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In 2017 in the domestic rent out the fourth directorial work of multi-talented filmmaker of our time Ben Affleck. Project Live by Night, received from the Russian distributors name “Act of the night" is regarded by kinoobschestvennost as a historical excursion into the history of ethnic hatred in the United States, disguised as a dashing gangster crime film about the events of the period ‘prohibition». The movie has a IMDb rating: 6.40 and is not a masterpiece, but it's a good genre play, live and fun, has many advantages – a gorgeous visualization of a brilliant actor and an enviable custom dynamics.the law of the night the 2017 film actors

Try 2

Removing the film “the Law of the night" (USA), actor, writer and Director Ben Affleck tried to enter a second time into the same river. His directorial debut was in 2007 when Affleck took a chance to film the novel by Dennis Lehane and filmed tape «goodbye, baby, goodbye”. This bold step provided the actor recognition in the circles of filmmakers and was the beginning of a series of successful kinodrom. Soon filmography of Ben as a Director I joined the painting “the Town” and “Operation “Argo”. In Live by Night, Affleck not only played but also acted as a Director, screenwriter-adapter and producer of the project.live by night

A tribute to the classics of the genre

“the Law of the night" (2017 film), the actors participating in the production of the tape, described as a tribute to the classic gangster films from Warner Bros, created between 30–70-ies of the last century. The script was written by Ben personally, so separate recently noted in the work of the Director excessive reliance literary original. The essence of adaptation is cutting off all the excess, with the goal of creating a new whole works suitable to the format of the movie. But the author did not want to sacrifice anything, as a result, his script was like a digest of the series, which deliberately stated a lot of themes and plot branches, which in the end were not deployed and lit fully. For this mistake a screenwriter and movie “the Law of the night” reviews critics berate.Ben Affleck act of the night


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Plot nostalgic mafia drama

“the Law of the night" (2017 film) actors implementing the idea of the Creator, introduced to the audience the life story of the main character Joe Coglin. The son of a Boston police officer who survived the First world returned home from the fields of battle, completely devoid of all illusions. 1920-ies. In this chaotic time to survive and realize itself, a strong young guy could in two ways: to uphold the law or break it. The main character chooses the second. Due to the criminal activities he has money and a beautiful mistress – hard-boiled blonde Heartbreaker. Unfortunately, the girlfriend is also the girlfriend of a local crime boss, who does not intend to forgive infidelity. As the result of a series of unfortunate events, Joe is forced to change the gloomy Boston to Sunny Florida, having moved from the position of a petty gangster on the post nimble movers and shakers that control the entire gaming business on the East coast.

The Film “the Law of the night” the plot has a unlike rollicking gangster story, relishes the criminality of Cogline. At the same time the film in terms of plot is not a psychological drama like the “Godfather”. The plot of the project Affleck - the story of the fall and redemption.film law night United States

Ben Affleck as an actor

Ben Affleck “the Law of the night” not only directed but also played the role of a key character, although initially the way Joe Cogline was written for Leonardo DiCaprio, but by merely producing the movie.

According to the most influential film critics, Affleck was never considered a great dramatic actor and by the end zero had his breakthrough was not expected. The unexpected figures of cinema was his huge success as a Director. The third author's project Director - a political Thriller "Operation “Argo” was awarded the «Oscar». The Director successfully combined the duties of a Director and performing the role of CIA special agent Mendez, whose image has restarted his acting career. In the film “the Law of the night” Ben Affleck, in recognition of the audience, plays tolerably well, but too imitate al Pacino from ‘Man with the scar", so his game looks controversial.

Noble brigand

Joe Coughlin, according to the basic idea, endowed with sufficient manly textures and poor facial expressions Affleck, almost likened to Robin hood, who does robbery for a good purpose. This is almost perfect, respectable gangster will definitely cause delight in the hearts of fans of the actor, but will impress those who are not impressive monumental charisma Ben. To all of the same main character throughout the duration of the tape is not hurt, police batons, bullets hurt, and even a car accident leaves Joe with only a few scratches. Such invulnerability, inherent in superheroes, not adds to the realism of the story.film law of the night the plot

One of the main advantages of the picture

If the main character of the film was the subject of heated discussion and debate, the minor characters was unanimously named almost the main component of the success of the picture. Infinitely inviting to his father, police officer Thomas, played by the brilliant Brendan Gleeson, cynical mischievous-mistress Emma, embodied on screen by Sienna Miller, wise Cuban beauty, played by Zoe Saldana, the unfortunate victim of circumstances Loretta, which was reincarnated El fanning, and enchanting, the madman of Ku Klux Klan, which was lit Matthew Meher – unique and colorful characters. “the Law of the night" (2017 film) actors listed above, pulled to a high level.

Especially enthusiastic Ben Affleck spoke about Chris Messina, who played the role of Dion Bartolo. With this artist Ben met while working on the production of “Operations “Argo” and considers him very talented, responsible and efficient.film law of the night reviews

Female characters - the weight of gold

According to the professional experts of the movie, the female characters in “the Law of the night” (2017) male actors with his skill to outshine failed.

The British-American model and actress Sienna Miller (“Cobra”, “Black mass”) is almost unrecognizable in the image of the brazen profursetki, her transformation skill would be the envy of many stars of the first magnitude.

The Role of women - the dream of the main character having not only an attractive appearance, but also an enviable wisdom, well-managed radiant exotic beauty Zoe Saldana (“Avatar”, “Kolombiana”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”).

But the biggest surprise author became a drug addict, the head of the sect, Loretta Figgis. The role of controversial character coped brilliantly Elle fanning (“Maleficent”, “Neon demon”). The younger sister of Dakota fanning has managed to produce on the beholder a lasting impression, although there were only a couple of episodes. The young actress is truly superb.

All the heroine of the film, thanks to the professionalism of its performers fill them with life, pretty standard plot, cause the viewer a barrage of the strongest emotions.


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