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According to the scientists, in the Arctic, people live about 30 thousand years. This statement is based on the fact that ancient peoples discovered in the Republic of Komi and Yakutia. But for the majority of citizens of Russia, the Arctic – is a constant struggle for survival, permafrost, a large number of polar bears and polar nights.

In reality, this was the case in the period of development of modern man in these territories. Although now working in the Arctic requires people the ability to endure cold and hardship.

Modern realities

Today the whole world has a huge interest in the Arctic region. Due to the vast natural resources, almost all countries are ready to invest in these lands. The more that the Arctic remains a national assignment, because this territory belongs to no one. On the Arctic claims more stran:

  • Russia.
  • SSA.
  • Danija.
  • Norvegija.
  • Canada.

Estestvenno all five countries have access to the coast of the Arctic ocean. Every state will have to provide global public good arguments before to put forward national claims. But the most important factor for any country – to prove their readiness to actively develop the Northern expanses.

Russia has already begun the third wave of development of the “ice”. After all, our country has more than 40% of the circumpolar space, that is, the lands that surround the North pole.


What are you doing here? Popular specialties

As mentioned earlier, work in the Arctic involves good physical health and readiness to challenges. Today, the region is not only scientific and research activities. The region is developing rapidly, and vacancies, as of the beginning of 2017, was more than twice compared to the previous period.

To work in the Arctic, invited the following specialists non-scientific profile:

In construction


In the sphere of extraction of raw materials and minerals


Drivers and other experts in the field of transport services


For the production


The worker


The Doctors


Next in the ranking of recruitment agencies are administrative specialty, and their share of the total number of in-demand professionals very low:

  • Personnel management - not more than 3%;
  • The same is required of people in sales;
  • About 2% of the demand of accountants.

Final list – professionals other administrative occupations not more than 2%.


Resume samples for storekeeper when applying for a job

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Arctic mode

Professionals in the field of science

Naturally, in the region not only works on the extraction and processing of raw materials, continue to carry out their research work. Therefore, work in the Arctic requires scientific expertise in the following oblastech:

  • Gidrofizika;
  • Meteorologia;
  • Glaciology;
  • Cryology;
  • Oceanology.

But the applicants in this case are increased requirements. In addition to professional knowledge, from human need of high moral character and ability to handle difficult situations. If cold is somehow possible to protect yourself from bears is difficult. For reviews “seasoned” here in the order of things that a hungry animal wanders into a residential settlement, but meeting with him is life-threatening.

To date, researchers pay no less than 100 thousand rubles. Naturally, by modern standards not so large payment, but still more than in the cities.


With a great desire in the Arctic can be arranged in the tourism sector. Indeed, in the region carry even travelers. There are two areas:

  • Hiking skiing;
  • Cruise tours.

At the same time to afford a vacation can afford a few, the year is not more than 500 people. If we talk about the trip on the icebreaker (14 days), it will cost about 1.5 million rubles and above – for 1 traveler. A ski tour 2 million, but with flights to the station «Borneo».

Also unique profession – the herder, is unlikely to get such a degree in any other region. Such entities pay pay about 300 thousand, and wage - from 60 thousand.

However in the network there is a fake profession, for example, flip the penguin or repeller bears.

working in the Arctic, Franz Josef land jobs

Benefits and allowances

Working in the North in the Arctic attracts people not only decent wages but also certain benefits. First of all, it and the interest to be added to the salary of the employee:


For persons under the age of 30 years, if you stay here not less than 1 year

+20% (on the rise)

Every 6 months


Each year after the total and the percentage will reach 60%

For those working on the Islands of the Arctic ocean and its seas, provided an additional allowance equal to 100%. By the way, for employees hired onKuril and commander Islands, in the Republic of Sakha and Chukotka, any such allowance. For other regions close to the Arctic conditions, do not pay more than 80% of the allowance.

Requirements for work experience

Despite the high demand for staff, employers of the Arctic region put forward some requirements concerning the experience:

  • No work experience will take only 7% of the staff;
  • With experience from 1 to 3 years - 34%;
  • 3 to 6 years - 48%;
  • 6 years of age and over only 11%.

watch to the Arctic


Conditional operation in the Arctic is divided into the one that is ongoing and shifts.

To work watch in the Arctic accounts for 71% of all vacancies. Full working day only 26% of all employed persons. a shift from 2% and flexible - only 1%.

Traditionally, the watch lasts about 3-6 months. Usually employees are sent to the facility in October and picked up in March. But we should remember that this term does not include the delivery period, in some cases working together with the move has been delayed for 1 year or even 1.5.

work in the Arctic in shifts

How to choose jobs and employers ' requirements

It is Recommended to find jobs from direct employers, to exclude the possibility to get to “paw” fraud. As follows from the reviews of the local workforce, guarantees that are offered in most cases:

  • Shift method;
  • Watch from 3 months;
  • Official employment;
  • Long-term contract of employment;
  • Health insurance;
  • Guarantee of payment of the agreed remuneration and allowances;
  • Social security.

Also, you can already clearly identify the list of requirements for working in the Arctic on a rotational basis, nominated by most employers.

  • Knowledge of English or Spanish languages;
  • Ability to work on your PC;
  • Good health.

Depending on the vacancies can also run the following eligibility requirements:

Higher or secondary special education

Experience on the stated jobs

The lack of fear of closed space.

Most of the time you have to spend it indoors.

Communication skills

This requirement is not the latest trend. In the North you have to communicate for a long period of time with a limited number of people, usually a team of about 20 people

Age restrictions are quite severe. Most of all enjoy the demands of persons over 25 years old, but no older than 45. However, as a worker, you can find jobs with minimal requirements from 25 to 65 years old.

For many of the professions put forward as the requirements of driving license, certificates and other documents confirming qualification, besides the diploma about the educational institution termination. Will need employment history. The determining factor in choosing a candidate can be if he has a military ID and passport.

Complex mode of operation in the Arctic, a high risk of danger and minimal comfort force employers to require a thorough medical examination to each qualified applicant. "Shift workers" say that in the case of chronic diseases and bad habits of the candidate, usually denied employment.

the work of the Arctic North

Job on Earth Franz Josef

In many online employment sites in the Arctic and a lot of areas where they can attend. It is the Islands of Wrangel, Alexandra Land, and the Average Boiler. Invited to Cape Schmidt and on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. Simply put, there are plenty to choose.

A Lot of vacancies for work in the Arctic on Franz Josef Land. Archipelago in the Arctic ocean invites forwarders, who will liaise with transport companies to plot optimal routes. Such specialists put forward high requirements – knowledge of logistics processes, driving license and the ability to plan.

Many vacancies in the project departments, requires professionals road specialties, surveyors. Professionals in the field of gasification and electrification. Because here is the peak of development of the region, strenuously build the roads, airports, military and civilian targets.

But that's not to say that everything is so landscaped. For reviews, accommodation is offered in wagon villages, the houses are designed for 8 people, and the duration of the contract – at least 3 months. However, employees are free nutritious food and medical care, clothing.

The wage Level in the region is quite diverse and depends entirely on the specialty, it ranges from 80 to 180 thousand rubles per month. The welder and the surveyor can lay claim to 150 thousand, and the lawyers, drivers and operators of special equipment 110 thousand and above.

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