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Friesian breed of horses is one of the oldest in Europe. Its homeland is the Netherlands, specifically, the Northern district of Friesland. Here it was discovered the skeletal remains of the ancient type of heavy horses. Their descendants and I believe the Frisians. However, the story somewhat changed the original appearance of these animals. Over time, the Friesian breed of horses acquired the blood of Eastern and Andalusian counterparts. This has given her the versatility and playfulness. Friezes of steel is suitable not only for agricultural work but also to drive in harness and under saddle. It should say that the noble bearing of the horses of this breed are perfect for ceremonial processions.

History appearance

For the First time Friesian breed of horses is mentioned by Julius Caesar. In ancient times these animals were versatile, strong, but ugly. It is believed that the Frisians came from the local Dutch horses brought by the Celtic invaders of horses. The result of the selection of the breed was refined. Already in the middle ages, Friesach was a rock heavy and large war horses. For them, the German and Dutch knights went to the Crusades.

Friesian breed

Frisian horses since the days of Ancient Rome contributed to the English horse-breeding. They were the combat units of the troops of the Roman legions on the Islands of Britain. Friesian horses were used not only in England. In Norway they were the breed that allowed to improve the local horse breeding.

The Crossing

Andalusian and Berber blood was influenced by the Frisians in the period from 1568 to 1648, at this time Spain occupied the Netherlands.

Friesian breed of horses price

These breeds of horses (photo see below) were crossed with Friesians, whereby the latter become particularly dignified and art.

white Friesian horse

To date, graceful and elegant animals attract the attention of many riding enthusiasts. Also they were happy to become owners of private stables.


In 1823, king William I had established an annual run called “day of the Royal whip”. To participate in these selected only the Frisians. The winner was awarded a Golden whip.


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Gradually the knightly heavy cavalry its value lost. At the fore are more agile and light Andalusian horse. In this regard, friezes less steel to be used under saddle. More in this breed began to see the horse carriage.

In 1985, the Royal stables joined the Friesian breed of horses. From this point on noble animals are the ornament sleigh Gold crew, which follows Queen Elizabeth at the opening ceremony of the Parliament.

The Discovery in the Hague in 1994 World equestrian games, also not without the horses. Six friezes were harnessed to the Royal coach.

horse breeds with photos

These noble and beautiful animals attracted the attention of the Director O. stone. A horse of the Friesian breed were selected for the filming of well-known historical Hollywood film “Alexander”.


Pictures of Friesian horses you can see below. Describing their exterior, it is important to focus on the fact that it's a massive, massive, very bony, but at the same time elegant animals. Height at the withers is from one and a half meters and above. The friezes of several long-legged and have a pronounced draught stock. Thanks to the well developed musculature of the horse is recognized as the best and most unusual in the world. The elegance and beauty they are often called black pearls. Is there a white Friesian horse? No, the suit this breed is exclusively black. The only permissible white is considered the small size of the asterisk between the eyes.

how to draw a Friesian horse

If you are wondering about how to paint a Friesian horse, you first need to get acquainted with its description. The head of the animals of this breed are quite long and large, having a straight profile. Eyes dark and expressive. Ears are long. The neck is powerful and muscular, but carried high and gracefully curved. Withers well developed and long. Chest moderately broad and deep. The body has a slightly elongated shape. The back is long. The limbs strong. The Constitution of the Frisians, as with all heavy draft horses, loose. However, this is usually not noticed because of the slimness and vysokogorii animals.

Brilliant wool friezes is very short. For horses of this breed are characterized by a very thick and long mane and bushy tail. The feet are pronounced brush that starts high and thick, and flat down to the hooves. This symptom over time migrated to other breeds, but it is called – “resistant”. Thick brush on the legs give the horse a magical appearance.

He who sees the Frisians for the first time, may simply capture spirit. These horses will evoke feeling of grandeur and magnificence. They without a doubt can be classified as the most beautiful. Tall, slender and striking, they proudly look at the world. When this black giant quitegood-natured. They do not cause inconvenience to the rider, his ardor, moreover, is very comfortable in the saddle.


A strange and unique Friesian horses do not only looks. The uniqueness of the breed is evident in the movements of these animals. Their characteristic gaits (high elevation of the legs during the run). On the one hand, such movements are considered unproductive. This is due to the fact that a horse takes a lot of energy in a sweeping run. That is why among draft horses Friesians are one of the weakest. However, the high pace movements gives the animals the beauty that is prized for dressage. Thus, the Frisians occupy a unique niche, situated between the horse riding Spanish horses and cold-blooded draught breeds.


The Horse, which belong to the Frisian breed, are energetic and lively temperament. However, excessive fervor in these animals there. As befits a heavy-duty, they are calm, obedient to the rider, good-natured and balanced.

Friesian horse

Among the advantages of a unique breed – reasonable simplicity. Horses tolerate changing climatic conditions, although, compared with the heavy horses, other breeds are more demanding of the feed.

Current trends

The Horses belonging to the Frisian breed, popular for competitions held among teams. They are used for circus performances, as well as for dressage. Popular Friesian horse have Directors who make historical films. Only this black beauty can best convey the very atmosphere of the medieval period.

photo of Friesian horses

In sports, the Frisians often used in distribution. These animals are often kept in private stables. Due to its calm disposition and easy gait, this breed is best suited for those who are new to riding.

Good choices

Residents of the Netherlands are proud that their country is home to the world famous Friesian horses. For all history of existence of these animals were repeatedly exposed to breeding and crossbreeding. To this day tribal work not terminated. Breed brought to perfection.

What to stop the choice if it's the decision to add to its stable of new animals? Different breeds of horses with pictures of individual animals can be viewed on the websites offering bargain. It's hard not ignite the desire to become the owner of Chernogrivov a handsome frieze. But it should be borne in mind that this breed will require more attention and care. The horses must run exercise, they should not be deprived of attention. Free if you have a little time, it is better from this serious shopping simply refuse. Friesian horse needs frequent human contact. She sincerely attached to his owner, while trying him in all things to please. In addition, the fidelity of the Frisians can talk endlessly.


Sell Friesian horses in all cities. If a horse like the potential buyer, then delivery of animal produce in any place in our planet. It should be remembered that the majority of breeders operates in the Netherlands, hence the Friesian breed of horses. Price per animal can range from € 10,000 to infinity. It all depends on the pedigree. But these horses really worth it. The one who owns these delicate creatures that makes others envy and admiration.

Once you see of the frieze, forget it simply will not succeed. His beauty, glamour, burning gaze, black color, graceful movements and proud posture will fall in love with everyone who is not indifferent to the horses. Most people are addicted to this breed for life.

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