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One of the leading and popular companies in the production of car tires is a Pirelli Tyre. Every year the company produces a wide variety of tires, great demand among car owners. This allows the company to take leading positions on the market. In this paper, we consider the Pirelli Scorpion Winter: a description, reviews, and price.

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

About the model

Rubber this model on the market not so long ago. These tires are designed for SUV and premium class. Today, this type of tires is available only in a 28 dimensional ranks, but in the future it is planned to increase their number. Rubber represented by the diameter of R16 to R21. Tyre Pirelli Scorpion Winter assume a solid grip with the road under any climatic conditions. This is due to the absence of a studded surface on the tread, changed the structure of the tires, as well as their increased rigidity. Thanks to innovative technologies of production before the release of rubber were exposed to various tests. Experts write reviews on the Pirelli tyres, the range showed a staggering, surpassed competitive company. Specially designed tread pattern allowed the tires to different excellent adhesion function.

Tread pattern

During the development of the Pirelli Scorpion Winter tires were used a variety of tread patterns. They were all checked by specialized research centres Pirelli Tyre. The results of the checks were endorsed by a symmetrical tread pattern, reminiscent of the boom. It is intended not only for the asphalt covering, but also for other types of roadway. The Central part of the tread is a rib, which shows the pattern of the character "V" with a rather wide grooves. This allows you to quickly remove the snow from the surface of the rubber. The protector has a longitudinal rib and longitudinal grooves, the number of which depends on the size of the tires. They contribute to improving stability and also serve as a drainage system to ensure rapid drainage of water and snow from the surface of the rubber.


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Tyres Pirelli Scorpion Winter

The tread pattern also has a large number of blocks, the surface of which is represented by lamellae. They significantly improve grip function on any type of road surface. Type elongated slats and a significant number improve dynamics of the car and reduce the braking distance. In addition, they have the ability to align forces – transverse and longitudinal, which contributes to a confident manoeuvring at high speed.

An Innovative composition of a tire

A New model of rubber was developed with a modified composition, allowing to keep their properties in extreme cold, what was done, judging by the reviews on the Pirelli Scorpion Winter. Experts of the company coped with the task of preserving and maximize all the functions and properties of rubber. At this point in time, the composition of tires submitted to polymer elements, which consist of carbon and silicone. This gave the ability of the tire to adapt to various road surface and weather conditions. The structure of the rubber tyres Pirelli Scorpion Winter XL is a two-layer structure. The first layer – the protector. Second – and cushion that is now much tighter, with reduced riding characteristics. This contributed to the increase in the concentrated area of the tire and the road surface, significantly to maximize their durability.

tires Pirelli Scorpion Winter

The specifics of the Pirelli Scorpion Winter

The rubber has a number of specific features, which include:

  • Tread pattern in the shape of arrows to fill in the grooves of the snow, improving the coupling function on the road.
  • Tread blocks, which allows to increase the dynamic performance of the vehicle and shorten the braking distance.
  • Slats forming the edge of the grip and enhance braking performance.
  • Drainage system, which includes more number of grooves.

Reviews of Pirelli Scorpion Winter

How many people, so many opinions. These tyres are no exception. Some reviews on Pirelli Scorpion Winter write that the tyre copes with snow potholes and bad roads. Although manufacturers recommend this all-season tires for city tracks.

Also, the reviews on Pirelli Scorpion Winter report that tyre high wear resistance. That can not but rejoice.

Tyres Pirelli Scorpion Winter


Tires Pirelli Scorpion Winter has proved its reliability and has gained popularity among motorists, thanks to the durability and outstanding traction features, judging by the reviews of Pirelli Scorpion Winter. The price of tires is from 5000 rubles.

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