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The Fashion for tanned, bronze skin came only in the early 20th century. Up to this point ladies were proud of the white skin by resorting to a rather dangerous methods to whitening. In 1903, in Europe, scientist Niels FinCEN received the Nobel prize, proving the benefit of sunlight in the fight against infectious diseases. Since then, the tan became a sign of wealth and health.

The Fashion for tanned skin

Consolidated fashion trend gorgeous Gabrielle Chanel, showing in public, tanned legs. Everywhere began to appear in public and nudist beaches, fashion entered the Solarium, which allows to maintain the bronze color of the skin at any time of the year. Beach holidays became very popular and began the rapid development of tourism. A little later scientists declared about the danger of skin cancer due to excessive abuse of the UV, but the tan out of fashion not out. Cosmetic companies began to produce means to protect from the sun, were especially popular suntan oil. Reviews of them as the best protection for the face and body, topical now.

Natural protection

olive oil

The Best natural defenders against harmful ultraviolet light are oil. Their selection is wide and varied, loves to lie in the sun write laudatory reviews about suntan oils. They not only protect the skin but also nourish, moisturize and restore her. This product is universal it can be used before and after tanning, just need to choose the appropriate one. The most popular oils are:

  • Coconut.
  • Olive.
  • Jojoba oils
  • Sea Buckthorn.
  • Carrot and many others.

Useful properties of natural oils

In Addition to the protective functions, each oil has a number of advantages that distinguish it from others. Reviews on coconut oil for sunburn are more common than others, it is the most popular among the tanned ladies. Mostly use refined coconut oil, it has a dense, rich texture and protects the skin. Before use, it should be melt in a water bath, the oil becomes solid at temperatures below 22 degrees.

coconut oil

Feedback about the suntan oil from the olive fruit, too, is beyond praise. It is ideal for light skin, protecting it from sunburn. Olive oil retains moisture to skin and helps to buy a luxurious Golden hue.


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Jojoba Oil contains large amounts of antioxidants, in addition to the protective function, gives the skin firmness and elasticity. It also protects the hair from UV rays.

Sea Buckthorn oil - a storehouse of nutrients. It nourishes and regenerates the sensitive and delicate skin. Rave reviews about this oil leave women slightly pereverseva with sunbathing. Indeed, thanks to its healing properties, it quickly cope with minor burns.

Carrot oil - a great amplifier of sunburn. It is not used alone, only mixed with any other herbal cosmetic oil and in the evening, after a decline of solar activity.

carrot oil

All the natural oils have a rather low degree of protection from the harmful rays, so use them on the prepared, tanned skin and after tanning.

Rules of safe tanning

Bronze skin gorgeous, but don't neglect safety precautions. In pursuit of a beautiful tan, many girls forget about the danger from the sunlight. By observing some rules, you can not only protect themselves, but also to obtain an excellent result.

  1. The wrong time for sunbathing from 12 to 16 hours, at this time it is better not to be under the scorching rays.
  2. Be Sure to use sunscreen even in safe watch. In the first days of sun need to use a cream or oil with a degree of protection no less than SPF 25, gradually reducing filters.
  3. Tanning you need to update the skin every 3-4 hours and after the water treatment, even if it's water-resistant.
  4. Oil is applied to dry skin at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.

Oil for tanning

Reviews lovers artificial sun is full of different recommendations on how to choose sunscreens. Some women acquire a portion creams directly into the cabin, listening to the advice of consultants. Tanning Studio have a wide range of customized tools according to individual needs of clients. They meet all the requirements: moisturize, protect, and enhance the tan. But most women prefer oils to sprays for sunburn, the reviews about them ladies leave on many women's forums. A lot of famous cosmetic companies release these sprays. They perfectly protect the skin from harmful UV rays, moisturize and nourish the skin. Most of these oils universal-suitable for face and body, they are easy to apply and quickly absorbed. Gives skin elasticity, creaminess and Shine.

sea buckthorn oil

Key features oils

Stores offer customers a wide choice of means for safe tanning. Oils are not only a manufacturer but also a degree of protection, color and smell. They contain various natural ingredients, they can add shimmering particles for a gorgeous glow, so as not to confuse ordinary godovoe oil and sunscreen, most manufacturers indicate the word Sun on the tanning oil. The reviews of this oil will give detailed information about its texture, the smell, it leaves a sticky layer, or it is totally absorbed. In addition, there are also protective oil - tanning activators. Choice to make is quite simple, if the girl is the owner of a bright skin, to a protective oil with a high SPF, and if a swarthy, you can use oil-activator. It will protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation, help repair the skin after sun it engorged with nutrients.

safe tan

It is Important to remember that only a limited exposure to the sun is beneficial to the body. The abuse of excessive sunbathing can lead to premature skin aging, pigmentation and other negative consequences. A quality sunscreen will help to get a nice and even tan, preserving skin health.

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