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"Lexus LS-430" long won the hearts of motorists. This five-seat sedan that belongs to the class F. First cars "Lexus" LS-series was introduced to the world in 2006 at the salon that was held in Detroit.

Powerful motor

The Engine mounted on the car "Lexus LS-430", 8-cylinder volume of 4.3 L. the maximum capacity is 281 HP, This car develops a pretty good speed: 100 km/h dials for only 6 s. This is enough to compete with the popular sports car.

Lexus LS 430

For the Russian automotive market model LS 430 does not have air suspension. However, in the United States and European countries cars are sold in such combination.

Luxurious interior

The Entire interior "Lexus LS-430" (photo to prove it) made of high quality and expensive materials:

  • Interior doors car, and also the control panel is made of durable plastic with extra hardwood inserts;
  • Seats in the car covered with skin.

In addition, all seats are equipped with adjustment system. Separately you can change the position of the lumbar and the head. When ordering top configuration the car seat will be equipped with more and convenient massager.


The minimal configuration LS 430 is also provided:

  • Security – the inflatable curtain;
  • System kill all flying as on the trunk and on the doors;
  • Memory position of all the seats in the cabin;
  • Sensors 10 sensors;
  • Electronic ignition key;
  • Audio system from Mark Levinson with DVD.

Lexus LS 430 photo


The Car "Lexus LS-430" feedback is mostly positive. Motorists are not in the least appreciate the quality of the interior. Leather light shades are incredibly soft and comfortable to use. It looks to “excellent”. Many are pleased with the climate control in the car: in the summer it's perfectly cool, heats well in winter.


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Owners noted that the fuel consumption per 100 km in the city is not more than 23, L. Particularly pleased with all the quick start of movement, smooth running, and perfect obedience. And most importantly - the machine is reliable, even in extreme cold starts quickly. Car breaks down often. If there are any problems, they are minor. The only negative – is to find original parts on the LS 430 difficult, but it is possible to put counterparts. Maintenance of such a machine is inexpensive, allowing you to save considerably on its content.

Lexus LS 430 reviews

Most fans of the sedan impresses with graceful and confident appearance LS 430. He will tell about the viability of its owner and indicate his refined taste. This car is designed for those who appreciate true quality, simplicity, speed and presentation.

"Lexus LS-430" has everything you need for safe and comfortable movement. This vehicle combines the proven systems and innovations. Among the latter, adaptive road lighting with Intelligent AFS. This system helps to automatically change the light direction during movement even at high speed.

All Lexus cars – the luxury cars on the Russian roads. "Lexus LS-430" – is no exception. It offers maximum comfort and the driver and all passengers.

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