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In 2000, the screens out a movie by the legendary Robert Zemeckis “Rogue”. Actors of any level is a dream to work with such a great master, but the main role has gone to Tom Hanks, he the Director worked before. And this decision seems only right after watching, because there is hardly a person who does not recognize the undoubted talent of the man who played Forrest Gump.

The film “Rogue” the actor also appeared as one of the producers of the picture, waiting for a big success at the box office. The first tape is remembered for its brilliant script and of course a great cast. The plot is based on a sincere and heartbreaking story.

Rogue actor


The Events that unfolded in the film, Willy-nilly refer to Robinson Crusoe. But only in the center of the plot of this picture is an ordinary employee of a delivery service Chuck Noland. The main hero adventure drama “Rogue” (actor Tom Hanks) devotes all his time to the job, forgetting about his personal life. Once he gets on the plane, which was not destined to reach the destination: it crashed. But Chuck manages to escape, but the price for this miracle becomes a prison on a deserted island.

This situation is unlikely someone will not cause panic and hopeless despair. Later, the storm of emotion recedes and clears a place for the gestation of the plan for survival. Left alone, Noland finds time to rethink his own life and the mistakes of the past. However, sooner or later, solitary confinement can drive you crazy, even the guy with the most stable psyche.


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Rogue actors

Film "Outcast": the main actor

The Name of Tom Hanks firmly established in the history of American cinema, and the actor played the characters always stuck with audiences of all ages and nationalities. He started acting in the 70s than actively continues to pursue to this day. For many years, the actor took part in various projects, but the real fame came to him after the role of Forrest Gump in the eponymous movie, which, according to most polls, is among the three best films ever made.

Hanks ' Career immediately took off, and now the actor is considered one of the most sought after in Hollywood. In 90-e years became the most important paintings with his participation. These include such masterpieces as “Saving private Ryan", "Apollo 13” and “the Green mile”. After the film, “Outlaw” actor took part in no less exciting ribbons, among which highlights the ‘Terminal” and “Da Vinci Code”.

the Outcast chief actor


One of the main advantages of Zemeckis's paintings are realistic characters who arouse sympathy. Although in the film “Rogue” actors and roles are presented in extremely small quantities, they are enough to make the story rich.

The Wife of Chuck played the owner of a “Oscar” Helen hunt. It can be seen in tandem with Jack Nicholson in "never Better", as well as with Mel Gibson in "What women want”.

Star TV series Chris noth, familiar to audiences as the man in the dream Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the city”, appeared in the form of a dentist, who once treated the main character, and after his disappearance, married his wife alone.

Nick Searcy played on the screen of each character Hanks. He became famous thanks to such films as “Runaway” and “War” and has starred in the popular series. Though their roles were small in the film “Rogue”, the actor did an excellent job and brightened the story with his presence.

Rogue actors and roles


Robert Zemeckis was nominated for most well-known awards and has repeatedly won. According to the critics, the tape of the stuck on a desert island the man was far from a triumph, especially after the previous works of the Director “Forrest Gump”. However, for the film “Rogue” actor Tom Hanks has received numerous nominations for best actor. He visited the ceremony actors Guild, British Academy awards, MTV, Oscars and Golden globe. But his victory managed to win only on the last. However, it is unlikely it was a major loss for the crew, because the picture grossed more than $ 400 million, and on the shelf at Hanks already in the 90's there were as much as 2 «Oscar». On top of that awards do not represent so much value, in comparison with the emotions and feelings that the film evoked in the audience worldwide.

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