent actor Fyodor Dobronravov. Yes, he was familiar with the scene and was going to communicate with her future, but as… clown! At that time in Taganrog there was a summer theatre, but when it dance and circus groups, here there and worked as a clown Theodore. Later he entered the circus Studio. People of this profession should possess excellent physical preparation, because the guy had to do a lot of sports: basketball, volleyball, diving, Boxing. It in all possible ways was to translate dreams into reality.the films with the participation of Fyodor Dobronravov


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All in good stead

In 1978 Fedor comes to the capital with the firm intention of becoming a student at the Moscow circus school. However, it turned out that it did not take young men to the army. He was asked to come back here after the service. And so our hero was in the airborne troops. Dobronravov Feodor, filmography which includes more than a dozen films, then more than once you remember it in the film. And if someone had thought it was only the idea of the writers, you now know – has been in his life and this experience.the new film by Fyodor Dobronravov

Creative soul knows no rest

After the army, Fedor went to work in Taganrog, a fitter at the plant. He's got at this time there was a family, it would seem that what is really now the art… But born to play on stage doesn't change his dream. When had free time, Fedor was engaged in Amateur performance, preparing together with friends a rock Opera, and so on. Thanks to such lessons, it was twice in Moscow and tried to go to circus school, but it would fail. Once he was advised to try their hand and become a student of the Voronezh Institute of arts. Fedor did and did the first time.

movies with Fedor Dobronravov

In Moscow again

In 1988, our hero has graduated from College and went to work in Youth theatre. Two years later, on tour in Voronezh arrived Konstantin Raikin, who, seeing Dobronravova on stage, invited him to Moscow, to the theater "Satyricon" without any hesitation. There, he worked until 2000. He became acquainted with famous people, received invaluable experience and dabbled in the movie. Fedor Dobronravov, the main role which is expected in the near future, while taking part in the paintings as the main character. So, in 1993, he played the police Lieutenant in the film “Russian ragtime” and tried to discover their talents in a fantastic tale "get angels" in 1994. A little later, in 1995, Sergei Ursulyak was filming a drama called "Summer people", where Fedor is accustomed to the role Dudakov. So suddenly even our hero himself, and began to replenish the filmography of Fyodor Dobronravov.

New age – new features

In 2000, Fedor decided to leave "Satyricon", as they say, to swim. He left the theatre quietly, with no one quarreled. After that, he wrote humorous miniatures for Yevgeny Petrosyan, voiced commercials for the program “funniest home videos”, while Alexander Tsekalo not invited him to be the leading transmission “6 frames” on channel STS.

In 2003, Alexander Shirvindt invited our hero to the Theatre of satire, where he works to this day. Fedor has played in such productions as “Accidental death of an anarchist”, “We still ridiculous”, “Too married taxi driver” and many other famous productions. However, the work in the theater didn't hurt Fedor to be in a movie, what he successfully did.

The First iconic movie roles

In the historical series "Secrets of Palace revolutions" (2000-2001), which has more than one sequel, our hero played Fyodor Severe. Let the role was not major, but it helped Fedor to open up a few roles, because in the sixth film, he played the Holy fool, and in the seventh – the robber. In 2003, he acted as the main editor in the ribbon "Best city in the world”. This year gave Fedor his role in the film ‘Tabloid cover”, “one Life”, “Sibirochka”. Dobronravov Feodor, filmography which spread because of the talent and natural charisma, grateful for two wonderful sons, Ivan and Victor (also actors) and a wonderful wife. By the way, Victor became famous from the television series “Not born beautiful”, where he played Fedor Korotkov and Ivan got the main role in the film “Return”.

In 2006, the screens out the series “street”, which instantly becomes popular among different age categories. Fedor plays the father of one of the cadets, and Ivan in the film himself just and inflexible Suvorov Leftists. It would seem that our hero here is pretty minor role, but it is impossible not to recall such a direct and fun! Movies with Fedor Dobronravov – it is always a good mood and smile, no matter what role he played. Below we look at those pictures, mostly, thanks to whom our hero loved and recognizable.

“Liquidation” (2007)

the filmography of Fyodor Dobronravov

Fedor Dobronravov, filmography deserves a lot of attention, starred in the show in the role of captain of the militia – Alexey Yakimenko. The plot – fight military power with the bandits in the post-war Odessa. Our hero here is seems to be a strict policeman, but some scenes show his deep soul, the vulnerability, the rejection of betrayal. Again, the role is not the main, but played Dobronravov on “excellent”.


Comedy with Fedor DobronravovThe year 2008 was presented to all viewers of this excellent family show, where, along with many other well-known actors played a major role and Fedor Dobronravov. His filmography after this success may be as many updated with new ribbons and such a masterpiece is unlikely to succeed. Our hero here – husband, friend, grandfather, father, that will never be, is an incorrigible optimist and sees a way out in situations which at first glance are a dead end. Yes, in the story he refuses to have one with his friend, but never forget about work, the garden, family and friends. After watching this series many kids dream about the failsafe grandfather Ivan, who always listen and never throw in trouble.

Rich 2008

Yes, shooting in “Matchmakers” time-consuming, but Fedor also managed to star in such popular films as "father's daughter”, “the Brothers Karamazov”, “the Kremlin cadets”, “Day”, “the Humanoids in the Queen”, “Passenger”, “Rate the Christmas”. Despite the enormous employment, Fedor everywhere plays great, no one can accuse the actor of hypocrisy.Fedor Dobronravov starring

2010 breaks all records

This year filmography actor added more than 10 films! He Kalyadin, Pavel Andreevich in “the railway Workers-2" Ivan "the Last secret of the Master”, and the taxi driver in the film «Moscow.Ru”, and the man who loves sausage, in the film “what do men”. This is not all the tape from that year, but only the most popular. However, in each of them he likes to wriggle, to make a joke. As you can see, the dream of becoming a clown all the same was partially true, but this role is found in all viewers “cheers”.

“Allinclusive or All-inclusive”

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