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Movies with the great French actor Louis de Funes always enjoy the love of the audience. The manner and flow of the great comedian has always been part of the success of the picture. So many works with his participation have become classics of world Comedy. This category refers to the film “the Gendarme and aliens”. He was the fifth in a series of comedic stories about the adventures of the guards of Saint-Tropez.

Actors "the Gendarme and aliens"

About the Director

Jean Giraud (09.05.1924-20.07.1982) is a French film Director and screenwriter, famed for his comedies with Louis de Funes. In this creative tandem released thirteen paintings. Including a series of six films about the adventures of gendarmes from Saint-Tropez. The Director really liked selected for this work group. Therefore almost unchanged even performing the secondary role actors. “the Gendarme and aliens" was the fifth film Comedy series, and the changes did not escape the keen eye of the viewer. Disappeared characters Bomb and Merlot, and his wife Cruchot is Claude Gensac plays Maria Mauban. By a strange coincidence, the final film of the series "Le Gendarme et Les gendarmettes” was the last work as Jean Giraud and Louis de Funes.

Gendarme Cruchot

The Main character of the Comedy series about the adventures of gendarmes from Saint-Tropez, it would seem, has already survived a lot. Widowed, Mr. Cruchot forced to combine the education of her daughter Nicole, who gives him a lot of trouble, and a new appointment. How's he doing, the viewer is able to see in the films “the Gendarme from Saint-Tropez” and “the Gendarme in new York city”. Then on the sports car in the measured life of the main character breaks into love by the name of Joseph. What was worth Cruchot the process of normalization of relations between the daughter and the woman he loved, says the film “the Gendarme gets married”.


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"the Gendarme and aliens" Louis de Funes

In the film “the Policeman on the walk,” Sergeant Cruchot and his co-workers got a nasty surprise. They decided to retire, but it turned out that to replace the valiant defenders of order is not easy. Only they can solve the problem, which throws the case. Everything is just improved, the city honors its heroes, but again attack. About it in the film “the Gendarme and aliens”. Louis de Funes and his character now has to defend the safety not only of Saint-Tropez. The lives of all people on planet Earth now depends on the actions of the brave police.

Sergeant Gerber

Life throws up surprises all the. The city of Saint-Tropez and its area of the gendarmerie was also lucky. The fates the distribution of the service it received a gendarme with irrepressible energy by the name of Cruchot. The long-suffering head of the character destined to become the Sergeant Gerbera, played Michelle Sailor. In trouble or get him Cruchot... only One exam for the post of head of section was worth! Gerbera together and Cruchot had to endure a lot. They quarreled and reconciled, competed and collaborated, but this enemy met for the first time. Unlike his heroes, Louis de Funes and Michel a California not competed and maintained a good relationship as good friends and professional actors.

“the Gendarme and aliens”: short contents

No rest for the wicked, and fearless detachment of gendarmes, led by Sergeant Cruchot in a hurry to deliver the inhabitants of the town of Saint-Tropez from him. However, all is not so simple. This time the glorious defenders of the order to pacify not simple bullies. The task is much more difficult. After all, their opponents were extraterrestrial in origin. The enemy is cunning and crafty, his plans are ambitious – the colonization of planet Earth. They calculated the time and place of landing. And the alien clones have the appearance and habits of earthlings. Capture and the substitution was supposed to go unnoticed, but a watchful Sergeant Cruchot and his troop had broken the plans of the aliens, despite the fact that the enemy was trying to confuse the brave defenders of order, creating a copy of the guidelines and co-workers.

Movie "the Gendarme and aliens"

Fearless heroes are fighting with evil alien in their usual manner. Knowing that a shape-shifting alien rust from water, Cruchot and his team made a real hunt for werewolves. Dousing with water of inhabitants of Saint-Tropez in order to expose the alien invaders are a lot of comic moments in the film “the Gendarme and aliens”. Louis de Funes and his character Sergeant Cruchot, of course, are the center of all these events. Fantastic story, suddenly presented in the style of Comedy does not disappoint the viewer. The film was shot as a parody to Thriller “Invasion of the body Snatchers”. No less noteworthy are the other characters and the actors who played them.

“the Gendarme and aliens": interesting facts

Interestingly, the famous French resort town of Saint-Tropez thanks to a Comedy series Jean Giraud has become even more popular. A whole generation of viewers became associated with the events of the Comedy about the police. But more interesting was the fact that after the premiere of the film “the Gendarme and aliens" to this resort pulled plenty of UFO researchers from around the world. Such is the power of art.

Michelle Glabra

In conclusion, I want to wish those who have not yet had the pleasure to watch a movie, enjoy the show. Especially because the Director and actors are “the Gendarme and aliens" made this all possible.

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