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Before starting the article, to warn the reader is hunting with a crossbow in Russia officially banned! And not only for wild boar, but also in all other animals. Moreover, in some other countries it is totally legal. Why not be superfluous to familiarize with its features, secrets, and also with the very weapons - the modern crossbow.

Why the ban?

Boar Hunting with a crossbow is prohibited in Russia for several reasons:

  • Weapon belongs to the category vysokozolnyj.
  • The Crossbow is a quiet device that does not give off any loud shots. This allows you to equate it to the weapon with a silencer, which is prohibited for civilians in Russia.
  • The Crossbow refers to a type of throwing weapons.

hunting for wild boar with a crossbow

Where hunting is allowed?

If hunting with a crossbow for wild boar - your clear goal and a cherished dream, we suggest that one - to make a hunting tour to one of the nearby States:

  • Belarus. More information about the possibilities of such a hunt you will provide specialized organizations, it is happy.
  • Finland. Hunting crossbow is fully legal, but also is well organized - you will need to find firms involved in the case.

The advantages of crossbow hunting

Look at the experiences of hunters in other countries, what is so remarkable about boar hunting with a crossbow:

  • Qualitatively new thrill, which, in the opinion of many, not to receive in the normal course of action with a firearm.
  • Easy operation of the mechanism and its utter reliability. Hunting enthusiasts know how sometimes a lot of trouble in the woods with a gun - it needs to be protected from moisture, debris and so on. The crossbow in this respect, not demanding.
  • Great chance for nice loot. Crossbow, as we have noted, virtually silent weapon. And the speed of the flight of his arrow (bolt) - up to 100 km/h with its weight of 22-27 g!
  • Lower the "price" of a miss in contrast to the same gun, provided they are all the same quiet. Is a good chance that the animal will not notice incorrectly thrown arrow, which cannot be said about the bad shot.
  • Cash price question. A crossbow you can choose based on their capabilities - cost of different types of these weapons varies considerably.

hunting with a crossbow for wild boar

The Disadvantages of the crossbow

Will Tell about the disadvantages of hunting on wild boar with a crossbow.

  • Shoot at movable targets, especially from a distance, is extremely hard, as well as to take proactive when fired. It can be argued that the conduct aimed fire on defeat in this kind of hunting is almost impossible - have to settle for just more or less static targets.
  • Quiet may be the cause and the inhumanity of the animal - defaulting hunter does not rush to finish the dying agony of a wounded animal in the final shot, and will be expected to ambush other prey.
  • A Ban on the territory of Russia - not every fan of hunting have the opportunity to travel to another state.
  • If you already have a crossbow, you will not be able to obtain a license or authorization to fish not only wild boar, but also any other animal.
  • Requires a more honed shooting skills. Shoot from 30-40 meters from the guns - it's not the same thing to get the same distance with pinpoint accuracy from a crossbow.

Types of crossbow

The Main types of crossbows for hunting wild boar two:


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  • Recursive (classic). Simple reliable and easy tool - its weight does not exceed 2 kg. perfect for long hunting tours.
  • Block. Their weight is already close to 3.5 kg, which for large campaigns is already becoming noticeable drawback. But you get more powerful and upgraded weapons.

crossbow hunting for wild boar

How to be a powerful crossbow for hunting wild boar? For the damaging shot is enough to have a weapon with a tension force of at least 80 kg. we Advise you to pay attention to models with fuse and protection from a single shot - in other words, produced without the boom. The last can cause major damage to the shoulders of the crossbow.

The sight

A Crossbow for hunting boar and other large animal already has a fairly good regular sight. If you decide to replace it with another, remember that you should not install the device with large magnification shooting will be conducted at a relatively short distance. Suitable for the crossbow option is within 4x24 and 4х32. In the presence of financial possibilities look at night sight - seasoned boars are active at this time of day. You should pay attention to the red dot types that allow for more accurate shooting.

Before hunting for wild boar with a crossbow should definitely get used to the sight, start training with placement targets at a distance of 10 meters, gradually increasing it over time.

Arrows and arrowheads

Talking about the secrets and peculiarities of wild boar with a crossbow, I want to warn you - do not skimp on supplies! Poor quality arrows and tips can cause and blunders, inaccurate shot, injuring, but not killing the beast. Another tip - buy a few varieties of bolts and bits, test them in different weather conditions (including under strong wind) and select the bestspecifically for you.

Cheetah crossbow reviews hunting boar

Let's look at the checked items:

  • For hunting large prey better suited to a special two-edge tips, New Carbon Express Archery either - they provide the ability to penetrate the carcass through.
  • If you're going to hunt the pig, fingerling or medium-sized animals, then a great option would be boom equipped with drop-down in contact with the barrier blades.
  • The Most suitable material for arrows is, of course, carbon fiber, reliable and durable. In the manufacture of its products it is used by such well-known American firms like Carbon Express and Easton.
  • Don't forget to equip your arrows dressiruem shank - it will help not to lose sometimes many standing arrow.

And now, when everything is ready, introduce you to the features of crossbow hunting for wild boar.

Who can not shoot?

Let's Start a conversation with those whom in no event it is impossible to choose their prey:

  • A Female with piglets. The exception allowed the shooting of defective babies, and hybrids with domestic pigs. All this is negotiated directly with the huntsman. But hunter will always ignore it.
  • Mater Adult boar. Cleaver, pare with developed fangs-"dividers". The animal can be called an analogue of a rhinoceros - with it weighing in at a quarter ton. Remember that the beginning of the season hunting the boar will get "Kalkan" - a kind of "armor" of connective tissue, complemented by durable wool mats, acrylic over the winter. We have this "shield" is just the same in slaughter zone - the neck and chest. To break it the first time sometimes fail and a bullet, and the wounded beast frantically rassvirepeet. But hunters give boar not only because of fear of him. The young male is the main producer of offspring.

hunting with a crossbow for wild boar from the tower

Who are we going to hunt?

By the Way, is hunting with a crossbow for elk, wild boar and deer. However, wild boars are considered as the most desirable prey. That's who is allowed to take in the sight:

  • Old boars. They are no longer producers, and the purpose of their existence is to show their superiority by hitting younger rivals.
  • Of. Pig a little more or less than one year old. It is believed the best option from a gastronomic point of view, soft tasty meat, high nutritional value. The animal is lean, and productive in appearance, long-legged, without a hump and with a barely visible sexual characteristics. Weight is 25-40 kg. It is not milky, striped pig, and the pig with the lighter than adult coat. As a rule, try to choose the prey of the male.
  • Gilt. Age 1.5-2 years. Looks more serious in fingerlings appears withers, bristles, weight comes to 60-70 kg. However, to distinguish the pig from the hog's still not easy.

Types of hunting on wild boar with a crossbow

Choosing guns, you have to stay only on static methods of hunting. You also need to refuse the help of four-legged friends - dogs. The probability is high that shot up to the prey dog can become victim to the arrows. So is hunting with a crossbow for wild boar from the tower, the blind, the storage shed, Tristana (mobile platform).

Before the actual action is not a bad thing to work out and test your strength in choosing not flat, and the volume target. And best of all, if they their outlines as something like a wild boar. Last training necessary to produce such a target exactly on the tower. Before hunting in a particular place your crossbow should already be sighted from different angles at all multiples of 10 distance - up to 50-60 meters.

Ready to hunt you will be when the accuracy of your hits from a tower or storage shed in the slaughter area of a target with different distances will be at least 90 % of the total number. Well, if your workouts will see huntsman or friend - from the more visible flaws and mistakes.

 crossbow hunting for elk and wild boar

The time...

The Hunt starts with your capital placed on the platform near the feeding grounds - first, charge the crossbow and place at hand all the necessary. And then - just wait. Needless to say, not to make noise, eat, drink, smoke. Best start time is in the evening. Be prepared that you will have to sit until morning.

Usually the first up of a family with young piggies. Then cleavers at once dispersing the whole pack. Shoot someone, you need to discuss in advance with the Ranger. Take prey on sight and track her every move. The shot needs to hit the boar in the most convenient positions for you - a certain distance, when the location of the beast in profile to you.

For reviews about hunting wild boar with a crossbow Gepard can be seen that the most successful area is quite extensive the lungs paired organ, permeated with a dense network of blood vessels. To get Streamate in the heart or liver, you need to have a truly natural talent. Head, neck, spine is not your option. In addition to taunting the animal, it will bring nothing.

Do Not hurry to run to extraction after the shot, even mortally wounded wild boar will be able to far off in the forest on adrenaline. Wait until the animal will lie on its side and subside.

After the shot

The best option - when the arrow goes through the prey. It is convenient to followdressiruem the shank - the light enters the side of the boar, seconds fades out and lit again a little to the side. On a successful hit, you can monitor the behavior of wild boar fell to his knees, began to sway back and forth, fell to his side. This beast obviously won't get far.

Not descend from the tower before the arrival of the huntsman. Briefly and clearly explain to him everything you have seen and only then move to the location X. the Copious blood stains, especially with air bubbles, the torn internal organs, again, testify to your good luck - beast will be easy to find even at night.

a powerful crossbow for hunting boar

No blood spots, and traces of the beast going in a straight line is evidence of the mistake. But much worse follows - broken arrow, some blood stains, the straight-ahead running. Wounded animal are dogs already Rangers on all the land, but the search is often futile. Note that this "service" join us for the hunter in "penny".

Boar Hunting with a crossbow is not available in Russia and costly in other countries enjoy. And, as you can see, it is quite specific, and requires experience and thorough preparation.

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