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Folk tale is something unique and original. If you want to touch the culture of a people, then be sure to read the works of folk art. Every person in our country was a kid listening to Russian fairy tales, and their examples have imbibed Russian culture and the concepts of good and evil, about how to act in life. Tales is actually a fount of wisdom, even if they are, at first glance, simple and unpretentious, as "Turnip".

Fairy tale "the Turnip"

The fairy Tale "Repka" in Russian can recite any. And not surprisingly, among the Russian tales it is simple and short - it takes just a few lines.

The Russian tale "the Turnip" - the tale for children from a very early age. Its simple meaning will be clear even to kids. This is one reason that children remember it well. However, if consider in more detail, it becomes clear that the wisdom it contains, not only children.

when it was first published the tale of the turnip

About the fairy tale "the Turnip"

In the fairy tale "the Turnip" we are talking about the man who decided to plant a turnip. When she matured, it became clear that she grew up very large. In fact, it is a joy, but the old man himself couldn't get her out alone. He had to call for help from the whole family, first my grandmother, then to his granddaughter, the dog Zhuchka, the cat, and only when I ran the mouse, the family still managed to pull it out.

Note that many variants of it exist in folklore. For example, in one version the mouse is called on to pull the turnip. The family got tired trying to pull the vegetable, and went to sleep. The next morning it turned out that night resorted to the mouse and ate the turnip.


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The Tale is circular, because in it one time spoken of the harvest from the beginning to the end.

turnip pictures

When it was first published tale "the Turnip"

The fairy Tale "the Turnip" for centuries, told only orally. When it was first published tale "the Turnip", it was included in the collection Russian folk tales. The first publication was published in 1863, and it was recorded not only known characters, but the legs that also came to help. That meant storytellers under your feet - it is not clear.

Self-owner "Turnip" was first published in 1910, and since then it is often published as a little book for children. After the publication of the tale "the Turnip", it became clear that it takes very little space on paper, so usually this tale is attached a lot of pictures.

The fairy Tale "the Turnip" is a native Russian, however, had several editions and abroad, including in France and Israel.

turnip fairy tale for children

Different versions of the tale

Today you can find many different versions of the fairy tale "the Turnip": some funny, some sad, and sometimes serious. Earlier there were only 5 of its variants, among which one - the original, created by the people themselves. When it was first published tale "the Turnip", it was recorded by A. N. Afanasiev in the Arkhangelsk region. It is also widely known options, written by A. N. Tolstoy, K. D. Ushinsky and V. I. dal. Despite the fact that the story was written by different people, its meaning is not changed, changed only the style of presentation.

Also at different times created their own variations on the theme of "Turnip" by A. P. Chekhov, S. Marshak, K. Bulychev, and other famous Russian writers.

It Should be noted that the tale was inspired not only to create different variants of presentation, but of the entire ballet, the Creator of which became of D. Kharms.

Russian fairy tale Repka

A Sense of fairy tale

Folk tale "the Turnip" carries a much deeper meaning than just the harvest. Its main point is to show the power of family. One person cannot do everything, he needs assistants, and in this case, family has always come to the rescue. The more and reap the fruits of labor then, too, will be all together. If you do everything together, there will be a sense, even the smallest contribution can sometimes decide the outcome. This simple, at first glance, the truth of reason is often forgotten in life.

But even that's not the point. It becomes more understandable in that case, if we consider the historical conditions of recording time tales. So, this was done before the arrival of Soviet power, during the reign of the Emperor. In those years in the villages there was a strong farming community that worked together. In this regard, you can imagine my grandfather as one of the members of the community who decided to do all the work alone. Commendable, of course, but without the other members, who represented the grandmother, granddaughter and animals, he had nothing left and could not get out. In the community, even from the most small and frail member has benefits if he focuses and tries to do something.

folk tale the turnip


Oddly enough, even the simplest story can inspire artists, such as "the Turnip." When it was first published tale "the Turnip", it still did not contain pictures, which is not surprising, because back then it was a collection of short stories for adults. Later, however, a new breath has found the fairy tale "the Turnip". Pictures to the tale, was developed by Elizabeth Merkulova Boehm, they were published in 1881. More precisely, it was the pictures, and silhouettes. In the first edition of the "Turnip" was an 8 sheets of silhouettes, and only one page with the text of the tale "the Turnip". Pictures later reduced and became to release the whole story on one sheet. Silhouettes from E. M. Boehm declined only in 1946. Thus, for over half a century, the tale was produced only with the same pictures.

Today, the drawings for the fairy tale in almost every book creates new, so children and parents have a choice. When the country began to remove the cartoons, then were removed and tapes on folk tale.


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