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Today we will tell you who Victoria Vernik. Her biography will be discussed later. The girl was born in Ukraine. Former member of the group «Open kids” Victoria Vernik many years engaged in acting, singing and dancing. In this article we'll talk about it and also about the team that gave the girl first downloads.


Victoria Vernik open kidsVictoria Vernik was born in 2000, February 16. Sign horoscope, our heroine – Aquarius. The full name of the young artist Victoria Germanovna. Friends just call her Vicki. Our heroine likes to draw, sometimes has been writing poems, if that is the mood. Among the variety of Pets prefer beautiful aquarium fish. Our heroine has a younger sister, her name is Lera. In music she prefers the works of Beyonce, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera. Also she is a fan of the famous Saga about vampires, which was created by Stephenie Meyer. From an early age wanted to try your hand as a model.

About myself

Victoria VernikVictoria Vernik in interviews reported that her favorite style of dance is Vogue. The girl draws inspiration from Mariam. According to the artist, one glance at her is enough to begin dancing, because the choreography is amazing. That person our heroine recognizes an ideal and trying to be like his inspiration. Her current dream – to win the praise of the legendary singer. The vocal duets, our heroine is positive. Of stars native Ukrainian pop stars she'd like to sing along with Jamala.


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Interesting facts

open kids Victoria VernikAccurate information about why Vic vernick left the band, no. However, after the incident, other participants recorded a video message in which he tried to explain the situation. Girls reported that until recently did not believe, but their friend has actually left the team, the reason is called the will of her parents. Scheduled recitals were held, but no one participating. Further planned organization of casting. Victoria Vernik continues to combine study with active dance classes. At the moment she visits the Studio of My Way. Friends define our character as a kind and cheerful girl with expressive looks and a beautiful voice. An interesting fact can lead made by Internet users the assumption that our heroine is the daughter of Igor Vernik, a famous TV host. In fact it is fiction. They have no family ties and are no more than namesakes. The growth of our heroine 155 cm

The Team

Victoria wernick biographyAbove we have provided all currently available information about the young actress and singer named Victoria Vernik. Open Kids – the group that brought our heroine the most famous, so let's talk about this project in more detail. The team from Ukraine was chosen as the main genre of popular music. In the current composition of the five girls. The official date of Foundation of the project - 2012, October 11. This day was the premiere of the first video, which took part and our heroine, and the name of the work received - Show Girls. In 2014, in Kiev, in the walls of the City Beach Club, the team made a presentation of song “dessert”. The so-called next video clip, which was shot in Germany.

The First bad news related to the team, dates from the beginning of November 2015 It was the first time it becomes known that Victoria Vernik leaves the group. The casting in its place was declared almost immediately. The team continued active creative work. With the clip, called ‘do Not dance!” the group is represented in the nomination «Breakthrough» channel Europa Plus TV. Open Kids managed to win, according to a vote. The prize was a rotation of the clip in the channel. Soon the band gave a solo concert debut. It took place on the territory of the Kiev club Caribbean Club. The group managed to take 6th place in the rating of Ukrainian musicians and the fourth among the groups.

In 2016 has been completed, the casting in place of our heroine. The fifth member of the group was Anna Muzafarova. She is familiar to many in the second season of the project called “the Voice. Children”. She also took part in similar Russian show. Fought for the right to become the representative of Russia to «Eurovision», but in the qualifying round came at the 14th place. Soon was presented the first song about love called “Think”.

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