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Breeding rabbits – business profitable and do not require too much monetary investment at the initial stage. In order to achieve good results, however, it is necessary to know not only about how are the feeding and mating animals. In addition, you need to be aware of how is the slaughter of rabbits.

What you need to know

Many farmers engaged in breeding rabbits, outsource this unpleasant business employees specializing in it been. However, there are those who prefer to remain without their help. Of course, this way you can save some amount. In this case, in the room where there are cages with animals, be sure to provide a separate enclosed place, intended for slaughter. Also, you need to be aware of the timing and its fine. Of course, such useful skills and breeders of these animals in the country.

slaughter of rabbits


The Slaughter of rabbits skurkovich breeds made exclusively in the fall or winter after molting. Of course, this takes into account the age of the animals. Youngsters usually slaughtered at the age of 7-8 months. Earlier this can not be done. The skin of the animal Matures it was at this time. Meat breed rabbits slaughtered at any time of the year. In this case, the only important age. The slaughter is usually done in 3-6 months. The rabbits under 3 months of very tasteless meat. And marketable weight of animal, even large breeds, up to this time will not fatten.


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So, how many growing rabbit to slaughter, now you know. Upon reaching the appropriate age the animals are transferred to individual pens or leave in old, but clean waterers and feeders. Food rabbits to give stop for 10-12 hours prior to slaughter. Feed them during this period is also not necessary. If a clogged feces intestine more and can be removed from the carcass during butchering without any problems, then bladder from an inexperienced breeder, they will necessarily encounter. One has only to accidentally put pressure on the bag as a fragrant liquid over the entire carcass.

Procedure slaughter

Of Course, you can take an axe and just chop off the animal's head, like a hen after tying up the legs. However, this method by the majority of breeders is considered extremely inhumane. The fact that after cutting off the heads of the animal heart for a long time, still beating. Blood of course flows faster, resulting in carcass becomes pleasing to the eye a pink color. However, the animal itself is conscious, while experiencing severe suffering. Therefore, in many countries this method of slaughter is even forbidden by law.

how much is growing rabbit to slaughter

Much more humane is the method in which the animal first “off” the nervous system, and then produce the killing and the issue of blood. Most often, the slaughter of rabbits at home and also in small farms is:

  • Take the Animal by the hind legs and lift up above the earth.
  • Stick (40 cm) wrapped rubber with a working hand (you can take a piece of hose), put the rabbit a sharp blow on the occipital region behind the ears.

If the procedure produces not too experienced breeder, sometimes it turns out that the first time to kill the animal comes out. In this case, you need to immediately apply a second strike.

How to lower blood

After killing the animal, care should be taken to the carcass subsequently had a presentation, and the meat was delicious. It is necessary to lower the animal's blood. After hitting with a stick, she begins to ooze from the nose and ears. To facilitate the draining of one of the hind paws of a rabbit need to wring towards the back. Also a good idea to cut the nasal septum or to remove one eye. Sometimes even the downtrodden rabbit and cut his throat. Release the blood should be no less than 5-7 minutes.

slaughter of rabbits at home

Removing skins

So the rabbit is dead. Now you know how to make mine. And cutting of the rabbit, and the removal of the skins are held immediately after the killing. The procedure is quite simple. Remove the skin as follows:

  • Carcass hung on a special repalce the hind legs so that they were maximally divorced in sides.
  • Next, in the area of the hock muscles on both make circular incisions. The knife need to take quite massive and very sharp.
  • Then cut the skin from one incision to the other on the inner side of the legs through the anus. This is the only incision that needs to be done.
  • Remove the skin downward (like a stocking from the legs). To perform this procedure should be cautious, trying not to tear the membrane.
  • The head of the rabbit can be pre-removed. But normally remove the skin straight through her. For this you need to make cuts around the eyes, lips, ears and nose.

age of slaughter of rabbits

Butchering carcass

Once the skin is removed, start removing the internal organs of the animal. This procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Cut through the pelvic muscles and is removed by a knife to the genitals and the rectum at the entrance.
  • Cut the abdominal cavity center to aperture.
  • RemoveGastrointestinal tract and genitourinary organs from the carcass.
  • Pull out the liver, taking care not to crush the bile.
  • Gently remove the latter. The liver of rabbit is an expensive delicacy and is really quite tasty. So to get it, of course, is not necessary. To get rid of this body have only if it has white inclusions (approximately 5 mm). The latter are a consequence of one of the infectious diseases of rabbits and are found in the liver quite often.
  • Heart and kidneys should be left in the carcass.
  • Before removing the skins head wasn't cut off, in the next step remove it.

slaughter rabbits for meat

French method of killing

Slaughter rabbits for meat and for getting the skins can be different. Very often practiced, for example, the so-called “French” method. He is popular mainly in the countries of Western Europe. The animal in this case, taking the hind legs and the head and waiting for it to calm down. After that dramatically spreads his arms to the side, simultaneously wringing the animal's head to his back and pressing down on the neck. Death thus occurs instantaneously, and the rabbit does not suffer.

Other methods

On large farms slaughtering rabbits sometimes produce by electric shock. In this case, to the temples of the animal puts the electrodes. For slaughter enough current is about 5 A.

In Russia, in addition to the above-described method, a blow to the neck, often practiced by farmers and some other method. In this case, the stick did not beat around the nape and on the nose. Technologically, such an operation can be considered more complex. Because to get the stick exactly on the nose a little harder than on the head.

In Addition to using bits, there are other mechanical methods of slaughter rabbits. For example, one of them is to prosovyvaniya the head of the animal under the bracket mounted on the wall. Bunny should be back up. After the head will be under the clip, hind legs dramatically raise upwards. The rabbit in this neck breaks.

slaughter of rabbits with their hands

On large farms recently began to practice and the method of slaughter with the help of the pin. The so-called instrument similar to a syringe, in the case of which is a movable needle connected to the piston. The pin puts the animal's head at the intersection of the lines right eye – left ear and left eye – my right ear and pressure on the piston. The rabbit's death comes instantly due to lesions of the medulla oblongata with a needle. Not too convenient for such a method because of impossibility of instant draining of blood.


So, how is the slaughter of rabbits and cutting of carcasses, we understood. Now let's see what we can cook meat of this animal. Product, by the way, it is very useful to cores. The fact that rabbit meat has absolutely no cholesterol. It differs quite a good taste. Important rule: in any case it is impossible to cook meat is just dead animal. It must Mature for at least 12 hours (a better day). Otherwise, your dish will turn out tasteless. To withstand the carcass to maturity you need in the fridge (but not freezer). Fresh meat rabbits do not eat.

ways of slaughter of rabbits

Prepared from the carcass can be anything you want. But most often rabbits fried, smoked, stewed or baked in the oven. Soup meat of this animal is not too rich. Of course, to get a tasty product, you need to know and the age of slaughter of rabbits. Before three months to carry out this procedure, as already mentioned, it is impossible. Before Smoking carcasses it is better to boil a little in water. Otherwise the meat can turn out tough.

What to do with the skin

Dressing the skins of rabbits – the event is technically quite difficult and time-consuming. Here is a sample procedure for performing this procedure:

  • With scrapings are scraped off the fat and veins;
  • In a special soaking solution is;
  • Is fleshing the skins, that is, the loosening of the fibrous tissue of the skin;
  • Material is treated with a solution containing the acid (pickling);
  • Skins are kept in the stacks under the weight of about a day;
  • Manufactured tanning and utility bills.

The Slaughter of rabbits with their hands in private farms is practiced quite often. But the skins for tanning typically rent or sell for specializing the operation of an enterprise. In this case, after slaughtering, they must be preserved. To do this, after cleaning off fat them stretch for special province for drying. Each skin should be carefully straightened. Otherwise, the scrapings are going ‘accordion’, and fur in the folds will come out. Pull with the procedure conservation impossible. Otherwise, the removed skins can rot.

So, how many growing rabbit to slaughter and how is it done, we found out. The simplest method of killing is use of a stick. If you have a big farm is to use the pin. Use humane methods of slaughter. If you do everything by the rules, the carcass will have a pink appearance in this case.

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