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In the sci-Fi Thriller "Babylon of our era,” actors VIN Diesel and Melanie Thierry, or rather, their on-screen characters, new save the human race from certain doom and confront the sect of noelito. The movie has not earned a lot of money and barely recouped its budget. Try to understand what's not to like in this painting the viewer?

Short story and the film's creators

The Film “the Babylon of our era" of the rich variety of plot complications. It falls under the category of sci-Fi films, but if it were possible, the creation of Frenchman Mathieu Kassovitz could be called “fantastic fiction”.

Babylon our era actorsIn the picture we are talking about not-too-distant future, 2027, the plot of the film, as a result of terrible war, the entire population of Eurasia will turn into beggars, dirty and poor people. But America will stand stronger than ever. And to get there on a constant residence, the mercenary Toorop takes the dirty work: he agrees to deliver a poor girl from the Kyrgyz monastery in new York in sect insidious Nolita. But on the way the main character changes his mind to do it and now turns into a fierce defender of Aurora, which also turns out to be “chosen”, representative of a new race. In the end, the girl is very effectively dies, but leaves the “reformed” from the villain to the noble knight Toropo their children. Here's a heartwarming story.

Mathieu Kassovitz shortly before “Babylon of our era,” shot the Thriller “Gothic” with Halle berry in the title role, appeared in theaters much more successful. But then on a horror film was the work of the entire team, including producer Robert Zemeckis. In the case of “Babylon” the movie has assumed the duties of Director, producer and screenwriter.


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“the Babylon of our era": actors. VIN Diesel

VIN Diesel is famous for its reincarnation in tough guys. He always assembled in the frame and the most brutal. The most famous actor brought the role of Dominic Toretto in the franchise of “furious”. Since Diesel is gaining from year to year popularity. To draft Mathieu Kassovitz he came in 2007, just after the release of the ‘Triple fast and the furious”.

VIN diesel TooropIn the film “the Babylon of our era,” actors VIN Diesel and Melanie Thierry, or rather, their characters first meet in the monastery of noelito on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Hero Diesel Toorop sees girl, Aurora only the object you want to move from point "And" point "B" to get their reward in the form of a U.S. passport and get away with it. But in the course of the story VIN Diesel (Toorop) understands that, as Aurora – the future, and that he can't leave her “mercy” Nolita – a bunch of fanatics. A little later it turns out that Aurora by the immaculate conception was able to be a mom of twins, but she dies in childbirth, leaving his new friend – Turou – its legacy in the form of two children.

Melanie Thierry in the role of Aurora

Melanie, who performed the role of the Aurora, is a French actress. Thierry has long worked as a model, and in 1996 debuted in an obscure French film “American”.

Melanie ThierryFor a Long time Melanie Thierry remained known only within their country. And only starring role in “Babylon”, allowed to become famous all over the world. However, after the release of Thriller Kassovitz, little has changed in the career of an actress: she still removed only within their country, an exception can be called unless the British drama "the zero Theorem”.

The Film “the Babylon of our era”, however, helped Melanie to gain a higher status in their homeland. She began to offer a major role: for example, in 2010, she played Madame de Montpensier in historical film “the Princess of Montpensier”, and in 2011 she got the role in the crime drama “Unfinished novel”.

Actress Yeo in the role of sister Rebecca

Malaysian actress of Chinese origin Michelle Yeo in a fantastic picture of the Frenchman Kassovitz got the role of the Kyrgyz nuns Rebecca. That's how it is sometimes complicated in Hollywood movies!

Michelle YeoMichelle Yeo is a very interesting biography: she was born in Malaysia, but her parents were a pure ethnic Chinese. As a child, Michelle studied ballet, and later modern dance. Parents personally took her to the age of 17 to enroll at the London Academy of dance. But due to a spinal injury, he lost the opportunity to perform at the best ballet stages of Europe, so the future actress moved quickly and started to break in the modeling and film business.

In the movies, Michelle began in 1984 On account of its a lot of fighters (“Tomorrow never dies”, “Crouching tiger, hidden dragon”), in which Yeo shows his excellent physical shape. By the way, Michelle is the only actress, known for Jackie Chan in his films allowed to develop their own truckaway part.

Gerard Depardieu as Gorsky

The Film “the Babylon of our era,” not without French star cinema. This invited celebrity has becomeGerard Depardieu.

movie Babylon adDepardieu in a fantastic picture Kassovitz played a Russian named Gorsky, which, by the way, the actor does not for the first time: he also played Grigori Rasputin in the Russian film "Rasputin" and Zhora in the sitcom “Zaitsev+1”. So in the picture Kassovitz Gerard, probably practiced in front of a whole string of “Russian” role in the future.

However, the famous Depardieu does not display these characters. People from around the world speak French actor as a performer of the main roles in the comedies "Between the angel and the devil” directed by Jean-Marie Poire, “Unfortunate” and “Dads” Francis Weber, as well as Obelix from the family films "Asterix and Obelix”.

But cooperation with Russian filmmakers did not go to Gerard without a trace: he is so attached to Russia that, in 2013, even received Russian citizenship. And later abandoned by the French, justifying his decision by the fact that the current France with its values does not inspire him. Despite provocative statements Depardieu, the actor is very happy to invite you to the shooting in the French and European cinema in 2015, Gerard appeared in the melodrama “Valley of love”, in 2016, will star in the Italian film, “Creator: Past” and will play a major role in the Russian film "Sports without borders”.

Charlotte Rampling in the role of priestess of noelito

In the film “the Babylon of our era,” actors VIN Diesel and Melanie Thierry large sect of noelito. The way of the treacherous priestess of this community were embodied by British actress named Charlotte Rampling.

Jerome Le banneThe Woman began her acting career in 1966 Since then the actress has played a role: Irene Adler in the detective "Sherlock Holmes in new York,” Anne in the Thriller “Spy game" of Milena in the film “Basic instinct 2" etc.

Wilson in the role of the brilliant doctor

Lambert Wilson in tape “the Babylon of our era,” played by the brilliant doctors – the Creator of Aurora. In fact, the brain is a unique girl is a computer. This machine invented by Dr. Arthur Darquandier, whose image is embodied and Lambert Wilson. But then a scientist separated from his “invention”, and only after many years, he has the ability to help Turepu and Aurora to nurture a new human race, created in the likeness of the girl.

Lambert WilsonWilson is a French actor. His most memorable role – the Merovingian from the films “Matrix”.

Other performers

Also in the creation of Mathieu Kassovitz you can see the French professional athlete named Jerome Le Banne. Jerome – a great master in kickboxing and Boxing. He was invited to the project to participate in the spectacular scenes of fighting.

In Addition, in the frame appear such actors as mark strong (“Robin hood”), Dmitry Voronkov, David Belle (“Malavit”) and Jan Unger (“the Bloody Countess - Bathory”).

As you can see, the cast picture is not so bad, so the cause of the failure of the project, Kassovitz is difficult to call. Likely to disappoint a script that even in the form of annotations looks extremely implausible and sometimes even absurd. And if you believe what is happening on screen is difficult, therefore, the misadventures of the main characters will leave the viewer indifferent.

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