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The Choice of profession – as a choice of destiny. It is important to weigh all "for" and "against", and get as much information regarding the field activities. The profession of tourism Manager looks romantic, filled with travels around the world, meeting new interesting people. But is it really? Let's try to understand all the nuances of the profession.

Description of the class

Tourism Manager – is the generic job title of the employee of the travel company. The task list in the job description in different agencies do not always coincide. The main task of the Manager – to arrange the rest of the client at a high level, taking into account all wishes. In some firms, the tourism Manager - a versatile specialist in the organization of all aspects of the tour. This includes:

  • Interview with client;
  • Choice of direction;
  • Search and booking of tickets and hotels;
  • Visas and insurance;
  • Signing of contracts;
  • Receipt of payment and much more.

In other firms of different stages are performed by different employees. Besides the duties depend on the direction of activities of the tourist company. So, the tour operators organize travel itineraries, and travel – sell complete tours.


Jobs in the field of tourism

To navigate the posts in the field of tourism, and list what other positions are:

  1. Agent for service of corporate clients organize business trip or recreation of the employees and managers of large firms. It can be seminars, corporate events or tourism. The Manager must be skilled in servicing business travel and fluency in English not lower than conversational level.
  2. Employee of private tours caters to VIP clients. Its tasks include: development and organization of private tours, reserve places in hotels, visa support, search and renting an exclusive vehicle. For this post required a presentable appearance, diplomacy and a good level of English, especially in business and writing.
  3. Airfreight Manager organizes mediation services booking and sale of tickets for air travel. Need to know the booking system and some companies require a certificate.
  4. Vacancy agent at the time of booking suitable for a beginner with no experience in tourism.
  5. Manager, ecotourism has been recruiting tours to national parks and conservation areas. This is a relatively new direction in the field of tourism, is gaining popularity.
the duties of Manager on tourism

Popular profession now?

As a prospective profession of a travel Manager? Financial fluctuations and technology development affect many spheres of activity, and tourism is no exception. Increasingly potential customers of travel companies prefer to deal with the search and selection of tours. It is connected with the desire to save money, and that there is a large amount of resources, allowing himself to organize the trip. But so do not all, and many prefer "old school” to trust in the expert.


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Another important point – it is the excess of the market candidates who wish to work in the field of tourism. The highly competitive requirements become quite high, and the tourism Manager without experience it is difficult to find a place in the travel Agency.


First of all, a Manager must have skills working with large amounts of information. You need to remember the date and time of the flight, the tourist areas of many countries, the kind of rest available in a particular vacation spot. As one of the duties of Manager of tourism is the promotion of tours, the knowledge of sales techniques will not prevent. Also, you need to be sociable and diplomatic, to be able to “talk” the customer to suggest a suitable tour. Not hurt here, elementary knowledge of psychology.

Often, employers require knowledge of foreign languages, preference is given to English. If geography was a favorite subject in school, then consider yourself lucky. This knowledge is very useful in work. If you are a novice travel Manager with no experience in this area, it does not hurt higher education in this specialty.

The Profession is pretty stressful. You will need to simultaneously control several processes at the same time to be always polite and attentive to customers. You have to be willing to work irregular hours and travel.


Acting Manager

As already mentioned, the duties of a travel Manager in different companies can be different. Here are the main functions:

  • Communication with customers, providing information about services;
  • Finding customers and selling the company's services;
  • Route formation;
  • Hotel reservations and purchasing tickets;
  • Organization of Charter flights;
  • Visas and insurance;
  • Cooperation with the host;
  • Selection of excursions and entertainment;
  • Trainingcontracts;
  • Resolve conflicts.

If you are going to accept the position of assistant tourism Manager, your tasks will be routine business, not requiring high qualification. There will good skills on the computer ability to use office equipment.

Job and salary

The Jobs provide travel and tour agencies. There are vacancies of assistant tourism Manager and specialists ready. Depending on the tasks, the salary will be different. As a rule, payment is the sum of the base rate and percent of sales vouchers. The average salary in Russia is 34 thousand rubles. Above all paid work of a tourism Manager in Moscow – 49 thousand rubles.

The specifics of the work

A Career in tourism starts with the assistant or the Manager on work with clients. Proven here, can apply for the position of travel Manager. In the company dealing with organization of tours, not just the sale of vouchers, the Manager will gain more experience in the field of tourism. Having mastered the intricacies of work in the future to open his own business.

Employee travel Agency

Advantages of the profession

Choosing one or another profession, we want to realize the creative and business potential. If you love to communicate with people and travel, work in tourism will appeal. To successfully sell the services of the travel Agency will need to personally visit the countries which go to future clients. Visionary leaders create managers study tours to hotels and resorts due to the company.

If you are an important modern office, equipped with everything necessary, as a rule, firms do not skimp on the equipment of a workplace of the Manager, because it affects the overall impression of the client and whether he wants to issue a ticket in this company. Often the agencies sent to the training managers for tourism. To constantly grow and develop in their profession – another undeniable plus.

Cons of the profession

You Have to be ready for some negative points in profession:

  1. High degree of responsibility. From the Manager all the stages of travel and leisure client. There's a lot to keep under control and be prepared for no fault of your factors and force majeure. Delays, errors, employees of hotels or unfair host party – for all of this to the client will be responsible to the Manager.
  2. Long working hours. Labor day will last as long as necessary to finish the paperwork, send important emails, to negotiate with the Embassy.
  3. The Inability to vacation in “hot” the season. Working in tourism, you can forget about a summer vacation, and also about holiday in may and September. This is the time of greatest activity in the tourism sector.
Stress at work

Where to go for training?

Of Course, a higher education if recruitment will be a plus, but without it you can get to the travel Agency. Training of a tourism Manager you can go on courses. They last from 1 to 3 months and provide a condensed program focusing on important aspects of the specialty. Not to miscalculate when choosing courses and not to waste time and money, read the reviews about the you are interested education on forums on the Internet. If tuition is not possible, then look for the same online courses and free webinars. Now they are widely distributed and are of great help in mastering new skills.

Educational institutions of Russia

If you have seriously decided to study this specialty, there are a number of higher educational institutions that train future employees of the tourism sector. There are both universities and colleges. A passing grade in a higher educational institution majoring in “Tourism” is from 72 to 86. The average cost of tuition-187 thousand rubles a year.

To Combine the training of the Manager on tourism employment in the tourism companies, being in the last year of high school. In this case, you can apply for the post of assistant Manager or courier.

the Training of a tourism Manager

How to become a worker of the tourism sector?

To become a good specialist in the tourism field, the need to master many skills. Here's what you need to know for newbies:

  1. To Understand the difference between tour operators and travel agents and have a clear idea of what they are doing.
  2. Own programs for finding and booking.
  3. Know the technology sales and be able to sell.
  4. To be Able to execute the contract.
  5. To Know the geography, the location of the hotels and resorts, list of attractions, features of entry into a particular country.
  6. Know the rules of insurance and a visa.
  7. Be a confident user of PC and office programs.

You Need to understand that learning it will be constantly necessary, because the changes in tourism occur frequently. Will have to read and study independently, to attend relevant trainings and seminars. If a tour company requires a specialist with experience, for a candidate the necessary knowledge of the booking engine.

Before you get to the travel Agency even to a position that does not requireexperience, read information about popular tourist destinations. Here are some of them:

  • Turkey (Antalya).
  • Greece (Crete).
  • Egypt.
  • Thailand.
  • Spain.
  • Italy.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Croatia.

In recent years, popular tourist routes in Russia.

an Experienced tourism Manager

Reviews about the profession

Will finally see if the profession of tourism Manager, reviews with thematic forums on the Internet. Having studied the reviews, we can conclude:

  1. The work of the Manager responsible and stressful.
  2. Long working hours. In addition, customers can call at 3am and on the weekends.
  3. To work in this field, you need to be very sociable and extroverted person. You should be able to find out customer preferences and to offer an option according to his wishes and possibilities.
  4. Salary is not the most competitive and depending on the season and number of tourists.
  5. Very important is the ability to sell. If you are familiar with popular destinations, know how to use search programs, book tickets and hotels, visas and speak several languages, but do not know how to advertise and sell a product, you as a Manager to stay will not work. Besides, the salary depends on the number of sold tours and packages.
  6. The Atmosphere in the team is poor. The job of a Manager in a travel Agency frequent rush jobs, which is not the best way affect the emotional state of employees. Besides the tourists are different, and the dissatisfaction of your stay will give you, even if something was wrong it wasn't your fault.
  7. Traveling abroad for the account of the company – it is rather a myth. The firm can pay half the cost, but, typically, managers go at their own expense. Moreover, in these trips you are resting, and visiting the hotels for 20-30 pieces a day.

Despite not the most positive reviews, some found in this profession his calling. Many start working in the tourism sector, but soon become frustrated and leave it. To work in this field for a long time, you need to love Hiking and literally live in them. If it's not about you, it is better to think 100 times, before choosing this path.

Like any other profession, the profession of Manager in tourism company has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. One of the reasons why many are interested in this area of activity, - the possibility of employment without experience and without professional education. And also attracts applicants what the job is traveling and leisure. But it is important to remember that to rest and relax yourself – are two different things.

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