Causes of hair loss in girls. Hair loss: causes and treatment


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People say that hair is half beauty of women. Almost all young ladies can boast of a healthy and thick hair. However, some of them are unexpectedly faced with such a problem as hair loss. The process of hair loss begins quietly: you find more and more hairs after sleeping on my pillow, I notice that in the tub after shampooing, are whole strands. How to prevent the disaster? What measures urgently need to be taken? In this article you will be able to get answers to these questions, learn about the causes of hair loss in girls and to start active actions.Causes of hair loss in girls

Severe hair loss: causes and treatment

The Reasons that lead to such unpleasant disease, many. We denote the most common:

  1. Weakened immune system. The problem many women face after pregnancy and childbirth. To protect the body is reduced and those people who have suffered from infectious or respiratory disease. This problem can be solved in consultation with your doctor. The doctor will appoint treatment, will tell you what medications will help to restore the immune system and thereby stop hair loss. What vitamins to drink in this situation, also you will tell the doctor.
  2. The medication. Some drugs have unpleasant side effects, including baldness. These include birth control pills, antidepressants, steroids and even aspirin. What to do in this case? First of all, do not stop prescribed course. Don't worry, after the treatment the density of the hair restores itself.
  3. Hormonal disorders and hormonal drugs are the main causes of sudden hair loss. This problem can be successfully solved by the endocrinologist who will check your tests and prescribe Loss. Causes and treatment
  4. Loss of iron. Every month, girls and women lose iron along with the blood. To restore balance, in the critical days eat red meat. There are a lot of vitamins and minerals, including large amounts of iron.
  5. Skin infections – common causes of hair loss in girls. There is no national or cosmetics. Consult a dermatologist and solve the problem once and for all.
  6. The Deficiency of vitamins. Include in your diet more greens, fresh fruits and vegetables. Discard the strict diets and remember that mono is particularly dangerous to health and beauty. Twice a year vitamin guzzle course.
  7. Stress. If you constantly experience the worry and anxiety, the whole organism suffers. Antidepressants will not help you to rectify the situation, especially if you recruited them yourself. But a good psychologist or therapist will help you cope with pressing issues, and you will feel relief.
  8. Environmental Factors. On the condition of the body affected by radiation, air pollution and presence of harmful substances in the sediments. If the cause of heavy loss of hair is in a bad environment, you just have to move to another place with more favorable conditions.
  9. The Lack of a sufficient blood supply to the scalp and hair roots – possible causes of hair loss in girls. Remember that the blood vessels constrict from the frequent consumption of drinks containing caffeine.
  10. The Violation of the temperature regime. Take care of your health and do not go bareheaded in hot and cold weather.Strong hair loss. The reasons

Risk Factors

We discussed the problems that trigger hair loss, causes and treatment. But do not forget about the factors that can expedite the unpleasant process of hair loss. These are such as:


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  • Heredity. A powerful factor that may indicate predisposition to hair loss.
  • Age. With age the body changes, hormonal changes, reduced adaptive capacity, there are problems with blood vessels.
  • Pregnancy. Due to the increasing levels of hormones a woman loses a lot of hair. But that's OK, because a few months after the birth of the baby everything comes back to normal.
  • Improper care. Poorly chosen cosmetics and frequent dyeing.

The Latest causes of hair loss in girls is perhaps the most innocuous. Consultation with a competent specialist, you can easily solve this problem.

Don't be alarmed if you happen to be at risk – if you are armed with knowledge, you will be able to quickly change things for the better.Causes of hair loss on the head

Myths about baldness

There are many legends and myths about hair loss causes and treatment. Consider the most popular of them:

  1. Perming and coloring is very harmful. These procedures can affect the structure of the hair, make it brittle and fragile. However, this deteriorates the appearance of the hair, but the roots remain intact.
  2. Hair Loss is enhanced by the wearing of hats and wigs. This statement is true only if the headgear is too close to the head and prevent the blood flow.
  3. Frequent brushing leads to loss of more hair. It's not quiteso. If you use combs made from natural materials and not allowed them to move too rapidly, the hair loss does not threaten you.
  4. Some hairstyles contribute to hair loss. This statement applies mainly to “horse” the tail and African braids. Indeed, the constant wearing of such hairstyles can thin hair. However, this is a temporary phenomenon, and over time, the density of the curls will be restored.
  5. It is Impossible to dry my hair. Abuse of mechanical and non-observance of temperature regime make hair dry and brittle. They break and remain on the comb in large numbers, but this action does not affect their growth or amount.
  6. Hair loss cannot be stopped. This is wrong, it all depends on what is the cause of hair loss.

Many girls are asking the question: “How to help yourself without hurting and not compounding the problem?» Take our advice, and they in combination with other methods will give an amazing result.Reasons for sudden hair loss

Massage brush

You need a quality massage brush made from natural material. It can be made of wood, bristle, ebonite or horn. All the movements should be light, smooth and caressing. Start making circular movements with the brush from the temples to the crown of the head. Go back to the temples and head towards the forehead, then repeat the same move from her temples to the nape. Repeat a few times.

Massage laser comb

This type of massage will be effective if the cause of profuse hair loss is poor blood supply, chronic stress, or due to age-related changes. Experts recommend to hold sessions three times a week, for each spent from 10 to 20 minutes. Brushing should be slow, movement needs to go against the hair growth.

Classical massage of the head and neck

To get the desired result, you need to see a specialist. Remember that the skin of the neck is very delicate, and rough movements can cause the appearance of wrinkles. Contraindications for this massage are fever, skin diseases, inflammation of the lymph nodes and blood poisoning.

What is the cause of hair loss

Mask to strengthen roots at home

To Eliminate the causes of hair loss on the head will help cosmetic mask made from natural ingredients. Correctly chosen remedy will moisturize your hair and scalp, it will have a beneficial impact on the roots and stimulate hair growth.

The Mask of aloe

This plant is used for the treatment of diseases and as cosmetics for three millennia. Its healing properties can be directed to the treatment of baldness. So, mix equal amounts of aloe juice and honey, add a spoon of garlic juice and egg yolk. Mix all and apply the resulting paste on the scalp. Don't forget to wear a shower cap and wrap in a Terry towel. After 20-30 minutes wash the head and rinse the hair decoction of herbs.

Onion mask

Of Course, not all beauties have to taste a strong onion spirit. But what to do? Serious problems require serious solutions. To prepare the mask we will need one large onion and one tablespoon of vegetable oil. It is better to use olive, but if not, you will be good. Grate the onion on a grater and mix with the butter-the mixture is ready. RUB it into the scalp massage movements and leave for 20 minutes. As always, the head should be put on a plastic cap and cover your hair with a towel.

The Procedure should be repeated every three days for six months. As a result, an intensive hair loss will stop and the sleeping bulbs aktiviziruyutsya.

The Remedy of birch buds

For a healthy broth we will need one tablespoon of birch buds and one liter of water. Boil the broth should be at least fifteen minutes, then leave to cool and strain. To use the tool should be after a wash - rinse made with broth hair and skin. Best of all, if the procedure will be conducted once in three days.

Cause heavy loss of hair

“Miraculous” funds from the chemist

Usually “magic” the shampoos and conditioners that promise to cure everything, not worth the money that they ask for. Do not trust advertising – first, ask the expert, find information on the Internet or talk to fellow sufferers on forums. Be careful-some components can be hazardous to your health!

All home remedies in one case only can stop severe hair loss – the reasons must be clearly established by your doctor. If the doctor has ruled out serious disease, cosmetic procedures unlikely to help. In that case, if hair continues to fall out, a specialist may advise a transplant or weaving nylon threads into your own hair. You decide to agree to these costly procedures or not. But as you know, a woman capable of many things and nothing can stop her on the way to beauty.

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