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Heavy attack helicopters designed to transport people, weapons and its use. They have serious reservation, high speed. But for civilian use they don't fit: too large, expensive and difficult to manage and operate. During the cold war, foreign manufacturers have begun to create light helicopters in Russia, this case went with some lag.

the lightest helicopter

Development of light helicopters in Russia

Domestic companies are inferior to foreigners in the field of development of light helicopters. But the holding «Izvestia» does not agree with this position and make active steps to change. Military light helicopter Ka-226, which was designed for India, remade in the civil, and completed the first orders for the Ka-226T. Take-off weight of this machine 3600 kg. “Gazpromavia” ordered 18 vehicles to patrol the gas network. They requested a separate version of the Ka-226ТГ for flying in adverse climatic conditions of far North. Ka-226ТГ can fly in the dark and in the fog, has an additional tank of fuel, which increases the flight range without refueling.

In Tomilino is a plant with a capacity of up to 20 cars per year. Is configured to release the AW139, a 6.4-tonne helicopters intended for the carriage of passengers. In the future it is planned to deliver the helicopters in Russia and CIS countries.

Also «Izvestia» continue its active cooperation with AgustaWestland, which contributes to the development of the helicopter. Light helicopters in the world will not remain without Russian flag in its ranks.


Partnership with foreign companies is good, but I would like to have an easy Russian helicopters. One of them – "Ansat" (Tatar translates as “easy”). It is a lightweight multipurpose helicopter, designed and assembled at JSC «Kazan helicopter plant”.

light multipurpose helicopter

The First “Ansat” was launched in flight in 1999. Despite the name, the history of its development is not so simple. This is the first Russian helicopter with electric remote control system. After the release of a series machine was delivered to the defense Ministry and South Korea, and that is where the accident occurred, which led to the death of the pilot. The reason recognized the EMF. After that, the designers had work to improve this system, civilian version released with hydromechanical control system - “Ansat-1M». The police and the forest service continue to use “Ansat” for their needs. And for Korea was released on a special modification “the Ansat-K», that is Korean.

The Helicopter has two turboshaft engines and maximum takeoff weight of 3.3 tonnes, its own mass in a 1-1,3 tons, can carry 9 people. To facilitate the construction were used modern technologies and materials, including composite. Despite all the difficulties, by 2018, the Ministry of defence plans to buy up to 40 of these helicopters with an average price of 101.4 million.

However, there are not only military, but also passenger transport, the administrative version, for rescuers, doctors and training flights. This is a full light multi-purpose helicopter.


In recent years among suppliers of light helicopters is leading American company «Robinson Helicopter”, but domestic Oceania OOO «Berkut Aero” is going with their child to move leader. Through the use of modern technologies and materials, other design solutions light multipurpose helicopter "Berkut" 2 times cheaper than foreign analogues. The plant in Togliatti has the capacity to issue 15 helicopters a month.

easy Russian helicopters

It comes in two trim levels with different engines in the 147 HP and 150 HP, has two rotors. This solution allows to reduce the diameter of the screws and the overall length of the machine due to the lack of a tail rotor. Though the copter easier to control and it is more resistant to bad weather, but his center of gravity shifted up and increased height of the machine.

A Range of Russian «Berkut VL” 600 and «Berkut VL-M" - 850 km and Flies at a speed of 5.8-6.2 m/s and the flight Ceiling of the machine is 3000 m. the empty Weight of the helicopter below the midtones (the lightest is the helicopter of Russia), and develop speed - 170 km/h. Can be used for both civilian and emergency purposes and to patrol the territories.

Helicopter for extreme activities

There are helicopters that seemed created only for entertainment. It is the lightest helicopters in the world. Such ideas were the creators of the AirScooter II. This is the lightest single helicopterof high-strength materials.

light helicopters of the world

He tried to make as simple and intuitive to operate. He has two coaxial screws, which turn in different directions and are responsible for lifting and maneuvering. Instead of wheels or skids applied two floats that allow you to make a safe landing on water and on land.

Specifically for AirScooter II was designed four-stroke engine. Right from the pilot fuel tank is 18.9 litres, allowing you to fly up to 2 hours at 15 meters above the ground. Despite the fact that created the helicopter to the extreme, it may be used to deliver Express mail, patrol and observation, and will be of interest to hunters.

The light helicopter

It is Worth mentioning the Japanese GEN H-4. It is a civilian helicopter which made its first flight in 2000. Has the simplest design and management. While engineering solutions were applied to the coaxial scheme screws, which run four small engines. According to the creators, according to the instructions it is possible to assemble in half an hour.

easiest helicopter

This flying baby has a modest, but adequate for its size indicators. Its capacity is only 86 kg, the official ceiling height - 3000 m. Although lifting it to a height simply scared. Man weighing 79 kg can fly it for about an hour at a speed of 88 km/h, then have to stop to refuel. The structure itself weighs 70 kg – this is the lightest helicopter!

The joke GEN-H-4 call a “flying stool”. In fact it is a chair with wheels, to which is attached a four-stroke engine and a 4-meter blades at the top. All engines operate independently from each other, and damage all at once is unlikely. This lightest the helicopter can hold three, and to land on two. Just in case the device is supplied with a parachute.

Helicopter machine price

In our age of high technology there is an idea to create a flying transport, which will cost more than a car, and learning it will be simple. So far this face only came in two devices. American AirScooter is worth 50 thousand dollars, and Japanese the lightest helicopter GEN H-4 - 30 thousand dollars, and train the pilot for a few days.

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