Metaphor in literature is a hidden comparison. The meaning of a metaphor


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A Metaphor is called an expression or a word in a figurative sense, which is based on the phenomenon or object that has similarity with him. If to say in simple words, one word is replaced by another, having with him a similar sign. Metaphor in literature - aMetaphor in literature is one of the oldest artistic techniques.

What is a metaphor

A Metaphor consists of 4 parts:

  1. Context — a complete text that combines the sense of its constituent individual words or sentences.
  2. Object.
  3. The Process by which the function is executed.
  4. The Use of this process or its intersection with any situations.

The Concept of metaphor revealed Aristotle. Thanks to him, now it has formed a view as to the necessary attribution of the language, allowing to achieve educational and other goals.

The Ancient philosophers believed that the metaphor is given to us by nature itself, and are so established in everyday speech that many of the concepts do not need to call literally, and it replenishes the lack of words. But after them, it imposed an additional application to the mechanism of language, and not to its basic form. It was believed that science it is even harmful because it leads to a deadlock in the search for truth. In spite of everything, to continue the metaphor in the literature as is necessary for its development. Mostly it is used in poetry.

Only in the 20th century the metaphor was finally recognized as an integral part of speech and scientific research with its use began to be made in new dimensions. This was facilitated by such a property as the ability to combine materials of different nature. What is the metaphor in the literature, it became clear when I saw that the extended application of this art technique leads to the appearance of riddles, Proverbs, allegories.What is a metaphor in literature


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Building metaphors

A Metaphor is created from 4 components: two groups and properties of each of them. Signs of a group of objects are offered to another group. If a person is called a lion, so I assume that he is endowed with similar characteristics. This creates a new image where the word "lion" in the figurative sense means "a fearless and mighty."

Metaphors are specific to different languages. If Russian "donkey" symbolizes the stupidity and stubbornness, that the Spaniards — hard work. Metaphor in literature is a concept which can differ in different people, that should be considered when translating from one language to another.

Functions metaphors

The Main function of metaphor is vivid and emotional score and figuratively-expressive colouring of speech. Thus from malacoplakia objects are rich and succinct images.

Another function of the nominative, which consists in filling the language phraseological and lexical structures, such as The bottle neck, the bend of the river, pansies.

In addition to the basic, metaphor performs many other functions. This concept is much broader and richer than it seems at first glance.

What are metaphors

Since ancient times, the metaphors are divided into the following types:

  1. Sharp — connecting concepts in a variety of areas “walking shot eyes... ”.
  2. Erased — so entered into use that figure of speech by character is not noticed (“early in the morning to me Dragged”). It has become so familiar that figurative meaning is difficult to grasp. It is detected when translating from one language to another.
  3. Metaphor-formula — it excludes conversion in direct sense (the worm of doubt, wheel of fortune). It has long been a stereotype.
  4. Deployed — contains a large message in a logical sequence.
  5. Implemented — is used for its intended purpose (“Awake, and then again a standstill”).

What is a metaphor in literature?

metaphors of fiction

It is Difficult to imagine modern life without metaphors and similes. Most common metaphor in literature. It is necessary for a vivid disclosure of images and the essence of things. In poetry especially effective metaphor expanded view submitted in the following ways:

  1. Indirect message using figurative expression or story with the use of comparison.
  2. A figure of speech using words in a figurative sense based on analogies, similarities and comparison.

Extended metaphor consistently reveals in the text fragment: “A Small rain washes with dawn dawn”, “Gives Luna new year dreams”.

Some of the classics believed that metaphor in literature is a separate phenomenon that takes on new meaning due to its origin. In this case, she becomes the target of the author, where metaphor takes the reader to a new sense of unexpected value. Such metaphors from literature can be found in the works of the classics. Take the Nose acquires a metaphorical meaning in Gogol's story. Rich in metaphoric images of Shakespeare, where they attach to the characters and events a new meaning. On this basis we can say that is not a complete is common. Metaphor in literature is a wider concept and notonly decorate speech, but often gives it a new meaning.definition. Metaphor in literature


What is a metaphor in literature? It efficiently acts on the consciousness through the emotional color and imagery. This is especially evident in poetry. The impact of metaphors so strong that this is used by psychologists to solve problems related to the patient's mind.

The Metaphorical images used when creating ads. They awaken the imagination and help consumers to make the right choice. Such manipulation of the individual and society is also in the political sphere.

A Metaphor is in everyday life, manifesting itself in language, thought and action. Study expanding into new areas of knowledge. The images generated by the metaphor, we can judge the effectiveness of any media.

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